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Brownie Day — February 10

Brownie Day — February 10 of the year

February 10 on the national calendar is celebrated Brownie Day. Perhaps the belief that a person is helped by Higher Forces is not capable of destroying even active scientific and technical progress. Belief in the Brownie, who lives next to a man and stands guard over the peace and peace of the whole family — this is not only a tribute to our traditions, but also a way to clean the house of negative energy.

History of the Brownie Day celebration

Feast Day Brownie February 10 appeared many centuries ago. On this day, Christians commemorate the theologian, philosopher and poet Ephraim Sirin. In his writings, he always defended family values, and also said that an energy essence lives in every house, which can become a good helper to all members of the household, and can become the worst enemy — it all depends on the situation in the room and the behavior of residents.

Traditions and signs of Brownie Day

How to celebrate Brownie Day? Usually on this day, our ancestors enticed Domovoy — treated them with sweets and sang jokes to him. On this day or the night before him, you need to leave in the kitchen in a very inaccessible and dark corner a pot of porridge, a saucer with sweets or a glass of milk.

There is a belief that if the Brownie is left without a treat on this day, the whole year for the hosts will be restless.

Leaving the hotel to Domovy, do not forget to read the verse-plot. Brownie loves when they turn to him.

  • Master-father, take our porridge,

Eat pies — take care of our house!

Eat porridge, but keep our house!

According to old legends, in addition to refreshments, you can also leave a pack of cards, a coin or a doll in the corner of the Brownie Day.

On House Day, February 10, all households should have dinner at the same table to show the invisible assistant that his works are not in vain, and peace and quiet reigns around. You should not swear on this day, be sad and quarrel — otherwise the Brownie will become angry and stop helping.

Also on this day, the people decided not just to gather around the stove or at the table with their whole family, but also to tell each other mysterious stories about Brownies and other invisible creatures that live nearby.

Also, the House of Brownies should clean the house — your keeper will not like to celebrate his professional holiday in the mess. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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