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Blondes Day May 31: the energy of blond hair

Blondes Day May 31: the energy of blond hair

Today, May 31, the beautiful half of humanity celebrates International Blonde Day. We decided to look at this holiday from the point of view of bioenergy. But first — about what kind of holiday.

World Blonde Day

For fair-haired ladies, this day was festive in 2006. It was then that the day of blondes was first celebrated in Russia. But some time before that, in 2003, the Association of American Blondes appealed to the UN to recognize the last day of spring as its own.

Research by scientists led to the creation of the blond hair movement: it has already been proven that by the year 2202 natural blondes and blondes will not remain — their genes are increasingly squeezing the representative of other, darker hair.

World Blonde Day is celebrated in many countries. The Diamond Stud Award for the most successful fair-haired women, blond curls of all shades and of very different lengths — and, of course, no joke about faintness or frivolity. So celebrate this day today.

Bioenergy and hair color: a little about the direct relationship

Hair color has a huge impact on life. No wonder if a woman wants a change, all her friends vied with each other to advise her to repaint. By changing the hair color, we change ourselves, our attitude to the world and how this world perceives us.

On this world day of blondes, we leave aside the stereotypes and we will not joke about the fact that blonde can not park the first time. We will talk about the strengths of the owners of blond hair, so that blondes meet their international day on May 31 fully armed.

Blonde girls and women are not at all naive and not stupid. They have a highly developed sixth sense and intuition, they can feel the mood of the interlocutor, and when they develop their strength, we can say that they read minds altogether. Blonde is harder to jinx, confuse, lead away luck, but when they act openly, the doors open before them.

And all because the bright people have even an incredulous or biased interlocutor.

So why should blondes be wary? Certainly not stupidity or frivolity. In blond people, according to recent research by scientists, the nervous system is lower than the pain threshold and more sensitive.

This circumstance statistically affects even life expectancy. However, any rule has exceptions, so if you are a natural blonde — just worry less. Moreover, the protective field you have is much stronger than that of any other type of hair.

Especially if your hair is long and strong.

Energy natural blonde hair is stronger than that painted in the salon. However, there is not much natural blonde left. According to the latest data, only 14% of people have a naturally light hair shade, and this figure is decreasing every year.

So the owners of the acquired blond on their hair can also assume that in some sense they have changed their lives, and with their own hands.

When to wear blonde? When you intend to endear a person. Or a large number of people, for example, if you intend to speak in front of a large audience or become a psychoanalyst.

Light hair color also helps to start a new life, get rid of the burden of the past, or say goodbye to guilt or past mistakes.

We congratulate all owners of blonde hair with the World Day of blondes. And brunettes, brown and red are recommended to read about the strengths of your hair color. Good luck to you, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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