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Baptism of the Lord: traditions and customs of the holiday

Baptism of the Lord: traditions and customs of the holiday

With the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord is connected with many signs and traditions. They originated in ancient times and are observed by believers to this day.

The baptism of the Lord completes the Christmas eve and heralds a great event. This holiday is also called the Epiphany, because it was during the baptism of Christ that the Lord revealed himself and announced in a voice that they saw before him his beloved son.

Traditions and customs of the Baptism of the Lord

One of the traditions of the holiday is ablution in the hole. Some consider it a tribute to faith, thus being cleansed from sinful thoughts. Others believe that only a new believer needs to swim in an ice-hole with consecrated water in order to establish themselves in their thoughts.

The church does not impose bathing and only performs the rite of consecration of water.

Epiphany water, which is commonly collected from sources and carried away from churches, has exceptional properties. According to beliefs, she can heal from any ailments, protect people and help in the fight against temptations.

Another tradition, rooted many centuries ago, is the consecration of the house with fresh Epiphany water. For this, the head of the family needs to take a willow branch brought from the church during the celebration of Easter, wet it with water and sprinkle it on all the rooms.

From the feast of Epiphany in the churches, the wedding season opens, which will last until the Maslenoy week. At this time, all those who wish to legitimize their relationship with the Lord may pass the sacrament and seal their union with the holy bonds of marriage.

There are many signs associated with January 19:

  • sunny weather promises dry summer;
  • good yields are expected if the weather is cloudy and wet;
  • if Baptism falls on the Full Moon, then in spring you can expect severe floods;
  • the bright starry sky also indicates a dry summer, but also a harvest of forest gifts;
  • the wind blowing from the south side promises many summer thunderstorms.

No less important tradition for the holiday is the gathering of all relatives at the same table, on which there are a variety of dishes.

Returning after the evening prayer, you can protect your house as our ancestors did. To do this, chalk or with the help of soot from the church candle must be drawn over each door and window opening on the cross.

Often, after the Epiphany water is recruited, people use it to remove the evil eye and damage from themselves and from the house. Any action performed with holy water must be accompanied by prayer and sincere faith in a happy end.

The celebration often ends with the symbolic release of pigeons. On this day, try to maintain a good mood and give up swear words. Visit friends and relatives, thank them for everything and ask for forgiveness for insulting or offending them. We wish you happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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