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Bad omens for birthday

Bad omens for birthday

There are many folk signs that are associated with important events in our lives. We will talk about signs that relate to the main holiday for each of us — a birthday. This day is endowed with a special magical power, so the ancestors of different nations of the world tried to follow all the traditions in order not to bring trouble on the birthday man.

So, what bad signs exist to this day?

You can not celebrate a birthday in advance. This superstition is familiar to all of us since childhood, however, we still sometimes postpone the date of the celebration to the day when it is more convenient for us and our guests to celebrate it.

It turns out that a birthday, marked earlier or later, has serious negative consequences. On the birthday of the birthday man visit the spirits of his deceased ancestors and the guardian angel. By tradition, the guests wish the birthday man all the best.

Hearing good wishes, the guardian angel helps them to be fulfilled. And if the birthday celebration is postponed, then the defenders will not be able to hear the kind words and wishes, thus, the hero of the occasion for the whole year remains without the special patronage of his guardian angel and spirits.

You can not celebrate 13, 40 and 53 years. These dates, according to numerology, are turning points in a person’s life. On the day of the performance of one of these years, a person moves to a new stage of life.

These dates are best celebrated in a relaxed atmosphere, in a small circle of their closest people.

You can’t invite an odd number of guests to your birthday party. And if invited to your celebration 9, 13, 18, 21 or 100, then it is even worse. These numbers carry negative energy, which can attract failures to the birthday man for the whole year.

A special relationship to the birthday should be gifts. Of course, as they say, they don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but there are certain categories of gifts that don’t bring you any good. You can not give birthday shampoos, gels and everything like that.

This can bring unpleasant talk, gossip and discussion to the birthday boy.

To give handkerchiefs is also a bad omen. According to ancient beliefs, handkerchiefs — to tears and grief.

You can not give sharp and cutting objects, such as knives, sabers, daggers. All this will bring negative energy in the house of the birthday. According to Chinese philosophy, everything sharp and angular creates clots of negative energy in the house, which damages the physical and emotional health of all households.

Men should avoid gifts in the form of ties, especially from women. It is believed that a tie can permanently tie a person to the giver. Moreover, today love affiliations are increasingly being made precisely on a tie. If you had to take something from this «bad» category of gifts, then before you take the gift in hand, you must say to yourself the following words: «Take back with you what you brought.»

Here it means, of course, not the gift itself, but the negative energy that it contains.

It is worth knowing that all words spoken to the birthday boy on his birthday have a special magical power. They are destined to come true. So it is good if the birthday passes without scandals, squabbles and quarrels.

It is not necessary to meet on this day with enemies, envious and detractors, because their unkind words can also be fulfilled.

If on his birthday a person is healthy, cheerful and cheerful, then the whole year everything will turn out well for him. However, if he is dissatisfied with something, sad or sick, then in this case he will have a difficult year.

Surprisingly, almost all these signs most people know so far, but very few people knew about their occurrence. Like this article? Then be sure to put and

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