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Ascension Day

Ascension Day

Christian holidays are divided among themselves by significance. Ascension is one of the Great Seasons, with special significance for believers.

Ascension is one of the most important holidays for Christians. It is associated with the following biblical events. Jesus Christ, for 40 days after his Resurrection, dwelt on earth among his faithful disciples, the apostles, speaking with them about the Kingdom of God. On the fortieth day after the Resurrection, he gathered them in Jerusalem and commanded not to leave this place.

He promised that all the apostles would be baptized with the Holy Spirit in a few days.

Then a miracle occurred, which is described in the book of the acts of the holy apostles. Jesus began to rise above the earth until he disappeared, shrouded in a cloud. Ten days after this event, the prediction of Jesus to the apostles came true, and this day is known by the people as the Trinity.

What is the Ascension Day?

This is a rolling holiday, and according to tradition it is celebrated 40 days after Easter, always on Thursday. The Ascension of the Lord will be on June 9th. This day is one of the Great Seasons, the most important holidays for Christianity. From Wednesday to Thursday, an all-night vigil serves and Old Testament Bible passages are read, in which the ascension of Jesus Christ is predicted.

On Matins in the church, the Gospel of Mark is read, and on liturgy — the Gospel of Luke.

On the icons that reflect the events of this holiday, you can see the Mother of God, necessarily located in the center, and 12 apostles. Jesus himself is surrounded by angels and soars in the sky. The action took place, according to legend, on the Mount of Olives.

Ascension per day: a popular holiday

In the people this day was considered in its own way. In the first place it was thought that spring had reached its peak and was turning into summer. From this day began kumleniya and the so-called green Christmas time, which, of course, Trinity divination.

By tradition, special pancakes were cooked, which were called “Christ’s Feet”, as well as bread rolls, for which rye flour was used, and cookie cutters. The children took these cookies to the field, since it was believed that this would give a better harvest. They also commemorated the departed, left at the cemetery. It was believed that it was easier for souls of ancestors and deceased family members to get to heaven through these steps.

About the dead that day went to a variety of beliefs. It was believed that during the period from Easter to the Ascension the souls of the departed could easily end up on earth. That is why this day in many places was considered a memorial date.

They led round dances, which were called “spikelets”: young people came out on the outskirts in pairs and took hands there, standing opposite each other. It was a living bridge. A small girl with a wreath on her head was allowed to run along it.

These unusual traditions are preserved and alive today. After all, it is possible to guess the Trinity.

In Orthodoxy there are 12 most important holidays, to which a person who considers himself to be a believer pays special attention. All the best, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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