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Affirmations from Natalia Pravdina for every day

Affirmations from Natalia Pravdina for every day

Natalia Pravdina is one of the first to successfully apply the practice of positive thinking. Thanks to the daily affirmations and the teachings of feng shui, Natalia managed to achieve incredible success and happiness.

What are affirmations and how do they work

Affirmations are certain statements, verbal formulations that act on a person’s subconscious. After a certain number of repetitions, such statements remove the internal blocks and limitations that often prevent us from achieving what we want. Applying affirmations every day, any person begins to change and attract the desired in their lives.

Unlike other ways of influencing the subconscious, the use of affirmations smoothly leads us to our goal. Natalia Pravdina, a specialist in the field of psychology and feng shui, claims that there is no hard impact in them, therefore the effect of affirmations really has a long and long-term effect.

It is better to say affirmations in the morning, right after you wake up, or before going to bed. At this time, our subconscious most actively perceives information. It is not for nothing that prayers are usually read at this time — we become much more receptive on the border of day and night.

There are many affirmations for all occasions, but not everyone will act on you properly. Before you read any statement, try to feel whether it will suit you. If you don’t like something in the words of affirmations, it’s better to choose a different wording.

Many prefer to write affirmations on their own. Thus, their impact can be made much stronger, because the statements written by your hand are designed specifically for a particular case.

How to come up with affirmations yourself

Phrases that will be used for subconscious influences should always be affirmative and in a positive way. It is recommended to always speak as if you already have what you want. If you want your wish to come true, then you need to pronounce the phrase confidently, in the present tense, for example: “I’m flying to rest on the sea«.

In such affirmative verbal formulas one cannot use the part “not”, and if you write: “I am no longer late for work“This will be the wrong method. This sentence can be rephrased as follows: “I always come to work during«.

Daily affirmations from Natalia Pravdina

If you have not studied this topic so deeply, you can always use already prepared affirmations, and you already know how to choose the right ones. Approximate formulas specialist in feng shui formulates as follows:

  • “I gladly and gratefully accept gifts from the Universe”
  • “Success always accompanies me in my life”
  • “My life is beautiful and getting better every day.”
  • «Good luck accompanies me throughout the day»
  • «I attract love, wealth and happiness»
  • «I rejoice in every gift of Destiny»
  • “I thank the Universe for the love and happiness that are present in my life”

Affirmations can be combined with the teachings of Feng Shui. If one pronounces monetary affirmations while being in his apartment in the wealth zone, this will greatly enhance the effect and help speed up the acquisition of the desired. The same applies to the love zone and the health zone.

Natalia Pravdina says that pronouncing positive statements daily, you make your life more successful and better. Love yourself and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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