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5 ways to make a wish for the New Year of the Yellow Dog

5 ways to make a wish for the New Year of the Yellow Dog

The New Year is not only a holiday of unbridled fun, but also a time to make wishes. There are several ways to do this at once, and you can choose any, as each of them is effective and will definitely bring you a positive result.

When we were children, we loved to look out the window at the falling snow on New Year’s Eve and at the same time made wishes. Sometimes they came true, but it happened and vice versa. Even if we did not receive what we wanted, we still believed that the New Year was a celebration of miracles.

However, an adult has dreams, and sometimes it is much more difficult to translate them into reality than a child. Probably everyone has heard at least one way to make a wish, but in fact there are many more. The experts of the site dailyhoro.ru will tell you about each of them, and it is only for you to decide which of these methods suits you best.

Make a wish to the chiming clock

This method is probably the most beloved and common. Under the chiming clock and the knock of champagne glasses, we usually think about what we want to get next year. However, we do not always get what we want, and as early as next year we are trying to make a wish using another method.

If your dream has not yet been fulfilled, it means that you have just incorrectly formulated it.

It is necessary to clearly present what you want to receive. For example, if you are dreaming of a wedding next year, then you should present yourself in the place of one of the newlyweds and even feel the corresponding emotions. If you dream of an object, then you must clearly visualize its shape, color and even imagine that you are touching it.

After this, mentally say: «Next year I want (desire)». If you really believe in your desire and imagine that it will be fulfilled on January 1, then increase your chances of success.

You can also write your wish on a piece of paper to beat the chimes, and then burn it, throw the ashes into your champagne glass and drink it without leaving a drop. This method has long been heard by many people, and be sure: it will bring you a positive result.

Letter to Santa Claus

Favorite children’s way to make wishes even for adults will help to realize their dreams. Only in childhood we gave our letter to parents, and now we don’t need to do that.

A few minutes before the year, write your letter to Santa Claus, the most important thing — describe in detail everything you want. Then you must get rid of it in any way. You can burn it or tie it to a balloon and let it go to the sky.

You can also pack the letter in an envelope, and the next day drop it in the mailbox. Of course, postal workers are likely to get rid of it, but do not be afraid: it will not affect your desire.

Wish Card

This method takes you a little more time than the others, but it certainly will help you get what you want.

Your card can be drawing paper, a sheet of A4 paper and even a regular exercise book. First of all it depends on the number of your desires. You can draw everything you want, but for this you need to be a good artist, because you have to paint your dreams well, so that they will be fulfilled.

If you draw is not very good, you can cut the images of the desired things and objects from newspapers or magazines and paste them on your card.

After everything that you want to receive in the Year of the Yellow Dog will be placed on your map, you must hang it in the most prominent place. When at midnight the patroness enters the threshold of the New Year, she will see your card and will certainly contribute to the fulfillment of your desires.

Family dance

Who, if not close people, most wants to see you happy? Perhaps, at first glance, your request to go to the park and dance there seems strange to them. However, if they find out that in this way your family members can fulfill their dreams, they will certainly agree and support you.

A few days before the New Year, take Christmas decorations from the house, tinsel, rain and go to the park or forest. Choose the most beautiful Christmas tree there and dress it up, and then join hands with your loved ones and start to dance, while mentally speaking your desires. This method will give you positive emotions, and you can send your desires to the Universe even before the holiday.

Effective way to make a wish with a bottle

It is not always possible to make a wish during the chiming clock, so what to do if champagne is already drunk and the moment is lost? In this case, you can write your wish on a piece of paper and put it in an empty champagne bottle. After that, you need to hide it in a secluded place, and it is better to bury it away from your home.

If you do it right, you can get what you want.

One of the main traditions of the New Year is the purchase of gifts. At such moments, shopping brings pleasure, and we already present the smile and emotions of loved ones from our attention and donated things. However, it is strictly forbidden to give some gifts in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog, otherwise you will not only grieve your family, but also attract trouble.

Happy New Year. Let all your wishes come true, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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