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Winter folk omens

Winter folk omens

Thanks to winter folk signs, you can find out what the current year will be. As often as possible, pay attention to the tips of fate, and then life will become much easier for you.

Folk omens are the heritage of our ancestors. Even in Russia, people believed that life constantly gives us clues about what will happen to us in the future, and now most of us continue to believe in it. During the winter, many miracles happen to us that we don’t even notice, but it is recommended to do so.

The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru will tell you which signs should not be overlooked during the winter.

Winter folk signs for December

December is really a special month. At this time we are actively starting to prepare for the New Year and the new stage of life. Be sure to notice the national signs for December, and then in the future your life will be much better.

  • If the first snow fell is wet, then summer will be short and rainy.
  • Throughout December, the weather is snowy and cold — summer will be hot and dry.
  • If the weather is windy in December, the spring will be warm but short.
  • If in early December the weather is warm and the snow has fallen a little, the summer will be hot and the autumn will come quickly.
  • Large and deep drifts mean that summer will be fruitful.

Winter folk signs for January

In January, as usual, we are expected by strong Epiphany frosts and a large number of holidays. During this period, life repeatedly gives us signs that are a good clue about what awaits us in the future.

  • If in January there are a lot of big icicles, it means that the current year will be fruitful.
  • If during the month the weather is snowy and cold, summer will be rainy and cold.
  • If the weather is warm throughout January and the frosts are very rare, the summer will be long and hot.
  • In January, the March weather — to the cold spring.
  • Strong January frosts — to a good harvest.
  • If in early January you hear a bird knocking on your window, expect bad news.
  • If it is very cold in January, it will be too hot in the fall.

Winter folk signs for February

  • If there is little snow in early February, this year the summer will be short and the winter will come early.
  • Good weather in early February — to a warm and sunny spring.
  • Pay attention to the weather on February 1. If it’s warm outside, then spring will be warm. If it’s freezing and blizzard, then the warming will have to wait a long time.
  • If it is warm throughout February, the spring will be cold and snowy.
  • Fogs in February — to lingering summer rains.

  • There is a lot of frost on the trees — to a good harvest of honey.
  • If at the end of February you see a lot of icicles, the spring will be cold and lingering.
  • In February, it began to rain — by the cold summer, the whole month would be snowy — to the rapid onset of spring.
  • If on the morning of February 1 on the street birds are singing, it means that severe frosts will soon come.

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