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Why ladybug sits on the head, appears in the apartment: the interpretation of omens

Interpretation of the signs: why the ladybug appears in the apartment and sits on the person

There are many different signs and superstitions associated with ladybirds. Almost always the appearance of this insect promises favorable events in human life, according to legends, it is the messenger of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Therefore, killing a spotted bug can cause serious trouble. Thus, under any circumstances, the insect entering the house should be handled with extreme caution.

It is believed that the ladybug is the embodiment of the soul of the deceased person. Therefore, its appearance even in the darkest places is not attributed to negative values. According to popular wisdom, observing an insect in a cemetery means caring for one of the deceased relatives.

The soul mate wishes only good and in this way conveys a kind of hello.

A positive sign is considered to see a lot of ladybirds:

  • In the old days, a large number of heavenly messengers were interpreted as an omen of a high yield. Rye on the fields promises to be thick.
  • The modern interpretation of omens indicates a happy future for a person who happened to notice many bugs at once. Soon the lucky one will have to get a strong and big family.

Meeting with an insect in the walls of your own home is considered a particularly positive sign, the decoding of which depends on several significant details. Depending on the appearance of the beetle and its behavior, it is possible to obtain important information regarding the near future.

Why ladybug sits on the head, appears in the apartment: the interpretation of omens

To a large extent, the color of the bug and even the number of spots affect the interpretation of signs. The attention should be paid to the representatives of the following colors:

Red with black spotsLadybug of this color is a symbol of family happiness and harmony in relationships, therefore, its appearance in the house foreshadows a favorable atmosphere between the household
Black with red spotsThe black insect in red spots promises a person luck and success in all his endeavors
With white spotsSuch a divine messenger carries on her wings the good news
Yellow insectThe messenger of happiness is the yellow ladybug. She also predicts a positive change in life.
With two dotsTwo spots on the wings of an insect foreshadow the experience, as a result of which a person will learn prudence. In the future, it will allow him to make the right decisions even in the most difficult situations.
No specksIf the bug has no specks, it means that he himself has recently been born. And his visit to the home of a man speaks of the soon replenishment of the family

It is believed that the more points the wings of the heavenly messenger cover, the more happy months will be in the life of the person who saw her. The most favorable is the meeting with an insect decorated with seven spots.

In order for the prediction to come true, you should say the following phrase out loud: «As many spots on the wings of a ladybird, there will be so many happy months this year.» After that, the insect must be set free.

Why ladybug sits on the head, appears in the apartment: the interpretation of omens

When God’s messenger does not just fly into a dwelling, but sits on a person, the interpretation of superstition acquires additional details. The part of the body that the insect has landed on is important:

A placeValue
HeadGot on his head a bug promises to increase credibility and rapid career growth. If there is a problem at work, it will be safely resolved. Do not throw off a spotted guest, it can scare away luck
FaceThe insect found on the face is a good omen in his personal life. In the near future, a person will meet his soul mate with which true love will connect him.
BackLadybird on the back promises a successful change in a difficult situation, which currently poses serious problems
LegsA bug standing on its feet does not bring superstition with it. But you can tell fortunes for the future. To do this, count to 22, and if the insect remains in place, then luck will eventually find its owner.
ArmsLadybug, sitting on his left hand, foreshadows health promotion. If she is sitting on her right hand, soon we should expect the fulfillment of her innermost desire.
clothingWhen a spotted guest lands on a person’s clothes, a sign promises a pleasant surprise from his second half.

A neutral value is assigned to an insect that has taken a shoulder. Such his behavior does not predict bright and fateful changes in the near future, but the number of small happy events will increase slightly.

Why ladybug sits on the head, appears in the apartment: the interpretation of omens

Interpreters advise to pay attention to the time of year in which the insect was observed in the human dwelling. It is believed that this knowledge plays an important role in predicting:

WinterIf a ladybug flew into an apartment or a house in winter, its appearance promises serious changes in the usual way of life. Most often, she promises either the arrival of a distant relative, or the early wedding of a family member
SpringIf a spotted bug flew into the window in the spring, then an increase in the family’s profit should be expected. Material well-being at home will significantly improve
SummerA summer visit to an insect promises a person a good job offer, which will be a decisive factor for his career growth. In order for the prediction to come true, it is necessary to take God’s messenger in hand and bring it to nature. The faster she flies away, the sooner she will be promoted. Otherwise, success will have to make some effort.
AutumnThe appearance of a bug in the apartment in the fall indicates the upcoming replenishment in the family. Probably, the mistress of the house or does not know about the pregnancy, or in the near future she will get pregnant

Popular wisdom says that the sign of a ladybird, who flew into the house of a person during the cold season, has some peculiarity. To make it come true, the owner of the housing should be left in the room by the guest, placing it on a houseplant.

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