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Why it is impossible to pass things through the threshold: folk signs

Why it is impossible to pass things through the threshold: folk signs

By transferring a thing to another person, with it you can give your happiness and good luck. However, if you do it right, then troubles and misfortunes do not threaten you.

Many signs are connected with things. To avoid problems, it is necessary to properly store certain items. If you are going to give or transfer to another person what belongs to you, you need to follow important rules.

Most people have heard that it is impossible to pass things through the threshold, but very few people know why this is not recommended. The experts of the site dailyhoro.ru will help you to learn about this. They present to your attention a list of popular signs.

Why it is impossible to pass things over the threshold

Folk omens concerning the threshold appeared in ancient pagan times. Previously, it was in this place that the ashes of dead people were buried. It was believed that in this case, their souls will help living people.

Do not forget that the burial site has a negative energy. For this reason, many are still afraid to pass things across the threshold.

Pagans believed that the threshold separates the world of the living and the dead. If a person transmits something through the threshold, then the souls of the dead are disturbed in this way. Violating this rule, a person condemns himself to misery.

It is believed that the threshold is the border between two worlds, and they have different energetics. Because of this, there is a risk of incorrectly making contact with the person to whom you are passing the thing. For this reason, quarrels and controversies may arise in the future.

In Russia, it was believed that by passing things across the threshold, a person gives up his luck and wealth. Before you transfer something to another person, let him into your house or go to him yourself.

There is a belief that under the threshold live evil spirits that can steal not only financial success and happiness, but also the human soul. Passing things through the threshold, you risk once again disturb the spirits and bring down their anger at yourself.

The thing that was passed to you over the threshold will bring misfortune. To avoid this, it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible.

What else can you do through the threshold

Many people, opening the door to strangers, are forced to communicate with them through the threshold. However, it is believed that this can not be done.

As you already understood, according to beliefs, a threshold separates our world from the otherworldly. In order not to disturb its inhabitants, it is undesirable not only to transfer things, but also to talk to others through the threshold. It threatens with quarrels and serious conflicts.

It is forbidden to sit on the threshold. By breaking this rule, you risk bringing into your life unpleasant rumors about you and your loved ones.

It is believed that after the wedding, when the newlyweds enter their home, the groom must bring the bride in his arms. If the woman herself crosses the threshold, then the couple will have a difficult family life.

When you leave the house, cross the threshold with your right foot. In this case, the day will pass for you successfully. If you do this with your left foot, then wait for trouble and failure.

You can not stand on the threshold. Opening the door, we remove the protection from his home. Thus, we release positive energy from it and attract unwanted guests.

If you want to kiss your lover, it is undesirable to do it through the threshold. If you break this rule, you will find new ways in life, but, unfortunately, your loved one will not be near you.

Almost every day inexplicable things happen to us. Sometimes they are not just accidents, but signs of fate. If a bird knocks on your window, you should not treat this as a minor trifle.

Perhaps this life wants to tell you about something important. We wish you happiness and success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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