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Why it is impossible to celebrate 40 years to women, men: signs, superstitions, the point of view of the church

Each person is looking forward to his birthday, making plans how to celebrate it so that it will be remembered. But, as the fortieth birthday approaches, the birthday man hears from others that it is worth avoiding the celebration of this anniversary.

They begin to recall legends, myths, incidents from life with a sad ending.

There are various interpretations of this superstition, and everyone must decide for himself which one is correct.

Many of the superstitions are the same in most nations. One of them is the negative perception of the number 40.

  • He began to correlate with the troubles, misfortunes and death in ancient Babylon.
  • In all the Vedic teachings, the number 40 was mentioned.
  • The Pleiades disappeared from the sky for 40 days (a cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus). It was at that moment that began "undivided rule of evil" (period of rain, darkness and storms).
  • In the Bible there is mention of the number 40:
  • 40 days Christ was in the earth after the resurrection.
  • 40 days the soul of the deceased wanders the earth.
  • The width of the temple of Solomon is 40 cubits.
  • For 40 years the Jewish people wandered in the wilderness.
  • A woman after childbirth must be cleaned 40 days before coming to her husband or entering the church.
  • The Flood lasted 40 days.

Because of the mysterious halo surrounding the number, there was a ban on the celebration of the fortieth anniversary.

In ancient Greece and Rome, they celebrated 40 years with relatives and close friends. It was believed that this date is the beginning of old age and the approach to the end of life.

Why it is impossible to celebrate 40 years to women, men: signs, superstitions, the point of view of the church

The facts on the basis of which the number has received its bad reputation can be interpreted in a different way. For example:

  • In Vedic teachings, 40 means integrity and completeness. It is believed that by the age of 40, a person was formed as a person, able to comprehend and realize the whole world around him.
  • In ancient Babylon, after 40 days of darkness, the Pleiades returned to heaven and a period of holidays began.

The sacredness of the number 40 and in Orthodoxy is not negative:

  • 40 days Jesus Christ passed tests. Ultimately, he got a pure soul. This suggests that temporary hardships and difficulties disappear, only good remains.
  • After the death of 40 days, the human soul wanders the earth and completes its affairs. It was during this period that relatives have the opportunity to say the last warm words to the dead, to ask for forgiveness.
  • Jews wandered in the desert for 40 years, but as a result they found the promised land.
  • After giving birth to a woman, there is time for the woman to fully recover and rest. She can get used to the role of the mother.
  • Flood saved the earth from sinners. Those who had a pure soul were saved.

Why it is impossible to celebrate 40 years to women, men: signs, superstitions, the point of view of the church

It is believed that the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of women leads to deterioration of health and the extinction of vital energy.

The belief is based on the features of female physiology, because by the age of forty the first age changes begin to be observed. The body is preparing for menopause, well-being changes, irritability, anger, depression occur.

Why it is impossible to celebrate 40 years to women, men: signs, superstitions, the point of view of the church

It is believed that a man who celebrates his 40th birthday should wait for death. An example is a large number of stories in which representatives of the stronger sex, marking their birthday, died under strange circumstances.

It is believed that the man, celebrating his 40 years, says goodbye and releases his guardian angel. After the angel leaves him, he starts the game with death.

From the point of view of religion, the ban on the celebration of the fortieth anniversary is only human fear.

Church against superstition. The answer of the priest is that the date does not have any negative impact.

A person should celebrate every birthday that the Lord gave him, and superstitions are a sin.

Do not celebrate 40 years only in Japan. The reason is that the pronunciation of the number 4 in Japanese is consonant with the word "death".

Therefore, in the Land of the Rising Sun, people try not to avoid the foursome and not to celebrate the birthdays in which this figure is present.

Astrologers believe that the fortieth anniversary for a person is a turning point. At this age there is a reassessment of life priorities. At this time, Uranus has a strong influence on life.

Its negative impact can affect family life, financial situation, health.

Astrologers do not urge to completely abandon the celebration of this date, they recommend doing it in a calm and quiet atmosphere. A midlife crisis will then find a successful end.

Psychics do not believe in signs that are trusted by ordinary people. They have their own, inherited from their ancestors.

Numerologists do not see anything wrong in celebrating forty years. This figure does not pose any threat, it says only that the transformation of the mind and worldview is taking place.

Esoterics refer to mystical Tarot cards, in which the number 40 is one of the numerical values ​​of death, along with 13. They urge people not to celebrate this date, associating it with otherworldly forces.

According to psychologists, the number 40 carries no danger. They are confident that the celebration of the fortieth birthday depends on the preferences and expectations of each person.

If a hero of the day fears superstition, then he mentally draws bad things to him. If a person does not see the problem, then nothing will happen.

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary or not, everyone decides for himself. By signs only to listen, and not blindly follow them.

If a person is superstitious, but not able to refuse himself in the celebration of the 40th anniversary, you should listen to some recommendations that will help to celebrate the holiday without unpleasant consequences:

  • You can invite guests not to celebrate 40 years, but in order to spend 39 years of age.
  • Transferring the celebration to a few days is the right decision. It turns out that the person’s birthday has already passed.
  • You can come up with a theme party.
  • The circle of guests should be minimal and consist only of the closest.
  • It is possible during the celebration to hold a magical ritual in a comic form to scare away evil forces.
  • Come up with another reason to collect guests and ask them not to congratulate the hero of the day.

The recommendations are effective for both men and women.

You can congratulate the hero of the day with the fortieth birthday, if he does not mind. It should know in advance the attitude of man to this holiday.

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