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Why does the left or right foot scratch and what kind of a sign

How to understand what the left or right foot can itch according to signs

What scratches the right foot will be obvious — to the road, parting, the beginning of a new life stage. The legs are designed to move, some will accept this. The left foot usually heralds spending, dismissal from a good job, searching for yourself.

Feet — the most active in terms of energy area. It is on the feet that the energy cents associated with the various internal organs are located.

Premonitions of a person are often expressed in itching in the feet.

Injuries tog also matter. For example, if you have injured a big toe or a thumbnail — this is a serious problem for your family members with blood problems. There is a danger of a complete loss of understanding and the possibility of dialogue.

Consider what itching for the right and left leg according to folk signs in various cultural traditions.

Why does the left or right foot scratch and what kind of a sign

Basic interpretation of the signs

  • According to old Russian traditions, itching in the right foot means a planned business trip, with good prospects. A sign suggests that it is no longer possible to delay and postpone, it is time to act. Get ready and go on the road as soon as possible. Now is the best time to move. If you pause, you will miss a good moment, and you still have to do what you have to, but without positive feedback. Sign says to go straight in the morning, without stopping. Feel free to step over the threshold with your right foot. From the bed, too, you need to get up on the right foot — this will ensure good luck and a good mood on the way.
  • Perhaps the right foot itches to be fun and dancing. In this case, itchy toes or heels.
  • If the left leg is scratched, it is to fussy and confused movements, losses, wastes.
  • Left heel — you risk getting a kick in the literal or figurative sense of the word.
  • The left heel of a family man also hints at the possibility of adultery. The expression “go left” has its own rationale and is based on this sign.
  • For a woman, itching in the left heel can mean the unequivocal interest of the ex-boyfriend. Perhaps he understood how comfortable he was with you and seeks to climb on a heated and comfortable female neck.
  • Toes itch to family disputes, clarify relationships.
  • At the same time, the foot and the knee itch — to change the weather, get news.
  • If the feet itch in a dream and interfere with sleep — forgotten and pending cases must be completed.
  • According to the German and Irish traditions, the feet itch to the dances.
  • English traditions I advise you to be very careful — you may be beaten or you may fall and get hurt. Try not to jump in the near future, do not drop into the last car, do not run after the outgoing transport.
  • According to the traditions of the Old Believers, if heels are itching, this is to persecution. To prevent negative values, heels and feet were smeared with tar. Tar is a powerful antifungal and antiseptic, although it should not be used in its pure form — the skin can start peeling off. The world-famous Vishnevsky ointment, which saved the soldiers from rotting wounds during the First World War, was compiled on the basis of tar.
  • The Chinese believe that the feet itch from bad and frivolous thoughts and wrong moods.

Is it possible to cancel or mitigate the negative meaning of signs

To get rid of negative values, you can resort to several proven and reliable folk methods.

Wash your feet with cold running water. If the itch stops after that, you can exhale freely — the sign no longer works.

A good bath with a steam room and brooms successfully neutralizes any negative signs associated with scratching.

The Chinese agree with the majority of peoples that some signs associated with itchy feet should be neutralized. To do this, use a special foot massage with chopsticks. Triangular sticks with sharp edges of the foot roll out in a special way.

The procedure is painful, but upon completion you will feel an incredible lightness and lift of strength. Even if you are very tired, foot massage will help you easily walk a couple of kilometers.

In order for good omens to work, take it as a rule to get up from your right foot, put your shoes on and lace up your shoes — also from the right, leave the house, go into the room — only from the right foot. A sign promises a significant increase in overall luck at the expense of this simple trick.

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