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Why does it itch

Why does it itch? Folk omens

Previously, people attached great importance to omens and superstitions. Every phenomenon of nature, chance or change in the body had a definite meaning. Yes, and to this day, many live in line with signs.

If you suddenly have something itching and you do not find a visible reason, then, most likely, this is a sign of the Universe and she wants to say something to you in this way. In order to solve the riddles of fate, you need to turn to the national signs.

What are the eyes

Itchy eyes are interpreted depending on which eye itches — left or right? The right eye itches for joy and happiness, the left eye for tears and grief.

Everyone knows the sign — the left hand itches to receive money, and the right hand — to a meeting with an old acquaintance. But sometimes this phenomenon is interpreted differently. The right hand is considered to be giving, and the left to take.

From this it follows that the right hand is scratched to the loss, and the left — to receive and purchase.

Eyebrows, according to folk signs, itching for a date. If one of the eyebrows is itching, an unpleasant meeting awaits you.

If itching lips completely, then, then, ahead of you are waiting for good food, a party and fun. If only the upper lip is itching, or only the lower lip, you will kiss.

According to the sign, legs or feet are itching to the road. Do not comb them, otherwise the road will be unpleasant.

What is the chest scratching

Chest itching to change the weather. There is another meaning of this omen for girls. If the right breast is itching — the blond is missing you; if the left breast is itching — the brunette grieves.

Nose itches to feast. Also, many claim that the nose itches to fight. Then, in order to avoid beatings, you need something to hit someone lightly on the nose.

Scratched elbows — you will regret something. This omens is associated with the expression «elbows bite», it means, regret, repent.

Listen to the signs that fate sends you. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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