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What will spring: weather forecasts and omens

What will spring: weather forecasts and omens

Spring is coming soon. In anticipation of the first warm rays of the sun, many unwittingly wonder: what will be spring ? When will the snow begin to melt? And what is the air temperature expected?

It’s time to turn to meteorological weather forecasts and popular weather signs.

What will be spring: the opinion of weather forecasters

According to forecasts of the Hydrometeorological Center, the spring of the year will come into its legal rights without delay, and maybe much earlier. Spring is expected to be warm, but in March, mostly in the middle of the month, frost is expected.

Spring this year, according to weather forecasters, will delight us with the positive dynamics of temperature growth compared to last year. This means that the long-awaited season of the year will be warmer and more sunny. But such a picture will be observed only in the North Caucasus region and in the south of the Urals.

Despite the fact that spring this year will come early, it will be protracted. There are suggestions that May will not be so warm compared to the previous year. The reason for this will be seismic activity in the Sea of ​​Japan, which affects climatic conditions throughout the world and, in particular, in Russia.

Weather in the spring of the year according to national signs

You can learn about the weather in the spring of this year with the help of folk signs and superstitions. It makes no sense to doubt popular wisdom, since it is often the signs that turn out to be more truthful than the weather forecasts of the meteorological center. So, by what signs can we determine the weather in spring?

  • If January is March, then wait for January in March.
  • The colder is the last week of February, the warmer the weather will be in March.
  • If at the end of February there are a lot of long icicles, then this is by the long spring and warm summer.

  • If the beginning of February was warm, then spring will come early and be warm.
  • If Easter is early, then spring will come sooner. If Easter is late, then spring will come with a delay.
  • If in March it began to melt early snow, it does not melt for a long time.
  • If in March there will be a lot of snow, then in April wait for a big flood.
  • If the weather was warm during Christmas, then spring will be cold.
  • If on Tatiana’s day on January 25 in the morning it was clear, then spring will come early.

Let the spring of the year be the warmest and joyful for you! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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