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What will happen if sugar is sprinkled, what does it mean: interpretation of omens

According to popular beliefs, spilled sugar brings luck to a person. In ancient times, granulated sugar was rare, and only rich people could afford this product: it was from here that signs of the link between sweet sugar and wealth appeared.

The interpretation of omens is positive for both unmarried and married women. Sign can be interpreted literally: crumbled sugar — to the sweet life.

This means that only favorable events await the girl, soon she will meet her betrothed. A married lady like a sign promises the return of former passion in the relationship with her spouse.

This can be achieved by drawing a heart with a spilled product. Then the sand must be carefully collected and poured under a tree on the street.

If the newlyweds on the wedding day are sprinkled with sugar, their lives will be peaceful and happy, love and harmony will always reign in the family.

Do not worry if an unmarried girl accidentally sprinkled sugar. According to national signs, this is a positive sign:

  1. one. Granulated sugar, attract the attention of the opposite sex to the girl. They will be like "stick" to a young lady. Among the many fans there is the most worthy, who will be her husband.
  2. 2 If a girl scattered a lump during a quarrel with the household, she will easily be able to find a common language with her family and establish trusting relationships with people from the inner circle.
  3. 3 If the sugar bowl fell out of the hands and accidentally broke — to the adventures of a love nature.
  4. four. Drop a bag of lump on the floor — for a young person who is currently in need of money or is experiencing certain material difficulties, the sign means that she will soon be able to make a profit. These can be: the emergence of a new source of income, inheritance, winning in gambling or just a fluke.
  5. five. Lump sugar split into two parts and fell to the floor — the girl will soon become the owner of the vehicle or real estate.

What will happen if sugar is sprinkled, what does it mean: interpretation of omens

Superstitions about scattered sugar for married women are exceptionally favorable:

  1. one. If the relationship between the spouses and the woman seems to be that her husband has fallen out of love and started a love affair on the side, you need to draw a heart with spilled sugar. Life will sparkle with new colors, and a loved one will be as tender and kind as on the first date.
  2. 2 Randomly spilled sugar on the table will bring material well-being to the family, and the woman will be able to live in nothing without refusing.
  3. 3 If a woman who has been married for a long time has lost her taste for life, the sweet powder spilled from the bag will return joy and bright emotions to it. After such an incident, all initiatives of a woman will turn into a triumphant victory. She can achieve the desired, without putting to it special efforts.
  4. four. If burst bag with refineries in the store or on the street, You should not be upset about the spoiled product, because folk signs say: a woman will soon fall fabulous wealth.
  5. five. Large amounts of spilled sugar on the floor foreshadows a bright streak and incredible luck in both heartfelt and professional matters.
  6. 6 In a family where sugar was sprinkled on the table, There will always be abundance and a bountiful harvest.
  7. 7 If a woman scattered a bag of sugar near the front door, a long-awaited meeting will soon take place: distant relatives may unexpectedly come or visit a childhood friend, the connection with whom was long ago lost.

Do not specifically scatter sugar powder in the hope of improving your life: omen is triggered only when it happens randomly.

Spilled sugar should not be thrown into the trash. You should collect the sweet product (and you need to do it by hand) and pour it under the tree.

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