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What trees can not be planted near the house according to national signs

What trees can not be planted next to a residential house according to national signs

It is always nice when the house is immersed in fresh greenery. In the southern regions, evergreens are especially pleasing.

We will understand what trees can not be planted near the house according to national signs.

According to the signs, low garden trees are ideal near the house — cherries, apples, lemons, tangerines. In the courtyard of the house can be planted and tall fruit trees — pears, plums, mulberry, apricot.

All of these plants have a strong, positive human-friendly biofield.

What trees can not be planted near the house according to national signs


To clean the air in the yard you can plant juniper. This is a difficult plant with strong magical properties.

Juniper smoke and essential oils can easily dispel any evil spell.

Juniper increases the craving for knowledge, ease of perception, prevents the development of pulmonary and catarrhal diseases, strengthens the immune system. Juniper gives self-confidence, its berries can be used as a seasoning for meat and can replace salt.

But the easy life next to the juniper will not work. People are embraced by wanderings, new impressions, ideas, a fresh wind settles in the soul and calls for it.

If your priorities include a happy marriage and quiet homeliness, you should avoid the juniper and do not plant it near the house. If you are satisfied with eternal loneliness, the company of cheerful friends, the quick maturing of children and their departure from the parental nest on powerful wings — with good education and bright prospects — the juniper in the yard is your best friend.

Thuja tree protects not only from the cold. The plant perfectly copes with hypertension, drives away annoying insects and fills the house with an intoxicating fresh aroma.

Thuya can be planted in the yard only in warm climatic conditions. In the middle lane, the thuja is put up for summer in the courtyard in large pots, and in the winter they are brought into the house or the greenhouse.

From the point of view of energy, thuja contributes to the most vivid manifestation of individuality. If you are engaged in art — thuja is necessary for you, as the best and most powerful source of inspiration.

But you can forget about a strong family. Quarrels, quarrels, scandals between spouses and servants, quarreling and fighting children — a side effect of outbreaks of individualism.

Thuja is a tree of talented and bright egoists. Regarding marital fidelity also do not have to worry — it will not be at all.

Anything — advanced ideas of marriage, experiments with various partners and partners, gentle spiritual friendship, a community of hippies. But only not a standard family — this is too boring for a person who has fallen under the spell of a thuja.

You shouldn’t plant spruces — in the spiritual sense they can only give strength to skilled shamans, all the rest will be filled with dark forebodings, anticipation of the inevitable. Spruce branches are used by shamans to shelter the entrance to the lower world — to the souls of the dead.

A Christmas tree or a Christmas tree is essentially a memorial tree. A tradition that appeared at the junction of several different cultures.

Plant willows, willow — to tears. Willow protects against staph infections and you will always have beautiful, radiant, clear skin.

Maybe. You will save youth for a long time, everyone will ask the secret of beauty and creams recipes.

But the eternal melancholy, sadness, mild forms of hypochondria, languid and sad appearance — a direct consequence of willow nearby.

Yew berry, favorite shrub for park hedges in some parts of England. Planting it near the house is not the best idea, the plant has a gloomy overwhelming aura and creates a heavy atmosphere around it. The life span of a plant is up to 4 thousand years.

In Russia, yew thickets can be found in the Crimea.

Tourists sometimes confuse yew with juniper and pick poisonous yew berries as a seasoning. You can poison one handful or decoction of berries or leaves.

The toxin accumulates in the body, the lethal dose can be collected several times, adding aromatic and eco-friendly seasonings to food.

If the distance to the borders of the site is more than 50 meters, you can land a yew alley. The shrub has strong bactericidal properties, perfectly cleans the air and even catches heavy metal salts.

When eating yew branches of cattle, possibly poisoning animals. Milk also becomes poisonous.

For fatal poisoning, an animal can eat 200-400 grams of leaves.

What trees can not be planted near buildings for safety

In addition there will be common sense and safety techniques that do not allow the planting of trees that reach a great height, directly near the buildings. This applies to poplars, elms, birches and other softwood trees.

You can not plant trees with a developed root system, because they can damage pipelines and sewer pipes. Tall trees and shrubs, accustomed to dry periods, are best planted at a distance.

Oak, walnut grows a huge root system, which can damage even urban communications.

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