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What to do with a happy ticket: folk omens and superstitions

What to do with a happy ticket: folk omens and superstitions

In modern society, people still believe in omens, but few such superstitions that would come true almost always and practically in all. One of these is the sign of a happy ticket. Buying a ticket in public transport, a person hopes to get exactly happy!

What kind of ticket is this and what to do with it?

How to determine a lucky ticket

The lucky ticket is the ticket, in the six-digit number of which the sum of the first three numbers is equal to the sum of the last three numbers. This method of determining the lucky ticket is the most common. It is also called Moscow.

There is a St. Petersburg method of determining a happy ticket. According to old Leningrad signs and superstitions, that ticket will bring good luck, the sum of even numbers of which will be equal to the sum of odd numbers in its ordinal number.

Such happy tickets come across very often. However, there are special, rare tickets, which, according to signs, bring even more luck. For example, a lucky ticket is a ticket whose six-digit number consists of the same numbers.

Also brings good luck and the ticket, which has the first three digits and the last three — the same. For example: 321132.

In addition to happy tickets, there are also counter tickets. They are those tickets, the sum of the first three numbers of which is one more or less than the sum of the three last numbers. If you get such a ticket, then on this day you will meet a person who has not been seen for a long time.

What to do with a happy ticket

The old sign says that if you suddenly got a lucky ticket, you must eat it right away, and then good luck will come. However, as practice shows, apart from indigestion, this ritual does not carry anything. However, in this ritual there is a reasonable proportion.

Probably, the ticket was recommended to eat so that no one could see the location of the numbers on it. Most likely, the numbers on the lucky ticket or their amount help win the lottery or solve a problem.

If you find a lucky ticket, save it. According to folk sign, he will certainly bring good luck. But do not forget to remember either its numbers, or their sum — this can push you to the right decision in a difficult situation. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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