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What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

Pure or Great Thursday is one of the most important days of the Holy Week before Easter. Many centuries ago, our ancestors performed rituals and rituals on this day that helped people to maintain their health and strong family, to attract good luck and wealth. On Pure Thursday it is customary to purify the body and soul from bad thoughts and actions.

For this you need to swim until sunrise, be sure to go to church and confess. Then you need to clean the house, in the yard, in the garden.

Then the housewives begin to dye the eggs and prepare the Easter cake.

Traditionally, Thursday morning began with the fact that all members of the family washed with «silver water.» To do this, on the eve of the evening a silver spoon or coin was placed in a jar of water.

The strongest silver coin was considered the one that was stolen. It does not spend, and cherish.

It is used in various ceremonies for health promotion, it is wondered, bewitched.

To wash, you should use cool water, to which a conspiracy was committed: “Easter praises Easter on a clean Thursday, praises all people of Orthodox Easter, so people would praise me, young and old, so that I could be a servant of God (name) walked with the bosses, so that my business brought me profit. Gold clings to my hands, clings.

The coins in the wallet are jingling. Key.

Castle. Tongue.


Small children, especially those who are not yet one year old, are very vulnerable to bad eyes. Therefore, kids also need to wash.

After that, even the most restless children become calm and less capricious.

Before sunrise, every member of the family had to swim in order to wash off all the negatives and recharge themselves with good health, get rid of illnesses and failures. The rite of ablution will relieve fatigue, pain, and anxiety that have accumulated over a long time.

While bathing, the following conspiracy should be said: “Vodichka, vodichka, you lick, lick, cleanse my face, cleanse my body and cleanse my soul, fill me with beauty and health”.

There are certain customs that relate directly to money and well-being. In order for the family to live in prosperity for a whole year and did not need anything, it is necessary to count all the money that is in the house three times: at dawn, at noon and in the evening at sunset.

It is important to do this in secret from the household, not to talk to anyone and not to answer the phone.

On this day, it was decided to ask for help and protection from a little house. For this, a candle was lit from the church.

The owner went to the attic of the house and stood waiting for the appearance of the home spirit. If there was a shaggy brownie, then it promised wealth, bald — poverty.

What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

After morning washing, those who are serious about fasting go to liturgy for confession and communion. Before that, you can not eat anything.

What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

List of sins to prepare for repentance

There is a prayer to say when bathing:

“As confession purifies, as water removes dirt, so you, Thursday, be clean, cleanse me from all evil, from resentment to people, from disobedience, from intemperance, from devilish blasphemy, from bad rumors, from evil talk, demonic disputes. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen»

To protect their home from all bad things, a simple protective ritual was performed. To do this, in the morning you need to buy a candle in the church and burn the crosses on the lintel (the upper crossbar of the doorway) and on the window frames. In addition, all rooms should be fumigated with juniper branches.

In this case, you need to hold the icons in your hands and go around all the rooms in the house in a circle.

On this day you should bring a “passionate” candle from the church, which helps in the treatment of diseases.

A woman, to become a mother, had to go to church and ask for it in her prayers. So that the pregnancy went without complications, some salt was added to the bathing water.

This day is still going strict post. You need to continue to dry up without oil and hot meals.

What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

For a long time, our ancestors used various conspiracies to improve their lives in various fields.

For unmarried girls there is a conspiracy that attracts men. It is necessary to buy a small mirror, stand between the trees and, looking into it, say the following words:

What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

Plot for an unmarried girl

For a girl to be beautiful and attractive for guys, you can use the following plot, while reading which you have to bow low to all sides:

What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

Plot for an unmarried girl

For young people, there is also a conspiracy that is pronounced to please the girls:

What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

Plot for guys

If a woman is already not young, but wants to get married as soon as possible, then you need to wash the cat’s milk, saying these words:

What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

Conspiracy to marry

So that the spouses do not disperse, they say the following conspiracy:

What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

Conspiracy for spouses

For a successful and happy year, use the words that must be read at the end of the house cleaning:

What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

Plot for good luck

What to do on Pure (Great) Thursday before Easter: folk signs, customs and rituals

One of the main customs of Pure Thursday is associated with baking Easter cakes.

In the morning the housewives put the dough so that it rises. Baking is started in the evening, after all the prayers have been read.

Folk superstitions say that by what kind of cakes, we can conclude about the upcoming year. Delicious and lush Easter cakes promise a good and happy year.

If baking failed, then we should expect difficulties.

Curd Easter is also cooked. Since ancient times, milk and bread were considered sacred food. Our ancestors endowed milk with healing properties.

It was associated with such concepts as fertility and strength.

There is an interesting fortune telling using Easter cakes. For this, a separate cake was baked for family members. It could not be cut in the presence of other people.

In addition, none of the outsiders should have seen him. The prediction notes were baked in the cake.

Someone came across happiness and peace in the house, someone luck in heart affairs or the financial sphere of life.

In addition, on this day they begin to paint Easter eggs. At this time, it is important to read prayers and avoid negative thoughts.

Since ancient times, there are traditions of cooking and using Thursday salt. There is only one day in the year when the right time comes for this — this is Maundy Thursday. According to legends, this salt has healing properties, protects against the evil eye, damage, negative impact of ill-wishers, attracts good luck, wealth and well-being into the house, fills the home with positive energy.

Its properties are comparable to the possibilities of holy water.

There are several basic recipes for making Thursday salt. This requires simple and affordable ingredients.

Salt is carried at Easter to church and sanctified along with other products.

Ready Thursday salt is black. Do not be afraid of this.

The fact is that its composition includes such trace elements as iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, chromium. During the calcination process, a series of chemical reactions occur, which are outwardly expressed in the blackening of the salt.

This is the easiest recipe, for the preparation of which will need 1 kg of salt and 10 tbsp. l rye flour.

In the cooking process, you should use a wooden spoon, a heavy cast-iron skillet and a thick linen bag for storage.

Salt is poured into a clean pan. Then flour is added, after which everything is stirred with a spoon in a clockwise direction. Heat pan and continue to stir.

At the same time, it is necessary to read “Our Father” three times or special words for salt, “Clean Thursday, save and have mercy from worms and from every reptile.”

When the salt and flour turn black, the pan is removed from the heat. Ready Thursday salt poured into a tight bag of linen and tightly knotted.

This kind of salt is more saturated and useful. For its preparation, the desired rock salt, black bread and healing herbs (rosemary, mint, nettle, lemon balm, oregano).

You can use those medicinal plants that are available.

Bread should be soaked with water. Chop herbs and mix with salt.

After that, all the ingredients must be mixed and baked in the oven until blackening.

Ready Thursday salt should be cooled, sieved. Then it should be placed in glass jars with a lid or in a linen bag.

For this recipe, remove the cabbage from the largest green leaves, finely chop them and mix with salt. Next, the mixture should be put on a heavy metal baking sheet or a thick-walled cauldron and put in the oven until blackening.

This is a sign of salt readiness.

After it cools down, it must be rubbed in order to restore the flow properties, and hide in a glass jar with a lid for storage.

Since ancient times, there are certain rituals that help to cope with many troubles:

  1. 1. If something very unpleasant has happened in the house, then a pinch of Thursday salt should be poured into each corner.
  2. 2. If a seriously ill person was in the house, then the Fourth Salt was collected from three yards, mixed in earthenware and given to the sick person. After that, he was definitely on the mend.
  3. 3. If the spouses have quarreled with each other, put a small bag of salt under the pillow.
  4. 4. If it is necessary for a close person to return to the house, a handful of Thursday Salt should be thrown into the fire with a call for return.
  5. 5. To maintain the health of children, you need to add a small pinch of salt to the water.
  6. 6. In order for the house to always be a full bowl, salt must be poured into a wooden salt shaker and put on the dining table.
  7. 7. If a man with malicious intent comes to the house, then he needs to pour salt in his food.
  8. 8. To check if there is any damage to the person, you need to heat the salt in the pan, constantly stirring and reading “Our Father”. If it starts to shoot, then this is a sure sign of a negative impact on a person’s energy.
  9. 9. In order for the house to have peace, tranquility and a good-natured atmosphere, every member of the family needs to put a pinch of Thursday salt under the bed.

This salt is used to salt the eggs, consecrated in the church.

On Pure Thursday, it is important not only to be spiritually cleaned, but also to get rid of dirt, dust and debris in your home. It is important to free the yard and garden from all the litter that has accumulated over the winter.

There are certain superstitions regarding the rules, which are desirable to adhere to, so that next year will be happy.

The first updated lamps and icons. After that, the floors, benches, tables, hut, ceilings are carefully washed out.

In some regions it is considered that on this day it is necessary to wash all the dishes that are in the house.

In addition, you should mop up all bed linen, tablecloths, clothes, curtains. Before the upcoming holidays, rugs, rugs, bedding are taken out and washed.

Before 12 o’clock in the morning you need to have time to get rid of all the litter and dirt that remained after cleaning. This is important to do to ensure that the new day starts in a “clean apartment or house”.

If you leave at least some dirt, then the year will pass in quarrels and scandals.

There is a belief that the water after cleaning can not be poured within your house and yard. It is better to pour it in a place where nothing grows.

These can be rocks or road.

If there is any thing that has not been used for a whole year, then it must be thrown out without regret or given to people in need. This will help to remove from the house all the negativity that has accumulated over a long time.

It is important to remember that after cleaning was done on Maundy Thursday, you can not wash the floors and clean the house before Easter.

Some folk signs say that if the whole family goes to bed at night after harvesting on a pea or pea straw, then a whole year will be happy, and good luck will not leave the house for a whole year.

According to popular belief, if a person cleans up on Great Thursday, then the Lord gives him a chance to find his long-lost favorite and necessary things.

Housekeeping can help attract a constrictor. For this, in the process of restoring order, it is necessary to put things for the beloved throughout the house.

Near the entrance door you should put men’s shoes with toes inside the room.

In order to attract money to the house, they were the first to start washing windows and doors with water, on which they read certain conspiracies and put a handful of coins. For example, “Money, drive — do not translate, grow-multiply, do not get the enemy! «. To finish cleaning it was necessary to wash the floors backwards, that is, from the threshold to the center of the rooms.

After that, the trifle had to be collected and put in a far, clean corner of the dwelling, and water poured under the tree.

It was believed that in order to attract financial stability to the house during cleaning it was necessary to rearrange the furniture as much as possible.

Thursday before Easter is accompanied by signs of the weather.

For example, sunny weather on Maundy Thursday promises peace, prosperity and a favorable atmosphere in the house.

It was believed that a particularly successful year would be if the whole family went out into the yard to look at the sun and clear sky.

If the weather is good this day, then spring will be warm and early. Weather bad weather promises late, cold and prolonged spring.

In order for a girl to rather meet her betrothed, you need to provide a place for the groom on a clean Thursday after cleaning. For example, in the bathroom — for men’s accessories, in the closet — for clothes, you also need to buy new slippers for the home.

On this day, you can plant a seed of an apple in a pot, saying “Seed, seed, break the ground! In my house, suitors lure quickly. Amen!

Amen! Amen! «. The sooner the sprout appears, the faster the girl will marry.

There are several options for divination on the betrothed. However, it should be remembered that the Church forbids divination and superstition, especially on great holidays.

For this fortune-telling unmarried girlfriend blindfolded. Girlfriends are placed in different corners of the room ring, salt, sugar, bread.

The girl must unleash the egg and roll into one of the corners of the room.

If it rolled to the ring, then we should expect a marriage proposal. In the case when the egg was near a handful of salt, the girl needs to prepare for the big love disappointments that will accompany her for a whole year.

The egg near the bread — to the rich bridegroom, in the corner with sugar — to a carefree and measured life.

Five minutes before twelve o’clock the girl should light a candle and look closely at her flame.

Flame candles


Calm, even, medium

The girl should not count on any love adventures

The fire is barely smoldering

This is a great disappointment in personal life and longing.

Passionate relationship with a young man

Ahead the girl is waiting for an easy, non-binding flirtation, a meeting with a frivolous partner

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