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What to do and what not to do on a clean Thursday on signs

Clean Thursday — what you can do and what you shouldn’t do that day

Pure Thursday is one of the seven days of Passion Week, which it is customary to end with the Light Christ Resurrection. What you need to do on this day and what you can not do, we learn through ancient and modern signs.

Easter is one of the oldest and most important holidays in the Christian religion. He marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the center of biblical history and the foundation of Orthodox teaching.

In this regard, since the past centuries, the main rites of celebration have come down to us. They have not lost their meaning and were of practical importance even in the harsh years when the church was in exile.

On the day of pure Thursday, believers also keep a fast, go to church and try to lead a calm, measured lifestyle. But the main event of this day is the general cleaning of the home and bathing of the Orthodox in the clear water.

Ancient folk customs and traditions

Our ancestors tried to follow all the rules of this holy day. Water on this day enjoyed special demand. Should swim at dawn or before the first rays of the sun rise.

It cleanses from sins, relieves of negative energy, brings strength, enlightenment of the soul and body. After this procedure, you can expect a lot of new ideas, positive decisions and creative actions from yourself and others.

Belief helped her to gain financial well-being — pour water into a bowl and put some shiny and beautiful coins into it. After, this liquid to wash all the windows and doors of their own homes, starting with the entrance.

Dirty water from the bowl pour under the tree growing in the yard of your house.

If you want to get rid of the evil eye — in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, pour water into the jug and place the silverware there. It may be a spoon or a silver fork.

With the dawn, wash this water. For girls, this method will not only help deflect damage, but also attract good luck and female happiness. You will sparkle with its beauty and charm.

A man such a belief will give male power and will. Chances are in this year to gain love and family well-being.

Those who have long considered themselves an old maid should definitely wash in the morning and wipe their face with a clean towel. Such a rite will help instill in you cheerfulness, joy and optimism. And as you know, only such young people like men and quickly attract attention.

Only it is worth remembering that this towel, along with a cake and eggs, should be given to beggars at Easter.

A young beauty who wants to get married this year should look out the window in the morning. If the first passerby turned out to be a young guy — expect a meeting with the future spouse.

A married lady who dreams of becoming a mother, such a plot can promise the future of conceiving a baby if you saw children in the window.

For deeply faithful people, the prayers read on this day will bring beneficial events. Words that are spoken aloud with great faith and an open soul carry a special magical power.

Sincerity of intentions will give you health, fortitude and hope for a happy outcome of events.

If you save Thursday’s salt to this date, it promises to take off misfortune and misfortune from the whole family, instruct unwise children to follow the true path, give husbands composure to temptation, and give women patience and understanding. To do this, each family member must take a handful of salt, wrap in a cloth bag and put on all night next to the Icon of Jesus Christ.

In the morning, remove, getting in those cases when you are in a difficult situation or have health problems. A pinch of salt, thrown into the food, can change your future state and mood.

People who have high hopes for this day and who are eager to perform all the rites of well-being, remember the most important thing: to keep fast and be sincere in their intentions. The material desires in your soul should not exceed the spiritual.

Modern signs

What to do on Pure Thursday

If you take a shower in the morning, before the first rays of the sun, it promises to change your life for the better, to believe in your own undertakings and to achieve success this year. It is believed that the water on a clean Thursday has a special healing and magical powers.

It charges with its freshness and purity, it is capable of taking with it illnesses and minor sins of a person.

What to do and what not to do on a clean Thursday on signs

The main condition is to believe that it can change you, and repent of bad deeds. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the water should wash you just from the top down.

Typed bath with fragrant foam in this case will not be able to bring the desired effect.

Cleaning the house is the main event of clean Thursday. Without it, the dough will not work on cakes and the paint will not be taken on eggs. Do not use other rites, without having made a general cleaning in his apartment.

It is customary to wash and clean everything before Easter. After washing the windows and washing the curtains, it is likely to change their previous view on seemingly familiar things.

You can expand the horizons of their desires and opportunities.

What to do and what not to do on a clean Thursday on signs

Clean doors will be ready to let into your house only good, necessary and decent people. Having laid fresh bedding, the spouses can hope for a stormy reconciliation after a period of cold and strained relations. The decoration and cleanliness of the dining area will be a sign that next year you will expect plenty and prosperity.

You do not have to think about the daily bread, and the crisis in the country is likely to pass you by.

For those who are in dire need of increased financial resources, this day you need to recount money three times. It is desirable to prepare banknotes large, and the account to conduct strictly in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Girls who sat up in brides, on this day should visit the hairdresser for easy haircuts and hair washing. This promises to increase your attractiveness with the opposite sex. You will feel more confident and free in choosing a partner.

There will be a chance to find a life partner worthy of you.

For the fulfillment of the most cherished and cherished desires, after a general cleaning in the house, you should swap things that can be thematically connected with your dreams.

What not to do on Pure Thursday

  • to break fasting with diversity in food and to neglect the rules of intimate abstinence;
  • ignore church attendance;
  • sit on a bench while serving in the temple of the Lord;
  • clean the apartment after a clean Thursday before Easter;
  • lend money, things, food;
  • pour water into the ditch after general cleaning.

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