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What signs and customs exist at the funeral: what is needed and what should not be done

Customs and signs at a funeral: what is needed and what cannot be done?

Sooner or later, every person faces a funeral, so there are many superstitions and customs regarding the conduct of this event. According to the signs, relatives should not carry the coffin with the deceased. To the dead they close their eyes and tie their hands and feet.

In the house where grief happened, mirrors and all reflective surfaces curtain. A coffin that fell during a funeral is considered to be a bad omen, just like a collapsed grave.

When a person dies, many outsiders who knew the deceased come to his house, and not all of them are kindly disposed towards the family of the deceased.

If someone puts the personal belongings of a living relative, his photo or biomaterial in the coffin to the dead person, the person can seriously get sick soon and go to the next world after the dead person.

According to superstition, relatives sit at night with the dead man in order to close their eyes if they suddenly open. They should be closed from the moment the heart stops.

It is believed that a person who sees a dead person in a coffin with open eyes and looks at them will die soon. If the deceased has no eyes closed, soft hands and the body is not frozen — another death will occur in the house.

If a person smiles in a coffin and has a happy expression on his face, he looks joyful — it is believed that the person wanted death and feels great relief, so no need to cry and be killed in connection with the tragedy. If the deceased mouth is open, you should not try to close it — you can try to tie your jaw with a bandage, and if the body is already numb, you need to leave everything as it is.

The priests explain the sign that one cannot leave the dead man alone in the house, by the fact that over the newly-reposed one must read prayers all the time (especially at night) so that the soul can pass through the ordeal and go to the Kingdom of Heaven 40 days after death. For the same reason, one cannot sleep near the tomb to alleviate the fate of the newly-reposed.

What signs and customs exist at the funeral: what is needed and what should not be done

After stopping the heart of the deceased, you should immediately wash and change into fresh clothes so that he appears clean before the Lord. Unmarried girls are usually dressed in a wedding dress.

Be sure to wear a cross on the deceased. The body can only be washed for women who have become widows.

After the death of a person, the windows and doors in the house open, including the gate, so that those who wish can come in and say goodbye to the dead person, as well as to facilitate the departure of the deceased’s soul..

Immediately after this, you should stop the clock in the house and hang the mirror surfaces. In this state, they should be for 40 days.

In the room where the deceased lies, one should not greet him with words, but simply nod his head to the person who came. It is possible to bypass the coffin with the dead man only at its head, having bowed to the deceased.

Familiar bring a bouquet with an even number of flowers to wish prosperity in the next world.

On the threshold of the house, the relatives should put several spruce branches so that people who came to say goodbye to the deceased should not take the trouble into their home.

Do not let pets in the room where the coffin with the dead, so as not to frighten his soul. Households should not start cleaning, take out rubbish, scrub the floor or sweep, even if one of the relatives spilled or spilled something by carelessness, until the body is carried outside the house.

While the corpse lies in the room, there should be a glass of clean water on the windowsill: it is believed that in this way the soul of the deceased person is cleaned.

What signs and customs exist at the funeral: what is needed and what should not be done

According to folk signs, the dead man is tied up with hands and feet a few hours after his death in order to "to tie" the soul to the lifeless body and so that it does not wander in the form of a ghost in this light. Just before the burial, the bonds must be untied in order to free the soul of the deceased.

There is also a logical explanation for tying up the legs and hands of the deceased: the body cools down after death, rigor mortis sets in, and the muscles can contract, so the limbs are stuck in unnatural postures that do not correspond to the deceased’s correct body position during the funeral procession.

By tradition, the hands of the deceased should be folded across the chest. A wax candle is inserted into them.

Legs should be stretched and pressed to each other.

What signs and customs exist at the funeral: what is needed and what should not be done

It is forbidden to endure the coffin before noon and after sunset.

It is important to know: it is necessary to take out the coffin with the departed with our feet forward so that the dead man will not find his way back home They do it through the back door, and if there is only one exit in the house, you should hit the coffin on the threshold three times to allow the deceased to say goodbye to their dwelling. While the corpse is near the house, you need to lock the door and say: "Get out of the house, dead, go alone and do not come back!"

The deceased does not let into the house — you need to splash water on the floor, and after removing the body thoroughly wash the floor with clean water. The chairs or the table on which the coffin was standing should be turned upside down and left in that position for a full day.

The coffin is brought into the temple for the funeral feet first and put face to the altar (head to the west, feet to the east).

You can not hold a funeral at the baptism of the Lord, on the Nativity of Christ. It is not recommended to arrange a burial rite on December 31 so that the next year does not start with a new tragedy.

WITHThe belief is that a funeral on Sunday would cause three deaths in the next seven days.

It is impossible to postpone the burial ritual for too long: it is believed that the deceased can take another person with him. Do not hold a funeral at sunset: the dead should be buried during the day.

Bad marks associated with the funeral:

  • If the dug grave does not fit the size of the coffin, according to national signs, the land does not accept the dead.
  • If a dead man lies in a coffin that is more than dead, in the family where the tragedy happened, death will knock again.
  • If the grave failed during the funeral — it is a bad sign, promising another death that will occur in the coming days.

What can not be done while in the cemetery, as well as after the burial rite:

  • Crossing the funeral procession (otherwise there will be trouble).
  • Go ahead of the coffin with the dead man — otherwise it will entail death.
  • Remove the pillow or any items of the deceased from the coffin. Otherwise, the person who took the item, sick of an incurable disease.
  • First look in the mirror after the funeral (you first need to bring the cat to the mirror surface).
  • Turn around after the end of the funeral, leaving the cemetery.

The lid of the coffin is not entered into the house, otherwise there will be another tragedy in the family. Relatives can not bear the coffin, so that they will not suffer the same fate.

According to the signs, the deceased should be carried out by people who were not related to him, but during his life they treated him with respect and goodwill. It is necessary to tie an embroidered towel on each sleeve.

It is believed that in this way the deceased last thanks for the service rendered to him.

If it was possible to stumble or fall during the funeral procession, a sign promises a person negative and even death. Dropping a coffin is a bad sign.

Anyone who witnessed this incident will soon face tragedy in their family. To avoid a sad fate, you need to pray for the rest of the soul of the deceased and put a candle in the temple.

After the funeral, it is impossible to leave things that were in any way in contact with the dead man: the comb, the measurements for the coffin, the fetters that tied the hands and feet, the candle and the icon that was in the hands of the deceased. They should be buried together with the deceased in one coffin, so that evil people could not use objects for pointing spoilage and terrible diseases at the relatives of the deceased.

A new handkerchief is also put in the coffin, so that the deceased will have something to wipe the sweat from his forehead during God’s Judgment. Relatives are usually placed in the grave with an ax to cut off the connection of the deceased with this world.

If someone became ill during the funeral, according to national signs, this person is possessed by demons. If the candle goes out during the funeral — in the near future with a person there will be a big tragedy, which can be fatal.

During the burial, everyone present at the funeral should throw a handful of earth on the coffin.

At the funeral can not attend pregnant women. It is believed that the dead take away the energy of the child in the womb, and he can be born dead.

Relatives should not visit anyone after the funeral procession, so as not to bring misfortune to someone else’s house.

Coming home, you should light a wax candle and warm your hands near it to ward off evil spirits from yourself. Everyone who was at the cemetery should thoroughly wipe their feet, and it is better to wash their shoes and pour dirty water over the threshold in order to ward off trouble from their home.

Relatives should call all the people present at the funeral procession for a funeral dinner, while no one has the right to refuse a commemoration.

Lunch usually begins with wheat porridge (kuty). During the commemoration you need to pour vodka into a glass and cover with a piece of black bread.

This glass should be 40 days in the house where the man died. Put pies, pancakes, borscht and sweets on the table.

Each of those present at the end of the memorial dinner takes a handful of sweets and cookies to commemorate the deceased at home.

Bread and other pastries can not be cut with a knife, should be broken off by hand. Crumbs from the memorial table can not be thrown out — they are collected and carried the next morning to the grave.

On the deceased, you can only say good, and if there is nothing to remember, you should remain silent. It is impossible to cry a lot at the commemoration so that the soul of the deceased is not tormented.

For the same reason, wake-ups are arranged on the 40th day after death (for the repose of the soul in the afterlife).

If someone starts laughing or singing songs during the commemoration, it means that this person will shed a lot of tears in the near future, and he will suffer a tragic fate.

If someone is left to the deceased, you should pay the debt to the relatives of the deceased, so that no one in the family of the debtor will die.

It is impossible for someone in the house, past whom the funeral procession passes, to sleep, so that the dead person does not take the sleeper with him. Look through the window at the funeral — condemn yourself to a tragic death.

If during the burial it rains, according to popular signs, the heavens mourn the deceased. He was a good man, and even nature is sad about him.

Thunder and lightning flashes — another mourning procession will soon take place.

The next morning after burial, relatives should bring breakfast to the deceased at the grave. The deceased’s things cannot be handed out for 40 days after death, and when the specified period has passed, you must give clothes and other items left after the deceased to close people and those in need.

Bed and bedding, on which a man died, burn away from home.

If a nettle or thistle has grown on the grave of a recently buried person, folk signs say that he has fallen into hell. It is believed that lilies or roses usually grow on the graves of the righteous.

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