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What not to do on Friday 13

What not to do on Friday 13

Friday 13 is considered one of the most dangerous days, as it harbors many problems with which it is impossible to find a compromise. This is the heyday of dark forces and evil spirits.

The lunar calendar and horoscopes will help you find out this day from all sides. So that Friday 13 does not become for you a time filled with only problems, you should resort to any help that astrology and esoterics can offer.

What is dangerous Friday 13

This day can be viewed from several positions. The most important of these is the spiritual side. In almost all religions, this day is treated with caution, despite the fact that there is no data in the scriptures about this day.

In many ways, this day is shrouded in mystery, because it is not known for certain where people got their fear of it.

The fact is that Friday 13th horrified long before our era, when paganism was the main religion. People believed that evil forces were flourishing on this day. They try to foul as much as possible. Witches from time immemorial considered Friday the thirteenth as their “professional” day, when curses, evil eyes and spells were stronger than usual.

For them it was a day of nourishment, a day of strength. Actually, he remained as such now, so fear the unkind eye, conflict situations and any connection with black magic.

Friday 13 is especially dangerous for those whose energy is weakened. This day may seem sluggish, but in fact it simply deprives you of strength. If you feel a charge of cheerfulness, then do not rush to waste energy.

Plan your business efficiently, as it will be almost impossible to recover energy. Use special plots and signs on Friday 13.

What not to do on this day

To avoid the dangers that Friday 13 conceals in itself, it is possible — it is enough not to risk in vain and not to commit acts that can lead to trouble. We have prepared for you some of the most important caveats.

You can not guess. It is worth noting the most dangerous method — fortune telling by mirrors. On Friday, 13 to the mirrors should be treated with caution. It is better to close them or simply not to look at them for a long time.

If you open the «portal» with the help of two mirrors, placing them in front of each other, dark forces can use this corridor to break out or show their face. Very often people, without thinking, opened mirror tunnels at random and saw demons. Some of them were with horns and short arms, someone saw only their faces, and someone — luminous eyes. This may not just bring fear, but scare so much that it will be very difficult to recover from the shock.

Mirrors are your worst enemy on Friday 13. Other fortune-telling may not be dangerous, but absolutely wrong, so on this day there is no point in them.

In moments of anxiety and fear you can not look over your left shoulder. No wonder they say «God is Right,» because it is the right side of our body and soul that is light. Behind the left shoulder there are always demons who are just waiting to be noticed.

According to popular beliefs, it is impossible to look at the alarming moments over the left shoulder, because you can see something terrible.

You can not play gambling. On Friday, the thirteenth day, you risk losing everything you have. If you win some amount, it is better to spend it on the same day, and not only for yourself.

You can not swear, curse anyone, direct damage. Damage will come back to you with almost one hundred percent guarantee. On this day, it is better not to produce dark rites that can harm someone.

If you want to live on Friday 13 as a normal day, then behave as if it is a normal day, but with a small amendment — avoid dark thoughts. You can not swear, because foul language can cause trouble and create problems for you.

You can not watch horror movies. Black magicians say that on ordinary days nothing threatens you, but on Friday 13 movies about demons can attract real trouble. It is not worth the risk, so postpone viewing for another day.

You can not walk the same road. When you go to school, work or business, choose a different path each time. Do not go back the same way that went.

This method of protection from trouble was used by our ancestors. It was believed that changing the path entangled evil spirits, and it will not be able to get to the person.

You can not take revenge and envy. Revenge and envy deplete the body, taking away the already small reserves of energy. If you decide to make someone a dirty trick, then dig two graves at once, and not one.

There will be nothing without consequences.

You can not start a new important business. Such cases, most likely, will not be crowned with success. Be careful and prudent.

Take care of the usual duties and do not try to keep up with the two hares.

Communicate more with nice people, have a rest and do not meddle in conflicts. Try to be friendly with everyone, so that no one accidentally jinx you or curse you.

Friday 13th is a bad day, but not enough to lose all hope of success. Be yourself and do not forget about caution. Seek shelter where you are loved and respected.

Surround yourself with kind, warm and positive emotions. Be happy on this day, and do not forget to press buttons and

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