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What lips burn: causes and interpretation will

What lips burn: signs and interpretation

According to folk signs, every person is a predictor to himself. The body often gives clues about the near future, but the main thing is to be able to interpret them correctly.

Not for nothing suddenly cheeks begin to blaze or palms are itching.

Today, my lips suddenly began to burn, and I decided to find out what events might foreshadow such phenomena, and the information I found intrigued. In this article I will tell you what the lips are burning for and what nuances you need to pay attention to.

What lips burn: causes and interpretation will

Interpretation of omens

If the lips are burning — the reasons may be different and most often they are not connected with mysticism. But if this happens suddenly and for no obvious reason, then it is worth thinking and addressing the interpreter. According to the main sign, which was known to our great-grandmothers, the lips begin to blaze in those moments when a person blurted out something extra, for example, told a secret or revealed someone’s innermost secret.

Therefore, if during a conversation a person begins to feel a fever on his lips, then one should become and think about what he is saying and whether it is worth it.

The modern interpretation of the reasons for which blaze lips, looks a little different:

  • If the heat is felt on the upper lip, then this sign promises a pleasant pastime in the company of an interesting person of the opposite sex. In other words — a date will be held, which will end with a kiss.
  • When the lower lip is burning, it means that its owner will meet with a close friend or relative, whom he will kiss on the cheek and meet you tightly.
  • If the heat completely covers the mouth, then this may portend one of two events. In the first case, a person will be met with a married couple, which may be both old friends and distant relatives. In the second case, it is said about the upcoming date, which can be very romantic and passionate if the one who has a burning mouth takes the initiative.

To clarify how soon the prediction will come true, you need to pay attention to which part of the lip feels the most.

  • If the «fire» is localized on the upper lip on the right, then the kiss will take place in the coming days, and if on the left — the meeting will take place within a month.
  • When the right corner of the lower lip blazes, then tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you can expect a “hot meeting”, and if the left corner is, then the event will happen this evening.
  • If the central zone of the upper or lower lip bakes, then the meeting with your loved one will be very passionate.

What lips burn: causes and interpretation will

Who burns lips?

For a more accurate interpretation, it is important to consider who exactly is burning lips:

  • In an adult woman — a loved one has very strong romantic feelings, which can not be silent. Perhaps he will receive a declaration of love or a marriage proposal. If there was a quarrel between lovers, then soon he will come to the first to put up, and will try to make amends.
  • The girl has a meeting with a dear man and a pleasant pastime in his company. But it should be noted that if not only the lips are burning, but there is also excitement all over the body, then the girl will have a passionate date the other day, but the first step will have to be made to her.
  • A pregnant woman — to the rapid and easy childbirth, and, most likely, the baby very soon will be born.
  • A man — a sign indicates that it is time for him to find a life partner for himself, or to make an offer to his girlfriend, if there is one.
  • The guy — to mutual love. If he is lonely, then soon fate will bring him to the girl of dreams. If the lips began to burn after a date, then this lady should look more closely.
  • The sensation of heat on the lips is a good omen.
  • For accurate interpretation of omens, it is necessary to take into account which lip is burning, and in which zone the “fire” is concentrated.
  • For each person, depending on age and gender, blazing lips foreshadow different events.

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