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What is the right hand scratching

What is the right hand scratching

Folk signs allow us to predict the future and interpret things we are used to in an unusual way. This applies even to those cases when our right hand just scratches.

The right side of the human body is often associated with special signs. You can find out what it itches for the right eye to be fully armed. If you keep in mind any such signs, it will help you overcome many difficulties and catch good luck or not lose it.

What is the right hand scratching

In general, popular wisdom says that the hand should seriously disturb you for no reason. Suppose you are relaxing at home or at work. If your hand was itched and did not distract you from this, then you should not consider it as an alarming or auspicious sign.

The hand must be scratched so that you spend a lot of time and attention on it. Only in this case, you can ask for help to the signs.

So it is important to understand what part of the hand is meant. This, of course, is about the outside or inside of the palm, or about the predloktevoy part.

  • The right hand usually itches when we have to meet with close people or friends whom we have not seen for a long time. The fact is that with the right hand people usually greet. It is from this and went this omen. If you do not want the meeting to take place, say three times: «I will close my eyes, then hide behind a mountain.»
  • Sometimes the right hand will itch when we are expecting a cash wage increase or a random cash flow. In this case, in order to enhance the effect, it is necessary to take a coin in your hand and carry it with you as often as possible for a couple of days.
  • When the right hand itches, it is likely that you will have a difficult choice in the near future. A lot will depend on him, so more attention should be paid to important matters.

What does the right hand according to the days of the week

Our fortune telling by days of the week will help you find out what awaits you in the future. They will be a good addition to take on the right hand.

Monday: to separation from a loved one or to problems in a relationship.

Tuesday Wednesday: to prophetic sleep. The dream you see is likely to show you the near future of your life.

Thursday: to rest. You need to spend your upcoming weekend as efficiently as possible. Give up on solving any problems and just relax.

Friday: to an important meeting. Soon you can meet an important person for you.

Saturday: for future cash spending.

Sunday: to pleasant surprises in the coming week.

Watch the signals of your body, so as not to overlook an important sign of fate. A lot of useful information can be found in the Muslim dream book, which will tell you how to interpret any dream. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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