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What is a leap year and their list

Leap year — the meaning and impact on human life

Let’s see what a leap year is and how it differs from the usual? So, the year that has one “extra day”, and in some cultures, the month is called a leap year.

This phenomenon appeared in antiquity, since the actual calendar with a constant number of days did not correspond in many respects to the natural one.

What is a leap year and their list

Introduction history

Ancient Greek astronomers wondered about the accuracy of the calendar before our era. They assumed that the year consists of an inaccurate number of hours and minutes.

That is why at the court of Julius Caesar, work began on creating a more accurate and reliable calendar. Subsequently, he received the name of Julian — in honor of the great commander.

It was used until the sixteenth century. And some religions today consider it more correct.

Already in our time, people realized that the Julian calendar is not perfect. Pope Gregory was one of these people. He noticed that some seasons are shifting.

It was he with court astronomers who made an attempt to transform the ancient calendar. I had to be guided by the knowledge of ancestors.

But by 1528 the calendar still saw the light. He was also named after the creator — Gregorian.

He retained the principle of divisibility of the year number by 4, but he also added the division into 100 and 400. We still use this calendar to this day.

Some countries also continue to use their calendar, developed by more distant ancestors. For example, Jews still live according to the lunar calendar, whose month is approximately 29 days. From the Gregorian calendar, he has a big difference.

In a leap year, which also exists in the tradition, it is not the day that is added, but the whole thirteenth month. In this case, the year comes as in most countries every four.

However, the Gregorian calendar is now largely recognized as imperfect. Scientists have information on how long each year lasts up to seconds.

Many important natural phenomena (for example, the solstice) do not fall within the allotted calendar dates. Who knows, maybe in the near future we will live on a completely different calendar.

Determining whether a year is a leap year or not is actually very simple.

  • If the digital value of the year is divided by four, but not divided by one hundred, then the year is a leap year;
  • If divided by one, not leap;
  • However, if the number of the year is divided by one hundred and at the same time also by four hundred, then the year is a leap year.

In each such year, one “extra” day is added to February. Since this month has the least number of days, and an already established calendar has a maximum of thirty-one days per month.

What is a leap year and their list

Also, the leap year is selected for the Summer Olympic Games. This tradition was introduced by the ancient Greeks.

Curious facts about leap year

  1. If you go back to basics, then “extra day” was of great importance in mythology. According to the Irish legend, Goddess Brigitte told St. Patrick that many women have to wait a very long time to create a family with their loved one. The saint agreed with her and suggested that once in 4 years, namely on February 29, women had the opportunity to offer marriage to men. Brigitte agreed and it was February 29 that she approached Patrick, got on one knee and offered to be her husband. To which was refused and as a consolation gift silk dress. Now, in many countries, the refusal on this day can be accompanied only by redemptive gifts. In Greece, a man with a refusal is obliged to give the beloved 12 pairs of gloves, and in New Zealand — the fabric for a new skirt.
  2. Leap year weddings are treated differently. The Greeks, for example, consider this year to be very unfortunate not only for marriage, but also for any other undertakings — after all, happiness in a leap year cannot be obtained from this. In Spain, for a long time, it was believed that in such a year, a girl could not become as unpredictable as possible, therefore, not only about the wedding, but also about any serious matters and could not speak.
  3. If the child was born on February 29, then in almost all countries it was considered the maximum success. They said that the child will become talented, but serious difficulties may arise in his upbringing. In some countries, a birthday on this day is postponed either to February 28 or March 1. On this day such great people were born as the poet Lord Byron, the composer Rossini, many other creative people and great politicians. In Texas, and still held a festival born on the “extra day”. This state of the world is considered the leap year capital.
  4. Even in antiquity in Europe, people considered a leap year bad and difficult for any undertakings. In beliefs, this year St. Kasyan descended to the ground and sowed adversity. According to legend, the saint was closest to God, but decided to betray him. God punished Kasyan — three years in a row he must be hit on the forehead with a hammer, and for 4 years he descends to the ground and harms people.

In a leap year can not

  • Caroling at Christmas time. After all, it is believed that this way you can lose your happiness forever;
  • Women in the position to have a haircut before giving birth, otherwise a sick child will be born;
  • They do not build baths, because ill health can settle in them;
  • Do not talk about any plans, otherwise luck will turn away;
  • You can not sell, donate or drown animals. The ancients believed that it attracted poverty into the house;
  • It is not necessary to collect mushrooms in the forest, they are considered poisonous;
  • You should not change the work or place of residence either, because you cannot find a calm one this year;
  • Older people do not want to buy something for the funeral, it will attract death;
  • Under no circumstances should one divorce, otherwise one cannot find happiness in life.

Leap years from 1800 to 2400

What is a leap year and their list

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