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What does the wreath sink in when the fern blossoms and other signs of Ivanov’s day

What does the wreath sink in when the fern blossoms and other signs of Ivanov’s day

The day of Ivan Kupala is a time of divination and will take. Every year on July 7, many people throughout the country pay tribute to the ancient Slavic traditions that originated before the arrival of Christianity.

On this day, not only predictions and traditions are valid, but also rituals and conspiracies. We told earlier about the best money conspiracies on the day of Ivan Kupal. Do not miss a great opportunity to attract financial success in your life.

Day of Ivan Kupala

On July 7, the Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas Day of John the Forerunner. This is the same sage that baptized Jesus Christ in Jordan. The coincidence of the national and Orthodox holidays is not an accident, for Ivan Kupala is a kind of national interpretation of the name of the great saint.

Earlier, when Russia was pagan, this holiday personified the beginning of the summer period, as it was celebrated on the day of the solstice. Later it was renamed Ivan Kupala and began to celebrate simultaneously with the church holiday. In this way, people saved a piece of their former culture in this summer festival.

The date of the holiday remains unchanged — every year on July 7, people kindle bonfires and jump over them, bathe in water or go to the bathhouse. Many people still respect the traditions, rituals and divination of Ivan Kupala.

Signs of the day Ivanov

Divination by wreath: girls must weave their wreath. According to tradition, a wreath floated on water should say that a girl is waiting for the future in terms of love. According to signs on Ivanov’s day, if the wreath sank, then the betrothed will not marry a girl.

This most ancient method of fortune-telling on Ivan Kupala was also used as a way to find out whether a cherished wish would come true or not. If the wreath sinks, the desire to come true is not destined.

Fern Blossom: There is a belief that on the night of Ivan the Kapala fern blossoms. This is a mythical plant that dissolves its flower only at Kupala and at exactly midnight. By tradition, many people go to the fields, forests, and to the reservoirs to find a magic flower, but there is no reliable information about whether someone has succeeded or not.

It is believed that the flower found will give a person incredible luck, protect it from dark forces, give knowledge of animal tongues and open all closed doors and secret treasures in front of him. For the last fern popularly called the break-grass.

  • If Ivanov had a clear, warm day, then the autumn will be very late.
  • If on the night of Ivan Kupala there will be many stars and there will be no wind, then the harvest will be rich.
  • If you make a big fire on the night of July 7-8, he will take away all the troubles, misfortunes and problems.
  • If you sleep early on Kupala night, you can get seriously ill.
  • If you conceive a child on the night of Ivan Kupala, he will grow up very strong and healthy.

All these signs came to us from the deep past, when people listened to nature and followed its instructions. Now they are still popular in many regions of our country.

If you live in the city, you can still join in the celebration of Ivanovo Day. For example, to get the branches of prickly plants: roses, wild rose, hawthorn or nettle. Torn and gathered in brooms and bouquets, they will save the house from evil forces and detractors. And then they can be burned, using ashes for the same purpose.

A handful of his house will not allow your foe to cross the threshold.

We advise you also to familiarize yourself with the rites of well-being on Ivanov Day. Create a special atmosphere of good luck and kindness around you to attract happiness in your life. Successes to you in all, and do not forget to press buttons and

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