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What does the sign mean — to find the feather of a bird and why it is considered happy

What does it mean to find or catch a bird feather

To find a bird feather is a lucky sign, meaning to catch the moment, to be in the right place at the right time, to get incredible opportunities. How much you can use them is another question. The best omen is to catch a feather on the fly.

This famous in all nations omen was spectacularly beaten in the film «Forest Gump».

The film’s screensaver begins with a bird feather flying over the city, which symbolizes the life of the main character — a war hero, a billionaire, a faithful friend, a moronic fool with sore feet, a happy father. Then the hero says that life is a box of chocolates, in which it is unknown what the filling will fall. But the very meaning is that luck is a feather in the wind that flies, not knowing where it will go. Primet means a gift of fate.

Do not be lazy to pick up.

What does the sign mean - to find the feather of a bird and why it is considered happy

Whose pen you found

  • Black feathers make excellent amulets and talismans that sharpen intuition. Creating a similar amulet you tell the universe that you are aware of the dark side of your nature and are fully capable of managing it. You are not ready to run in a panic at the mention of damage, the evil eye and evil witches. Those who dare to threaten with dark forces should think about whether it is worth the risk. A powerful amulet of an odd number of black feathers is absolutely impenetrable.
  • White — attracts good and blessings. Eliminates the possibility of wearing a separate black amulet. It is better to make one common, alternating colors and interlacing with colored thread — blue or red. Such a talisman will be slightly weaker than each individually — both black and white, but universal.
  • Motley — the best talisman. The best dreamcatcher is made from multicolored feathers. For children, a colored talisman is also better.

Raven, crow

Clever magic bird. If you have a good relationship with the crows, you periodically feed them and do not offend — from the pen you get a great talisman, chasing away bad dreams and helping to remember dreams that matter.

Put it under the pillow or make a word catcher.

A sign of peace and tranquility. The sign says that luck will smile on you, the day will be favorable, you will be able to successfully resolve disputes and conflicts.

Also, this sign advises not to go into the bottle and not to show unnecessary aggression.

To travel, interesting trip, discoveries. What you wanted to do, start right now. Sign to hurry with the fulfillment of their desires.

If you wanted to make a purchase for which you did not dare for a long time — now is the right moment.

Chicken or rooster

Surprisingly, the feathers of an ordinary domestic chicken bring happiness, divert household envy, anger, give a sign of useful house scum to make contact. A bunch of pied feathers found in the hen house can be reconciled with the most evil poltergeist.

Perhaps because it is also a threat, because the evil is afraid of cock-crowing and understands the correct hints. Do not burn chicken feathers in the house — you are depriving your home of protection.

If for some reason you want to do this — leave the house, and better from the yard.

Goose, duck, swan

Waterfowl provide charms for family and health. Their feathers can be burned in the house — this is a sacrifice by the local goblins. With a cold, severe illness, inflammation of the airways, harness feathers of waterfowl or amber

Some feathers can only be found in the zoo or in the circus. But, if you’re lucky, you can be the lucky one who fell to find a delightful peacock feather.

This is a happy sign, but to keep it at home is considered a bad omen. It is believed that a person can become selfish, take care of their interests. But it may well be that this is what you lack.

If you are excellent at helping and solving other people’s problems, doing the assigned work, but you are not too accustomed to accepting help, go about your personal affairs and attracting help to them, giving instructions, a peacock feather is exactly what you need. It will help rectify the situation.

If you are lucky enough to catch a feather on the fly — save it. For example, put in a book. You can pre-wash with a bactericidal soap.

Happy omens — this is fine, but in the conditions of the city birds often suffer from various diseases. Modern realities are such that birds often do not feed on clean grains and berries, but on food waste in garbage dumps and dumps.

It is very important that the feather was just dropped, not torn out. If you see a bunch of feathers or even a bird skeleton — do not even think about collecting amulets.

As for the birds caught in the hunt, the plumage of birds of prey is suitable for amulets.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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