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What does it mean to lose a child in a dream: interpretation by dream books

Why dream of losing a child: a dream description for various dream books

To lose a child in a dream is an unkind sign. However, to find the baby after a long search — fortunately.

The interpretation of sleep depends on the location, the reason why the child disappeared, emotional coloring and other factors. The loss of a baby during childbirth is a sign of strong unrest and feelings.

If a pregnant woman often dreams of a dream with such a tragic plot, this indicates that the expectant mother worries about the health of her baby and is afraid of childbirth.

Information about what dreams of losing a child is presented in the table below. It does not really matter when (on what day) a person had a dream:

Dream interpretationDecryption
FemaleDisplay of internal fears
FreudSign of suspiciousness and excessive impressionability of a pregnant dreamer
MillerUncertainty about the future and nervous disorders
TsvetkovaInability to enjoy the little things and loss of taste for life
HasseThe man lost all hope and accepted his position
WangiTo strong disappointment in a blood relative
AstromeridianThe dreamer lacks something in real life. Perhaps the spouse gives her too little time, and she suffers about it
AutumnTo suffering and suffering
SummerIn the family of a sleeping person, well-being and tranquility will soon reign.
LofaDreamer fears for the lives of their loved ones
FamilyThe collapse of bright hopes
NostradamusLoss of affection and loss of interest
Small Velesov predictorTo tears and a series of sad events
PsychologicalTo illness and poor health

What does it mean to lose a child in a dream: interpretation by dream books

Interpretation of the dream, depending on location:

  1. one. City. Losing your child in a noisy metropolis, and after long attempts to find him, to despair and cry from impotence, means that the dreamer has taken upon herself an unbearable burden and now does not know how to cope with the tasks. She will have to do the hard work in order to solve all the problems.
  2. 2 Forest. He dreams that the little son has lost his way in the forest — to the household chores that will be a sleeping man. To search and run in panic between tall trees — the dreamer cannot bring the matter to a logical conclusion, because she lacks patience and endurance. She perceives her failures too painfully and does not know how to control her own emotions.
  3. 3 The outside. Walking down the street with the girl by the hand and not noticing how the daughter disappeared — the person is too busy solving their problems and does not notice the obvious things.
  4. four. Public transport. The loss of a boy in a crowded transport foreshadows trouble on the road. It is not recommended to drive long distances and drive vehicles in the near future. It is necessary to postpone the planned trip to the end of the month.
  5. five. Department store or store. If a child is lost in a hypermarket or shopping center, it means that the dreamer neglects the work, which in the end will be profitable and exciting.

Finding a lost baby is lucky in a new business. If a stranger helped to find a lost child, a sleeping person should seek help from close people to find a way out of the predicament.

To see in the street in a dream an empty carriage in which the infant lay, to lose something valuable in reality.

The most common scenes of dreams about the disappearance of a child:

  1. one. If you dream that the child is gone, but the woman did not even try to find him and behaves as if nothing happened — the dreamer hopes for a miracle, but she herself is not going to make an effort to improve her life.
  2. 2 Wake up in tears after sleeping on the loss of a child and long to leave after a nightmare — a sleeping person is vulnerable and susceptible, which prevents him from achieving his goals.
  3. 3 Ask the husband to find the missing son — husband takes a woman a lot of worries.
  4. four. Call the police for help — will have to pay dearly for their success.
  5. 5. Рask passers-by and show a photo of the child to everyone he meets — sleeping woman is in search and can not decide.
  6. 6 Cry bitterly, even if the baby was found — Hard times are coming, which will shake the peace of mind and bring change for the worse. If on the eve of a woman figured out the relationship with her son or daughter — to the problems and misunderstanding of the household.

If you dream that the kid has been kidnapped by a maniac and it was not possible to save the child, the plans and dreams of a sleeping person are doomed to failure. There are major troubles in the business sphere — up to bankruptcy and dismissal.

After such a dream, it is necessary to give alms to the poor and go to the temple to pray for the health of their relatives.

It is not necessary to attach great importance to sleep, in which a pregnant woman loses a child in the womb, since such a plot does not happen again in real life, and fears are unfounded. If a woman dreams that her baby is being abducted, the obsessive idea that she is not ready to become a mother is tormenting the dreamer.

You need to spend more time with your family and think about positive events.

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