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What does it mean to kill a snake in a dream: interpretation by dream books

Why dream of killing a snake in a dream: interpretation of the image by famous dream-book

To kill a snake in a dream is an ambiguous symbol foreshadowing changes, new acquaintances, unexpected events. The image seen in night dreams can have both negative and positive values. The little killed snake symbolizes deliverance from vain troubles, the big promises the dreamer serious life changes.

The Viper is a sign of lies and betrayal. Boa predicts the dreamer that he will be able to defend their point of view.

The meaning of a dream about killing a snake can vary depending on the sex of a sleeping person:

  1. one. If sleepdreamed of an adult woman or a young girl — she will be able to get rid of the unreliable girlfriend, hypocrite, hidden hostile.
  2. 2 Man the image seen in night dreams promises deception by some lady, meanness, lies, unsaid words. Also, sleep may indicate a conflict provoked by the spouse or the second half.

What does it mean to kill a snake in a dream: interpretation by dream books

Initially, it is necessary to try to remember what a snake was like. Options may be as follows:

  • Small — to get rid of vain troubles and stupid, useless pastime.
  • Huge, large — soon there will be global changes that will affect the position of a girl or a man.
  • Sick, wounded, weak — rivals, competitors, foes are very weak, this should be used.
  • Dead, dead, dead before — a symbol of anger, aggression. Promises a strong offense, negative emotions.
  • Poisonous — it will be possible to bypass the difficulties and problems created by the enemy, the ill-wisher, the competitor.
  • Manual, home — a sleeping person will strongly offend someone, rudely respond, insult with his behavior, because of which he will later experience remorse.
  • Wild, dangerous, aggressive — get rid of a person from the environment, who wants the dreamer of evil, trouble.
  • Flying or jumping — The sleeper will be able to bypass his rival, the rival.

To kill snakes, woven into a ball — to a quarrel with the team, the company of friends. Opinion and views of the dreamer will differ greatly from what people say in his environment, which is why a conflict situation will occur.

Kill a few snakes (less than ten) — to communicate with men or women who will be unpleasant, uninteresting, boring. Talking, contacting them will have on some business issue or work.

To kill one snake — you will have to stop communicating with some person who was previously close, the entrance to the house of the dreamer or dreamer.

Next, you need to remember what kind of snake dreamed of a man:

  • Boa — manage to defend their point of view.
  • Cobra — A sleeping person will cause great pain or trouble to his good friend or family member.
  • Viper — to deception, lies, a setup.
  • Oh — to unsigned or slyness.
  • Medyanka — there will be a serious change in your personal life.

The important point is what hue was the skin of the dead animal:

  • Bronze color — to deception, substitution of concepts in order to confuse the dreamer or the dreamer.
  • Green — to commit a wise act in any ambiguous situation.
  • Blue, purple, blue — to unexpected incidents.
  • Yellow — to deception, lies, betrayal.
  • The black — There will be a fateful change in real life.
  • Red, burgundy, scarlet, brown — to passion, strong feelings, vivid emotions in reality.
  • White — to the loss of some opportunity, a chance or to an unnecessary purchase.

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