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What does it mean to hit the right or left elbow for a girl: the interpretation of omens

According to popular superstition, if a girl or woman has hit her right elbow, she should expect positive changes in life. It can be various changes: unexpected profit, acquaintance with a pleasant person, meeting with a loved one, etc. If the girl hit her left elbow, then negative events are expected in her life.

These may include illness, difficulties in work, the evil eye, slander and envy from friends. But the meaning of omens may change depending on some details — for example, the age of the girl or the day of the week on which she happened to hit.

An elbow of any hand due to its own carelessness most often occurs to adverse events. If at the same time some item fell off the table, there may be a quick spat with a loved one, a big family scandal or even a divorce.

If these are dishes that have fallen and smashed to smithereens, then a serious quarrel will arise between the spouses, which will be delayed for a long time. If, on impact, a plate of food, including bread, fell from the table, then this is a bad omen, warning of problems in relations with relatives.

If a girl hits her elbow on the back or armrest of a chair or sofa, having experienced pain, then in her environment there is a person who envies her and wants evil.

Also, an elbow injury for a girl can be associated with thoughts of a loved one or a secret admirer. If she happened to hit her right elbow, then the man worries about her or praises in conversations with other people, talking about her with love and affection.

And how badly she hurt herself and how long her arm hurts, so strong are his feelings for her. If the girl hit her left hand, then the man probably speaks of her in a negative way, divorces gossip and blackens in the eyes of acquaintances and friends.

According to ancient beliefs, an unmarried girl who struck with an elbow immediately after the incident had to shout out the first man’s name that came to mind. That is the name of her future husband.

If a girl or woman has hit both elbows at once, then in the near future she is expected to spend the night in a strange house.

What does it mean to hit the right or left elbow for a girl: the interpretation of omens

To hit the right elbow — to be in the center of attention of native people: they speak well of the girl, praise and admire her. The blow, after which the hurt place is slightly scratched, speaks of a joyful event in the near future.

Unmarried girls and women can expect a pleasant surprise or a gift after that, a declaration of love and early marriage are possible.

The meaning of signs changes depending on who hurt his right elbow:

  • Unmarriedgirl. To tears, grief in the family and big problems in life. Hit the table — to the betrayal of her lover or the abolition of the wedding.
  • Woman. Favorable sign, promising pregnancy and the birth of a boy.
  • Pregnant woman. To easy childbirth and the birth of a girl.

If the girl hit her right hand in the evening, then soon she will meet with a beautiful and wealthy man who will make her an offer.

What does it mean to hit the right or left elbow for a girl: the interpretation of omens

To hit the left elbow — to the bad events. If after a stroke there is a slight itch, soon the woman will have a quarrel with close people.

For a more correct interpretation of the signs you need to consider who hit:

  • Unmarried girl. To a quarrel with a lover or to another unpleasant situation.
  • Young woman. By the envy of the best friend or the emergence of a strong rival that can steal her beloved.
  • Married woman. To adultery spouse or serious illness.

To hit the table with your left hand is hard work. Severe bruise to the blood — to parting with his beloved, who soon marries another.

What does it mean to hit the right or left elbow for a girl: the interpretation of omens

When interpreting omens, the day of the week is taken into account, in which the girl had to bang her elbow:

Day of the weekValue
MondayVery bad luck, promising a girl and her family numerous misfortunes, perhaps even the death of someone from relatives. If she is in love, it is a harbinger that a loved one is cheating on her with her friend.
TuesdayImproving well-being, getting rid of the evil eye, or making a profit through a bargain
WednesdayFor a married woman — for the birth of a child, for an unmarried woman — the future spouse will be a bad person, a drunkard
ThursdayTo good events, good news, building a new house or housewarming
FridayTo useful acquisitions or joyful events, wedding or other celebration in the family
SaturdayTo the illness of someone of close relatives or loss
SundayTo the unexpected, nice gifts, new clothes or meeting a nice man

To prevent negative consequences of omens, one should read any known prayer and rub the bruised elbow with the other hand. Such a movement will accelerate future misfortunes.

You can also say: “I collect the pain, I send it to the mouse. She is in the field, but I have a good share. ”

Then you need to spit on the palm of your other hand and rub your elbow hit with it.

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