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What does it mean: pigeon flew to the balcony

The pigeon flew to the balcony — that promises popular omen

Many people are worried that a dove flies onto their balcony: what is the sign that explains the significance of this situation? Anxiety is primarily associated with the notion that a bird flying through a window is a sign of the imminent death of some family member.

But here we must understand that the balcony is not part of your home. The pigeon flies to the balcony without hindrance, for it is part of the street, and there is a difference between the birds in the house. Absolutely all experts agree that the dove on the balcony is not a cause for concern: it does not cross the borders of your apartment.

It is also known that the pigeon on the window ledge is an unkind sign. But here, again, the situation is different: the balcony is quite a spacious place, which naturally attracts birds, reminding them of some kind of natural shelter.

The bird just became interested in some new object for it, maybe it saw a bright object or bread crumbs. By the way, it is quite another matter if you deliberately lure and lure the birds: in this case, their appearance is not accidental and not associated with any signs.

Thus, the sign about the pigeon on the balcony is an exception to the general negative signs associated with birds in the house.

There are even positive signs associated with the visit of a pigeon to your balcony: for example, such an unpleasant thing as a bird tag, it turns out, predicts good luck and financial returns.

Guest on the balcony

Many folk signs are connected with the fact that if a pigeon flew to the balcony, this indicates that some good news is waiting for you in the near future. Think of a bird as a postman carrying good news.

For an unmarried girl, this situation is especially pleasant: the dove is perceived as a symbol of love and harmony, he says that there may soon be a wedding.

If the pigeon flew to the balcony of a married couple, then in this case we can expect replenishment. Many experts believe that the pigeon, like all birds, connects our world and the highest, so his visit is in any case a good sign.

It can be perceived as an angel, who took the image of a bird, and flew to visit you.

A particularly good sign is the white dove, in this case do not even doubt that good events will happen in your life soon! By the way, it was not by chance that in ancient times a pigeon was used as a postman — in the case of a bird on the balcony railing, a sign speaks about the same meaning: getting good news, profit in business, family income.

What does it mean: pigeon flew to the balcony

Mystic sign

In some superstitions, it is believed that in the image of a pigeon our dead relatives can visit us. Most likely, they are sad because of the fact that on earth they have almost been forgotten, and they remind of themselves as they can.

It will only be good if you carefully think about whom you began to forget precisely from the people who died in your life.

Even if it’s just a dove, this is a good lesson for you. Go to church, put a candle.

If this is not suitable for you, then just remember about him, tell your friends and relatives about the good things you remember about this person. His soul will be very grateful to you.

You will also become calmer, you will feel that you have done your duty and stop thinking about bad omens.

What does it mean: pigeon flew to the balcony

What does it mean if a pigeon has made a nest

Very big feelings are caused by the fact that pigeons make a nest on the balcony. This phenomenon is of great importance, sometimes it causes horror. But there is nothing to be afraid of here either!

A pigeon will not simply arrange his house, he chooses a place where a good energy, a pleasant place for him. Think of it as joy! Pigeons will bring you peace and tranquility, improved financial situation.

Pigeon’s nest promises unmarried and unmarried a quick wedding, and couples — the birth of a child.

Of course, in any case, the problem remains dovish tags. But even if you suffer so much because of this, it is not necessary to destroy the nest. This will be a bad omen.

Suffer until the birds withdraw their chicks and fly away. In order not to be upset, tell yourself that the tags of the birds are lucky!

Moreover, this is true. If you are afraid of their return next year, just try to glaze your balcony.

What does it mean: pigeon flew to the balcony

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