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What does it mean if the bird hit the window: folk omens

Bird hit the window — folk omens and the meaning of superstition

According to popular belief, birds are messengers from the other world. Through them, the souls of dead ancestors warn loved ones of danger. It can also be messengers of angels who are trying to convey important news to people.

Folk omens are associated with a bird entering the window with the news. The news can be both sad, predicting the loss of various kinds, and favorable, promising peace and wealth in the house.

According to folk signs, each bird has a certain value. And from which of them hit the window, depends on the interpretation of superstition:

Bird speciesInterpretation

Sign has two meanings:

  1. one. Positive. If the pigeon sat on the window-sill and gently tapped the window with its beak, it is considered the messenger of the afterlife and transmits the message from the deceased ancestor, saying that he was in heaven
  2. 2 Negative. When a bird beats through the window and kicks itself to death, such a sign predicts the death of someone in the house or apartment
GorlitsaBird predicts peace and quiet in the house. It brings good news and promises a successful resolution of family troubles.SwiftSwifts are believed to bring good news from afar. Residents of the house should prepare to receive guests. Swifts, on a par with storks, reported about the imminent addition to the family, if they regularly beat the windowsSwallowThis is a bird that brings happiness and good luck. It is considered a good sign if the swallow has built a nest under the window. When she beats on glass, she blesses the home and predicts good news about relatives. If someone recently got sick in the house, her weak blow to the window indicates a speedy recovery.TitThis is a good sign. A tits tit in the glass promises good news and pleasant guests. If this little bird often sits on the windowsill, the tenants will live in prosperity. And a tit flying through an open window predicts happiness to all family members.SparrowBird predicts financial difficulties. Trusting people should be careful when concluding deals, as it is likely that they will be deceived. If sparrows often knock on the window, do not leave the house or apartment unattended. Possible theft or fireCrowThis bird is always associated with wisdom and death. Crows usually act deliberately, and if they beat against windows, there is a good reason for this. In the house someone gets sick or dies, especially the exact prediction if the bird has broken to deathOwl (owl, owl)When someone from this species of feathery knocks on the window, we should expect a sharp change in the weather and changes in their lives. A blow to the glass warns of exacerbation of the disease or infectious diseaseWaggonsIf this bird knocked on the window, then one should carefully open the door to strangers. There may be deception, intrigue and vile actions against the residents of the house.MagpieIts appearance in the window means the good health of the residents or their speedy recovery. A knock at the window announces the arrival of guests, who will appear with gifts and good news.

The appearance of many forest birds on the windowsill and their knock on glass means a natural cataclysm: flood, hurricane, earthquake, landslide.

It is believed that a small bird carries little news and profits. If the individual is large, the income will be large, and the news will be pleasant.

In the negative interpretation of folk omen, illness and trouble will drag on if the winged bird is a pigeon, a crow or a magpie. Tits and sparrows mean minor troubles and short-term diseases.

What does it mean if the bird hit the window: folk omens

Many believe that if the feathered guest sharply hit the glass and flew away, it is worth waiting for the worst. This is not always the case, and knocking on a window can have different meanings:

  1. 1. When several birds hit the glass at once, one should expect dramatic changes in their lives.
  2. 2. If a bird has hit the glass once with its beak, you should wait for people who have recently visited the house to visit.
  3. 3. If the little bird knocked on the window, behind which there was an unmarried girl, then she will soon have a bridegroom.
  4. 4. When the bird fights for a long time — this is the harbinger of the disease, troubles and difficult problems to be solved.
  5. 5. If the birds fight in the window with noticeable regularity, then the trouble will affect the whole house, including neighbors, and not just the apartment’s residents.
  6. 6. The bird is knocking loudly with its beak — this means that the owners will receive the long-awaited news. A faint knock foreshadows a short friendly visit.

If the birds knocked for a long time, and then flew away — this is an omen of separation from relatives or loved ones. The beating bird in the window is also a sign of the relative’s illness or its imminent demise. If she hits the glass again and again, it is possible that someone of her friends is dying at this time.

Folk superstitions link the often fighting bird to the moment when a catastrophe occurs with a fatal outcome.

Interpretation of signs associated with the scene:

  1. 1. If the feathery knocked on the car window, you should drive very carefully and carefully follow the road or not go at all for a few days in your car. There is a high probability of accidents on the road and unpleasant quarrels with another driver, if several birds hit the car window at once.
  2. 2. If she hit the window at work, then everyone who saw it should expect news. Killed by hitting the glass — to industrial injuries, conflicts, wage arrears.
  3. 3. When the bird knocks on the school window, it is worth preparing for the resolution of controversial situations, followed by unpleasant events. Changes in class life or the transfer of students to another school are coming.

The interpretation of superstition depends on the outcome of the situation:

  1. 1. If the bird has crashed and died — to accidents involving injuries.
  2. 2. The individual flew into the window and fell — the tenants of the house should take care of their health and pay attention even to the weak indisposition. For them, any disease can be fatal.
  3. 3. When the bird struck and immediately broke to death, one should wait for a sharp deterioration of the situation in all spheres of life.
  4. 4. If she fell, but flew up — troubles only touch slightly and quickly forgotten.
  5. 5. The bird hit the glass, flew away and returned, dropping on the window sill, — you have to wait for good news that will please the residents of the house.
  6. 6. If the bird hit the house and crashed, falling from a height, then you should not leave the house for a long time unattended in order to prevent domestic accidents in time.
  7. 7. If she broke the glass, then misfortune is coming. Especially if there are feathers and blood on the surface.

If the bird calmly flies away after the strike, its behavior does not predict bad events. Residents should expect good news, monetary gains and a good time with their guests.

To mitigate the effects of bad signs should wash the window, adding a few drops of holy water in the bucket. If the glass is cracked, you need to replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

Vulnerable people are advised not to focus on signs, but to approach superstition from a rational point of view. Strikes on glass have a scientific explanation:

  1. 1. The bird did not notice the glass, which reflects the open space.
  2. 2. She fled from the predator and did not notice where she was going.
  3. 3. If she fights hard, then she is panicking, not realizing that there is an invisible barrier in front of her.
  4. 4. Sometimes birds peck fermented fruits and berries and are under the influence of intoxicating substances.
  5. 5. Often chicks pound on the window, who have no life experience and peck at everything they see without fear of people.
  6. 6. Seeing the reflection — his own and other birds — the birds fly towards them and knock on the glass with their beaks.
  7. 7. An unexpected gust of wind can send a bird out the window.
  8. 8. Sometimes the chicks are lost and in panic pressed against the windows, in search of protection for a transparent barrier.

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