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What does it mean if a feather flew through the window, fell, was found on the street: folk signs about bird feathers

What does the sign mean, if a feather flew out of the window or was found on the street?

In most cases, the notice of the found feather of the bird has a favorable value. Belief promises a person luck and luck in the planned event, promotion on the career ladder and understanding with your loved one. If you leave the pen at home, it will bring good luck and protect loved ones from envious people and gossipers.

If the feather has a black color and was found near the cemetery, it should not be lifted or taken with you: it is charged with a strong negative energy.

For a more accurate interpretation of omens, attention should be paid not only to the color of the pen and the place where it was found, but also its size, as well as the type of bird to which it belonged.

An important point to pay attention to is the information about how the find got to the person and where it is located:


Interpretation of omens

A feather flew through the window

The sign is a warning that you need to be vigilant and attentive. Soon there should be an important event that will radically change a person’s life. Any wrong move can lead to big trouble.

Fell on topFolk omens say that if a feather fell on a person from the sky, then this is a favorable symbol: soon "will collapse" pleasant news, gifts and luck in many areas of life

Found feather in open space foreshadows success in all endeavors

The pen can fly through the open door. In this case, this is news from deceased relatives or guardian angels who want to warn about something important. The pen is sent as a symbol of support in a difficult time.

The symbol of the presence in the immediate environment envious, who will try to do everything possible to harm the reputation of a person in society

The mystery of man will soon become known to all. To avoid this, you should not share your secrets with unfamiliar people.

Under the door, in the bag, among the things

A dark-colored feather found among its things should not be touched, much less stored. This is a sign that someone wants to jinx a person.

Waking up and finding a feather on a pillow or in your hair is a sign that someone has fallen in love with a person and will soon make itself felt

To obtain unexpected profits on a large scale.

Bird fluff on the face promises minor troubles with which a person can easily cope

If the find was found at a crossroads, it can be used to conduct rituals to attract profits and wealth.

In no case can one pick up feathers that are in or near the cemetery: in most cases, they carry a large negative charge.

What does it mean if a feather flew through the window, fell, was found on the street: folk signs about bird feathers

If a person found plumage in the street, a happy event should be expected soon. The interpretation of omens depends on what the person has been busy lately and what he is thinking about.

Belief can promise success in business, promotion through the ranks.

The unmarried girl sign foreshadows familiarity with a worthy young man. If the feather was found by a child, it promises the arrival of guests or making a purchase for the house.

If you don’t take a feather with you for some reason, you need to say the following words: “Bird is a feather, I (name) have good luck in business. Let it be so! »On the same day, you need to feed the birds with bread crumbs.

In this way, a person thanks the Universe for a favorable sign and shows that he accepts it.

If lucky enough to find a lot of feathers, this is a good sign, foretelling luck and good luck in all walks of life.

What does it mean if a feather flew through the window, fell, was found on the street: folk signs about bird feathers

Of great importance for the correct interpretation of omens is information about which bird belonged to the feather:

Feathered bird

Interpretation of omens

To receive good news from native people. A sign promises happiness and well-being in the family.

If an unmarried girl managed to find two stork feathers, she will receive a marriage proposal within a year. If you save them, feathers can become a talisman for maintaining warm relations with her husband and giving birth to a child.

The feathers of these birds are often used in magic, especially if they are of dark color. In no case should not lift them from the ground and pick up

Found dove feather promises peace, tranquility and well-being in the family. In addition, a person will be able to successfully implement his plan.

To move up the career ladder or move to a new job

If you make an amulet from the neck feathers, it will help protect against negative energy. You can hang this guard over the front door — it will reliably protect the owners from the arrival of detractors and envious

Charm from the plumage of this bird helps to strengthen intuition and anticipate deception

Kite feather will provide reliable protection against fraud and theft.

Used as protection against the evil eye

Swan feathers are used as a love talisman and for cleaning the energy of the home. It is important to consider that you can take only the feather lost by the living bird.

Eagle feathers have powerful energy. They symbolize calm, confidence, stability

The peacock feather found promises wealth and prosperity. However, in some cultures it is not recommended to keep it at home: it can cause many troubles.

Owl plumage symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, is used to stimulate intuition, enhance clairvoyance abilities, protects against negative energy

Used to protect the home from robbers and thieves. To do this, symbolically sweep the floor throughout the house with feathers from the tail of magpie

See the feather of the ostrich — the omen of prosperity and rich life

Duck feathers protect against colds. To do this, you need to stick them in the window frame — after that the disease does not penetrate the house. In addition, they bring wealth and help get rid of debt

Charm gives vitality, energy, assertiveness and self-confidence

Amulet helps those who travel frequently on the road, eliminates minor troubles on the way and makes the trip comfortable

Hawk feathers help in school, work, personal life. Amulet will help win the dispute or suppress competitors

What does it mean if a feather flew through the window, fell, was found on the street: folk signs about bird feathers

The value of superstition can change dramatically depending on the color of the pen:

  • White Feathers of light shades bring a person luck, luck and great family happiness. If you keep them at home, the talisman will save from quarrels and disagreements between the spouses. If you insert a feather in the earrings, it will help protect against the evil eye and negative energy. It is believed that finding the feathers of a white dove is a positive sign that promises a meeting with its second half. People in marriage omen foreshadows peace and understanding between the spouses.
  • Black If a person has found a black feather of a crow, it should be left at work: it will help in solving business problems and in moving up the career ladder.
  • Speckled. Mixed or spotted color carries both negative and positive messages. If you paint such a feather in golden color, it will attract wealth to the house.
  • Two-color. If a person has found a two-color feather, this will help him avoid big troubles in the near future. If a child has found him, a sign says that in the future he will be accompanied by happiness.
  • Motley Motley color means duality and uncertainty of the situation. Such a find suggests that the fate of a person is in his hands.

Significance of signs largely depends on the size of the plumage:

  • Little feather foreshadows a minor event. This may be receiving a letter, news, or an important phone call.
  • If a small feather flew through the window of an unmarried girl — This is a sure sign of her secret admirer. Color tells about the appearance of the admirer: if it is light, the guy is blond, if dark — a brunette.
  • Big feather symbolizes important events in a person’s life. Sign promises a successful conclusion of a bargain, easy and fast repair of new housing, a quick wedding, the birth of a baby.

If a person is lucky to find a bird’s plumage, you should not throw it away: you can make him a talisman.

To make it, you need to collect several branches of your favorite tree and grass, which are used as a charm. For this purpose fit:

It is necessary to make a small wreath in the form of a nest from branches and herbs and place a feather in it. Charm will bring a person good luck and luck, protect the house and loved ones from detractors.

If a person does not want to leave the find at home, you can give a pen to a friend. It does not exclude the possibility that there are any difficulties in his life.

The presented bird feather will help to cope with them.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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