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What does it mean if a dragonfly or a butterfly has sat on you: signs and superstitions

What does it mean if a dragonfly or a butterfly has perched on a person: folk signs

Most of the folk signs associated with butterfly and dragonfly are positive — they predict success in various areas of life. And only in some cases, superstitions promise any problems.

Different peoples have similarities and differences in the interpretation of the behavior of these insects. But their appearance in the field of view of a person has a special meaning if a dragonfly or a butterfly sat on it or flew into the room.

If we generalize the interpretations of various peoples, religions, traditions, we can conclude that the butterfly symbolizes the soul, immortality, development. This interpretation is related to the fact that the caterpillar turns into this winged insect.

The interpretation of the butterfly as a symbol in different cultures is as follows:



Immortality, abundance, summer, success. A butterfly sitting on a plum or feather means good health, longevity. Insect next to chrysanthemum — strength and beauty in old age

The overall meaning is the spirit of a woman. Two fluttering butterflies — success in the family. White — the soul of a close dead person

The symbol of fire, the sun. The attribute of the god of spring and love Xochipilli. The souls of women who died in childbirth

The immortality of the soul. The goddess Psyche, whose name means “soul,” appeared as a woman with butterfly wings.

This symbol has the following meanings in various religions:

Religion / MythologyInterpretation

Life, death and rebirth of the soul

The soul, the spirit of the deceased, sometimes — the forerunner of death

What does it mean if a dragonfly or a butterfly has sat on you: signs and superstitions

In our country, this insect is usually associated with the plot of Krylov’s fable — “summer has sung red”. The writer took this image from European folklore.

In those days, the dragonfly was considered a symbol of a cheerful, windy, carefree young lady.

In Japan, it was given the opposite meaning, it was considered a symbol of masculinity, belligerence, and wisdom. Some generals carried with them dried insects during battles.

In China, the sign has a dual interpretation. On the one hand, it is a symbol of disharmony, carelessness, on the other — the strengthening of family relations.

North American Indians considered the dragonfly to be the epitome of a whirlwind carrying the souls of the dead to the afterlife.

What does it mean if a dragonfly or a butterfly has sat on you: signs and superstitions

The butterfly should be interpreted as a sign of fate, depending on its actions and appearance.

What does it mean if a dragonfly or a butterfly has sat on you: signs and superstitions

When you see an insect, you should pay attention to its color:



The white butterfly at the beginning of spring promises success in some areas of life.

Kapustnitsa, which appeared in the middle of summer — easy trouble. Most often — health related

The insect foreshadows failure in any field. Or bears a warning that you should rather act to avoid them

A butterfly of this color promises financial well-being.

If she flutters around the deceased, then he will go to heaven

Sign of fate promises success in personal relationships

Pale with transparent wings

A small success is possible, there is a chance to complete the job.

Man waiting for trouble. Night moths often predict illness, the death of a loved one

When a black butterfly appears, you need to catch it, without causing harm, and say: “with what you flew, so fly away”. After that, you need to let her go.

When the insect flies into the house, you should expect positive changes. Predictions of insect behavior:

  1. one. A butterfly flew through a window or door and spins aroundhome — soon one of your wishes will come true. To realize it, you need to carefully catch it, pronounce it confidently out loud and release it.
  2. 2 Insect circling overhead — soon there will be a wedding or children will be born.
  3. 3 The butterfly flew into the house and calmly sat down on some object — the owner is waiting for stability, peace of mind in the near future.

A black-colored insect flew into the room — an unfavorable sign warning of problems in any area. Bright, colorful creature — the future spouse of the owner will be a jealous, but economic woman.

When a butterfly sits on a person, most often this indicates positive events that may occur in the near future. Depending on which part of the body she landed on, the following interpretations are possible:

Landing place


Ride, journey, dramatic changes

Joyful events, positive changes

Successes in favorite business. The reciprocity of feelings from a loved one

On the right shoulder

Guests or meeting new significant people

An adversary who tries to harm in every way

Interpretation depends on whose belly the creature has sat:

  • women — pregnancy;
  • young girl — a proposal for marriage;
  • a pregnant woman — successful delivery with the birth of a healthy baby

Usually the appearance of these insects next to a person is interpreted differently, depending on where they fly in and sit down.

The dragonfly that has flown into the house usually promises unexpected but pleasant guests.

If there are problems in the relationship, the flying guest says that it is not too late to fix everything.

A flying dragonfly into the workroom promises success in a career or in personal life. If there were problems with money and family was difficult to create, now all the possibilities have appeared for this.

In Japan, the dragonfly is always welcome, as it symbolizes happiness, success in all areas. Especially when she visits a home or work space.

Also, the insect predicts success if it just tries to fly into the house or beats into the window glass.

If a dragonfly is circling around a person, trying to sit down, but does not do this, one should expect unpleasant people. They need to be careful and tactful, trying to avoid long communication with them.

When an insect sits on a person, you should pay attention to the part of the body on which the dragonfly has sat:

Landing place


Nice dating. Perhaps — with a life partner

Successes in any sphere

For a healthy person — strength and vigor, for a patient — healing

Conflicts with close people:

  • on the right — with relatives;
  • on the left — with my wife, husband

On the right — financial success. On the left — problems with money

Ride, trip. Often — airfare

Emotional imbalance. Love experiences

If you see two dragonflies flying around a person, you can expect success in your personal life.

Many people consider these signs superstitions. Every person is free to decide for himself whether to believe in these signs or not.

To make sure that the predictions are true, it is necessary to be observant and draw conclusions regarding their reliability.

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