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What dishes are beating

What dishes are beating. People sign

It is believed that the dishes are beating in the house — unfortunately. However, this is not entirely true. If you believe the national signs and superstitions, in many cases, the dishes beat for luck.

A good sign if the dishes are beating at the wedding. There is even such a tradition when the bride and groom break their glasses. The louder will be the wedding, the stronger will be the relationship in marriage.

If the house is very often broken dishes, then it is not good. Esotericists claim that this is a sign, a warning that promises trouble, quarrels and diseases. Houseware in the house is an indicator of the atmosphere of space.

It absorbs all the negative energy, which is manifested in conflicts between households, tears, abuse and bad mood. And if the plate broke, it means that it was filled to the full with negative energy and now this force needed a way out.

Fragments of broken dishes are better to get out of the house as quickly as possible — with them you will carry away all the bad things that have accumulated in your house for so much time. Generally, if you believe the national signs and superstitions, then the broken and even the pounded cups and plates carry an energy danger to the inhabitants of the house. So it is recommended to get rid of old and cracked dishes.

If the house beats dishes, then this is a signal that it is time to clean the energy of the house. This can be done with a simple wet cleaning with the addition of salt to the water or with the help of fumigating all corners of the apartment with a church candle.

There are situations where you can intentionally break the dishes to protect against damage and the evil eye. If you feel that something abruptly went wrong in life and you suspect that someone cursed you or simply wished evil, then take the oldest plate in your house and use it and break it in the center of the apartment with the words : «For happiness.» And then luck will return to you.

Be attentive to the little things. After all, with the help of them, fate sometimes sends us signs. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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