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What chest is scratched: folk signs

What chest is scratched: folk signs

A lot of folk signs associated with the human body. The centuries-old observations of our ancestors left us with the most interesting signs, which in the modern world can warn of imminent danger or suggest the path to happiness.

It so happened that people from ancient times trust their body and believe that the signals sent to them are necessarily a sign of something unusual. Among other signs, you can highlight the moments when itching. To believe in them or not is everyone’s business.

However, there are often cases when itching can suggest changes in life and even warn about the danger.

What does the left breast scratch

The left side of the chest is closely related to emotions. The heart, which is located closer to the left side, can, through the itching in the left breast, tell us about a personal, quick date or other pleasant surprises associated with the beloveds.

If a girl has scratched or itchy left breast, it means that her beloved is thinking of her and is waiting for her to meet.

It is also believed that the left breast is itching for quick material benefits.

The left breast of unmarried girls itches when the brunette thinks about them.

What does the right breast scratch

People believe that the right breast is responsible for the mind, and if the right side of the body begins to itch, itch or tingle, then this means that a person needs to think. Like it or not, you can check if you follow the signs.

Often, our great-grandmothers said that the right breast itches when the chosen one looks at another girl or changes his beloved.

If the right mammary gland itches for a few days, the secret admirer constantly thinks about the meeting and languishes in anticipation, afraid to take the first step.

Itching in the right chest indicates a quick change in the weather. So, if you feel discomfort on a calm day, follow the weather. Rapid gusts of wind and unexpected precipitation are possible.

The right breast at unmarried girls itches when the blond thinks about them.

The discomfort in the area of ​​the right breast indicates rivals or ill-wishers who prepare tricks to your address.

The right breast, which itches in a dream, promises girls an unpleasant conversation with her lover. Perhaps you will face betrayal on his part and a break in relations.

General signs for men and women

In the morning the chest itches, foreshadowing good news and surprises. These can be victories in business and personal life, unexpected financial encouragement, meetings with old friends.

In the evening, itching in the chest does not bode well. Usually, our ancestors interpreted the evening discomfort as unexpected and sad news, betrayal, setbacks and treason. Evening itching in the chest foreshadowed material problems and failures in business and personal life.

What does the chest scratch by days of the week

On Monday chest itches to change the weather, hurricanes, thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind. Check the weather forecast: maybe your body warns you about danger. Even if the weather is wonderful outside, you should be careful and cautious on the way.

On Tuesday chest discomfort may indicate the onset of a cold. Be sure to take action to stop the progress of the disease. If you feel unwell, ask your doctor for help.

The measures taken in time will help you to more easily transfer the disease and not delay its treatment for a long time.

On Wednesday the chest, especially the right one, itches by the early arrival of unexpected guests. If you feel uncomfortable, then you should tidy up the house a bit and prepare for unexpected visits. Also, you can pre-replenish the supply of products in time to prepare a tasty treat unexpected visitors.

On Thursday right chest usually itches before trouble. You need to pre-tune in to a positive, to avoid scandals and misunderstandings. Use holotropic breathing technique to avoid mood swings and impulsive antics.

On Friday an itchy chest suggests an unexpected way. These can be business trips, trips to last minute trips, departure with friends to nature or a walk with a loved one in an unfamiliar place. If your chest on Friday gives such signals, do not miss the opportunity to relax.

It promises profitable trips to work for men.

On Saturday chest warns of the appearance in your life of a stranger, who may well become your close friend, business partner, lover. Do not linger at home, so as not to miss the fateful acquaintance.

On Sunday tingling in your chest means that there are people in your circle of friends who spin intrigues behind your back. Be careful in the conversation, do not devote a large number of people in your plans. In this way, you can protect yourself and your ideas, calmly implement them alone.

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