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What are the signs, traditions and customs on Palm Sunday

The entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem is a great holy day, which Orthodox Christians celebrate the week before Holy Easter. The celebration is dedicated to the arrival of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem, described in all four Gospels. The holiday is also known by other names: Freedom Week, Palm Sunday, Palm Sunday.

On a holiday, believers break willow twigs and sanctify them in temples. The consecrated plant brings grace into the house.

Also on Palm Sunday it is customary to pray for their loved ones and gather with the whole family at the holiday table.

Every year, Christians around the world celebrate Palm Sunday — the day Jesus entered Jesus. The Gospel of John describes the scene of the miraculous resurrection of Lazarus, the virtuous inhabitant of Bethany. Upon learning of the death of Lazarus from his sisters, Martha and Mary, the Lord entered the cave in which Lazarus was buried and offered up a prayer.

Having prayed, the Lord called out in a loud voice: “Lazarus, go out! «. Lying in a coffin for four days, Lazarus resurrected. News of the resurrection quickly spread throughout Jerusalem and instilled faith in Christ into people.

The entry of Jesus Christ was predicted by the prophets for hundreds of years. He testified to the unparalleled courage of Jesus, who knew that a reward had been announced for his capture.

Desiring to demonstrate their good intentions, Jesus Christ drove into Jerusalem on a young donkey. The jubilant people joyfully met the Savior, weaving his way with his clothes and palm branches.

For the Romans, the palm branch was a symbol of victory, and in Christian culture the plant personifies eternity and victory over death.

The Christian Church introduced the celebration of the entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem in the 4th century. In Russia, a holiday appeared in the 10th century after the Slavs adopted Christianity as the state religion. Willow — a symbol of spring and fertility among the Slavs, replaced palm branches that did not grow in the cold climate of Russia.

In Christianity, willow symbolizes virtue, joy, renewal and new life.

What are the signs, traditions and customs on Palm Sunday

On Lazarus Saturday or 2-3 days before Palm Sunday, Christians tear down a willow — a symbol of the holy feast. In her address to the believers, the Church urges you to treat the sacred tree with care.

Do not pick plump bouquets — it will be enough to three twigs tied with a thread or a red ribbon.

Do not pick a willow from trees that have hollows, damage or dry branches.

On the eve of Palm Sunday, the All-Night Vigil is held in the temples — a festive divine service. Parishioners are present at the Vigil with candles and willow twigs. After reading the prayer, the priest sprinkles the branches with holy water.

On the Sunday morning after the liturgy, re-sprinkling is carried out.

Illuminated willow need to spread out for the icons or put in a vase with water. The sacred plant is kept all year until the next day of Palm Sunday. Dried twigs should not be thrown into the trash.

They need to bury in a place where people do not go, for example, in the garden under a tree or at the dacha. You can also put a willow along the river, burn it in a furnace or on a fire.

If the plant is standing in the water and let the roots, then it can be planted in a warm place, providing him with regular abundant watering.

What are the signs, traditions and customs on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday falls on Lent, so the menu should be approached responsibly. Palm Sunday and the Annunciation are days when indulgence in food is allowed. The basis of the lenten menu consists of fish dishes, vegetables and fruits in any form, pastries and sweets.

Fish can be baked in the oven, fry or cook in a slow cooker with vegetables. Sandwiches with caviar can also be put on the table.

Alcoholic drinks are banned, the exception — wine. On holiday, you can drink a glass of wine.

On the table should not be dairy products, meat dishes and fatty heavy food for the stomach.

The festive table is set not for the excessive use of food — gluttony, but for communication with loved ones.

Our ancestors traditionally set the following treats on the table:

  • lean kutia of rice or wheat grains;
  • fish pies;
  • buckwheat pancakes;
  • bread and biscuits in the form of verbal buds;
  • cookies with poppy seeds and nuts;
  • shortbread with honey, etc.

What are the signs, traditions and customs on Palm Sunday

Folk traditions of the holiday reflect the characteristics of the worldview and culture of our ancestors.

By tradition, on holidays, you can not do cleaning or repairs in the house, cook for a long time at the stove, sew, embroider and knit. You can not quarrel, the thoughts of a person must be clean.

The customs of Palm Sunday:

  • Willow branches sprinkled with holy water. It is believed that the consecrated willow has miraculous properties — it brings good energy into the house and helps to heal from ailments.
  • On holidays, it is customary to pray for the dead and go to the cemetery.
  • In order for the dead to go to heaven, our ancestors laid consecrated branches to him in a coffin.
  • The tree grown from the consecrated twig increases the wealth in the house. Therefore, the twigs were placed in the water and waited for the roots to appear. Then the plant was planted and carefully cared for him.
  • In order for the cattle to be healthy and bring good offspring, willow branches were hung in the barn. Also before the first pasture in the field of animals fed willow twigs. It was believed that this would save them from disease and death from the attack of predatory animals.

Many superstitions have come down to us, in which our ancestors believed and tried to follow them.

  • To improve material well-being and attract money, people planted a houseplant in the house. Preference was given to vegetation with thick leaves. Nowadays, it is recommended to plant a money tree on Palm Sunday. It is necessary to take good care of the plant, if it fades in a month, the family will face financial difficulties.
  • For a person to be healthy all year round, a willow twig was tapped on his body and sentenced: «Be as strong as a willow and as healthy as its roots.»
  • If during the whole festive day to think about a loved one, by the evening he will send a message about himself. The basis of this omens is the power of human thought.

Folk signs of weather and natural elements:

  • Rain on Palm Sunday — to a rich harvest. Dry, sunny weather, on the contrary, is considered an unfavorable sign — the harvest is bad. Lack of frosts — a harbinger of a rich harvest of fruits.
  • People believed that the house in which there is a willow twig, will not get lightning during bad weather.
  • If during a fire to throw a consecrated twig into the fire, the flame will quickly go out.
  • To prevent large floods, willow branches were thrown into the water during an icebreaker.

The main rule to follow when conducting conspiracies is to sincerely believe in their power and be guided only by good intentions.

Plots for health:

  • In order to improve your health, in the morning, on an empty stomach, you need to eat three buds from a willow consecrated in the temple and drink it with holy water. Then it is necessary to utter the words of the conspiracy: “St. Paul waving a willow and driving away all diseases from me. After Palm Sunday, no ailment will stick to me. ”
  • If a person suffers from insomnia, then a willow twig should be placed at the head of the bed and before bedtime, looking at her to say: “Take care of the holy angels, sleep my sleep. Undead holy willow drive away. «

Rites for money and luck:

  • Going to bed, you need to fill a glass with water, put it on the window sill and say: «My mednaki grow along with the Moon, Palm Sunday itself to help.» The glass should stand so that the moonlight falls on it. If on the day of the conspiracy there is a growing moon, then the power of the magical ritual will increase.
  • To attract good luck you need to eat a willow bud. This rite also contributes to the successful resolution of problems and helps a person in important and responsible life moments for him. To ensure that the meeting or event was successful, our ancestors ate three buds from the branches and drank them with holy water, thinking to themselves about the upcoming event.

To make a love spell for her husband, she must break off three willow branches with unblown buds. On the first branch it is necessary to tie a red ribbon, on the second — green, on the third — white.

Verba put in the water and utter the words of the conspiracy: «Willow-willow, blossom-blossom, give me a groom.» Next, you need to carefully observe what the first twig bloom, and by the color of the ribbon on it know your future.

  • The red ribbon is a sign that the girl will have to take the initiative for a young man who is sympathetic to her.
  • Green ribbon — the man himself will take the initiative. He will take the first step in the relationship and show the girl his feelings.
  • White ribbon foreshadows familiarity with the narrowed under unusual circumstances.

Love spell will work when the girl is ready to meet her lover and build a serious relationship with him.

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