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What are the signs of the monthly are, how to interpret them

Folk signs that relate to menstruation, will help to predict the fate of the girl, to protect her from mistakes and give hints about the future. The interpretation of superstition depends on the day of the week and the day of the month, the time of day and other factors.

Menstruation, which began on a great holy day, for example, at Christmas, testifies to the impurity of a woman spiritually.

Many beliefs associated with the first menstruation. If a girl has critical days started at an early age, she will become a mother with many children.

There are the following superstitions about menstruation:

  1. 1. When the first bleeding begins, one of the adult women (those who have had menstruation at the time or have not started at that moment) should hit the girl hard on the face so that the critical days can pass smoothly and almost imperceptibly.
  2. 2. During menstruation, one should limit oneself as much as possible from cooking, since on these days a woman often salt the dishes. This is due to taste sensations, which may change during the menstrual cycle.
  3. 3. During the period of menstruation it is impossible to visit the pool, baths, saunas and other public places where you have to undress. This is not only related to hygiene issues. At this time, a woman is very vulnerable, so outsiders can negatively affect her.

If a woman cuts a finger or other part of the body during menstruation, critical days last for several weeks.

What are the signs of the monthly are, how to interpret them

According to popular belief, a woman during the menstrual cycle should not perform the following actions:

  1. one. Look at naked bodies. If a woman sees the body of a spouse or her children during critical days, their skin will become covered with a rash.
  2. 2 To collect fruits and berries. If you have to harvest fruit trees during this period, the plants will soon wither. According to folk beliefs, only one glance of a woman at a cherry tree with berries can make the fruit pale and tasteless.
  3. 3 Water cucumbers and tomatoes. If the girl with the monthly will be engaged in watering these plants, they will wither, and the fruits will become yellow and tasteless.
  4. four. Approach the barrel where the drink is prepared. A woman who came to a keg of wine or beer during menstruation spoils its taste, and the product will have to be poured.
  5. five. Go to church. These days, women are not allowed to even go to the threshold of the temple, especially to stand the whole service. This is considered a great sin.
  6. 6 Drink holy water and pray at home before the icon. It is believed that the water will lose its healing properties, and the prayer addressed to higher forces will be perceived as an insult.
  7. 7 Watch for newborns and infants. On critical days, a woman may accidentally jinx a child.
  8. eight. Sow and engage in gardening. A woman who has her period is taking her strength from the ground, as a result of which there will be no harvest.

In addition to the above prohibitions, during menstruation it is not recommended:

  1. one. Take loans and borrow money from friends. The girl will not be able to return the borrowed amount and earn big trouble.
  2. 2 Introduce lover with a girlfriend. It is believed that at this time a friend can easily lead a loved one.
  3. 3 Take exams or have an interview. The girl will not be able to successfully pass the test, all her knowledge will be lost.

What are the signs of the monthly are, how to interpret them

To get the most accurate interpretation of signs and tell fortunes for love, you need to compare the interpretation of numbers (month numbers), days of the week and time of day.

What are the signs of the monthly are, how to interpret them

To get accurate predictions for fortune telling by monthly, you should remember at what time of the day they began:

  1. one. In the morning. The beginning of menstruation in the first half of the day is considered a good omen. The girl, who has not yet met her husband, will soon meet a man who will become the love of her life. This will happen in the next month. For married women and girls who already have loved ones, such a prediction takes on a different meaning: in the family love and understanding will reign, a woman can easily find a common language with others, around her there will be a favorable atmosphere of friendliness and warmth. The lady will not enter into any conflicts and will be calm in all respects.
  2. 2 Happy Menstruation, which starts from 12 to 6 o’clock, promises a pleasant pastime and joyful emotions. A lady can be invited to a festive event, so you need to put yourself in order and pick up a spectacular outfit for the upcoming celebration.
  3. 3 In the evening. Critical days, which began between 6 and 12 at night, foreshadow quarrels, scandals and hopeless longing. A woman will feel lonely and useless, exhausted and unhappy.
  4. four. At night. Menstruation from 12 am to 6 am promises only unpleasant events that will occur in the coming days. A woman is not lucky in both hearty and professional matters. It is better to abandon the planned plans and postpone the trip to avoid disappointment and failure.

After a bad prediction, you should not set yourself up for trouble, because a woman’s thoughts will not only affect her emotional state, but also attract negative events.

For prediction, it is important not only the time of day, but also the day that was the beginning of menstruation:

Day of the weekPrediction
MondayThe day is hard in every sense of the word. A young woman will be lurking failures at every turn, she will be very worried and nervous, looking for a reason to quarrel with a loved one or friend. Unforeseen expenses are possible, which will have a deplorable effect on the family budget. For a girl who started her period on the first day of the week, a series of trials and falls is foreshadowed, she will not be able to achieve her goal in the planned time frame
TuesdayPredictions for this day are favorable: changes are coming for the better. This may be a change of job to a higher paying and prestigious profession, new relationships that will bring only happiness and joy, moving to a permanent place of residence in another city or country
WednesdayThere may be personal problems. The lady will not be able to resolve the brewing conflict with the household peacefully. The situation will come to a standstill, and the woman will remove all the anger on people from the inner circle. The beginning of the monthly on Wednesday promises the betrayal of a close friend or girlfriend. A friend may have an affair with a loved one of a woman who has critical days, or she can substitute at the most inopportune moment
ThursdayThis sign — to unexpected surprises and uninvited guests. Beloved prepared a nice gift and will soon hand it over. The gift will cause a lot of positive emotions and will be appreciated. In the next few days, distant relatives may come to the woman, whom she will not be very happy to see, or people who she would prefer not to contact will pay a visit
FridayAccording to national signs, this is the worst day to start menstruation. A woman will have to be patient and control herself in any situation. A great tragedy can happen that will affect all family members, a woman will get sick, and the pathology will be delayed for a long time. However, the black bar will change to white, you just need to wait for this moment and do not go to extremes
SaturdayThis is the most auspicious day for the start of critical days. The girl’s secret desire will be fulfilled in the coming month, and she will be happy with such a development. If this happened to a young woman who is in love with a young man, but is afraid to confess his own feelings to him, the boyfriend will soon return her reciprocation and be the first to admit his love, and after a while he will offer to marry
SundayMonthly, which began at the end of the week, promise unbridled fun, which can turn into tears. A woman will have a good time in the company of friends and relatives, she will not think about her problems and for some time will get rid of the accumulated negative. But an unexpected turn of events will force to change the usual way, a conversation will take place, which will be extremely unpleasant for a woman

Omens may foreshadow various events, depending on the days of the week:

Day of monthInterpretation
oneA woman is waiting for success in all endeavors.
2Perhaps contempt and public insults
3A grandiose scandal due to the fault of a woman whose menstruation began
fourThe girl is waiting for an unforgettable experience and exquisite pleasure.
fiveIt is time for long-awaited purchases and expensive gifts
6Around the woman there will be intrigue and false false rumors will be spread. Enemies can deal a crushing blow.
7This sign — to reconciliation with a man who greatly offended the lady. She will step over her pride and make a step towards the offender, because she values ​​this person.
eightA woman will be jealous of her man, although there will be no weighty reason for jealousy
9The girl is waiting for internal struggle and emotional breakdowns
tenLove will soon arise in the heart of a woman who began her period
elevenA girl can count on friendly help and on the support of her beloved person; she is surrounded by loyal and devoted comrades and people who will never expose
12There are possible love adventures and short-term relationships of an intimate nature.
13Woman pursues permanent bad luck
14A woman will soon learn something good. News will please her
15Negative news will be received.
sixteenThe mystery of a woman will be made public
17Possible long separation from loved ones
18Fortune on the side of the girl, who began her monthly in this number
nineteenFate has prepared a generous gift, a woman will get a unique opportunity to change her life drastically
20Feelings will be unanswered.
21This sign — to deception and fraud by close friends.
22Monthly, which began on this day, foreshadow a large profit. You can win the lottery or receive a large amount as a gift
23This sign is for family well-being and material prosperity.
24A woman will meet very influential and reputable people. This acquaintance will help her in the implementation of ideas and plans
25Signs indicate pleasant conversations and intimate conversations.
26A woman needs the advice of her family and she cannot cope with her problems alone.
27Everything that the girl has conceived will be realized soon.
28Staying calm and calm
29Woman deeply disappointed in people whom she considered the most expensive
thirtyYou have to go on an exciting journey. The woman will go on a trip with her family
31New hobbies and reassessment of life priorities are possible.

If the beginning of the month fell on one of the holidays, according to national signs, this is considered not a simple coincidence, but a sign of fate. Possible interpretations:

  1. one. Birthday — good omen. Next year will be held in love and harmony with the outside world.
  2. 2 On New Year — The first month will not start well, however, if there was a long delay between cycles, and on December 31, spotting began, this is a good sign. Perhaps a woman will become a mother in the new year.
  3. 3 At Christmas and other great church holidays — Bad sign. The girl will not be able to visit the church service and pray before the icon.
  4. four. On the wedding day — The marriage will not last long, the husband will go to another. If a woman has children in this marriage, they are doomed to an unhappy fate. To neutralize bad omens, go to the chicken coop on the eve of the celebration and say these words: "A chicken marries without blood, and my blood flows. Go away the trouble is not on my child, but on the chicken. Let it be so!"

Fans of the Taoist practice of feng shui believe that during the menstrual cycle, the girl is not only cleansing the body, but also a spiritual rebirth, rethinking, begins a new stage in life.

It is believed that women live longer than men, because every month they have a bloody discharge that contributes to the overall improvement and prolongation of youth.

According to feng shui, the phases and conditions of the female body coincide with the elements of nature. The interpretation of some of them:

  • Land — ovulation period, which contributes to the conception and the birth of a new life.
  • Water — critical days that cleanse the body of negative energy.
  • Metal — infertility condition.

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