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What are the signs associated with knives

What are the signs associated with knives

Why you need to know the superstitions about knives. How they can cause harm and whether it can be avoided. Simple rituals and magical recommendations.

The knife is an important household item in household use, since ancient times. But few people think about how dangerous he can be. This thing, which interacts closely with a person, is endowed with great mystical power. Therefore, it is surrounded by many legends and superstitions.

They are better known to protect themselves and their home from possible troubles.

Sign has several interpretations depending on how exactly the event occurred. The most bad omen is considered when when cutting bread the knife fell and stuck the blade to the floor. This foretold that a dead man would soon appear in the house. In order to neutralize the negative, it was necessary to pick up the object and in complete silence to knock on the table with its blade three times, mentally uttering a conspiracy: “The knife did not fall, did not call the dead man!”

Other options for the fall of the cutting object more harmless. Most often, they predicted the unexpected arrival of male guests, as the knife is associated with the male beginning. If he fell and knocked loudly with the handle, then a friend will come; if you have not heard a knock, a stranger will knock on the door.

The fallen thing turned to you with a blade — we should expect an unpleasant conversation. In this case, you need to take it and hit it hard on the table with the blunt side with the words: «Stay at home!»

Most superstitions warn that the knife found is a bad omen. If it is rusty, then perhaps a quick separation from your loved one will happen and there is a chance of disease. The sharp discovery promises the likelihood of a collapse of plans and anxiety for your own future.

Such beliefs are explained by the fact that most often a knife thrown away by someone is endowed with negative energy. Perhaps, with his help, various manipulations and rituals of black magic were performed. A similar item will send nightmares and troubles to its new owner.

Therefore, if you find an abandoned knife, it is hardly worth taking it for yourself. But in the event that you really liked him, do not forget to perform a neutralizing ritual. Coming home, you should light a match and hold the burning flame on the blade, then rinse with running water and wipe thoroughly.

Thus, the information program of its former owner will be destroyed.

Give a knife

The subject is one of the so-called forbidden gifts that are not recommended to be presented to anyone. On this subject there is an old belief that the donated knife will begin to attract conflicts and negative to the recipient. And the donor himself risks his friendly relations.

After all, this thing is sharp enough to easily cut a strong friendship.

However, there is a ritual to avoid the consequences. In order to deactivate unwanted energy flows, you need to turn the donation into a symbolic purchase and sale. During the transfer of the gift, the recipient must pay for it a small amount of money. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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