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What are the national signs and traditions before Christmas on January 6

Christmas Eve: signs and traditions on January 6

Traditions associated with Christmas, are growing stronger every year. The Orthodox Church today remains on the Julian calendar, and therefore it is celebrated on January 7th.

This holiday is considered to be home, and it is celebrated with family. The solemn day is associated with traditions, the main of which is a family dinner on the eve.

Christmas Eve January 6, according to signs, can bring many surprises to everyone.

Christmas Eve is the last day of Advent, which lasts 40 days. This post is needed so that people with prayer and repentance cleanse their body and soul and meet the holiday with an open heart.

Many centuries in succession began to prepare for the holiday since the summer. At this time, weaved clothes, made new furniture and utensils.

The process brought joy to every member of the family who took part in the preparations. Men harvested wine, honey, firewood and meat. Women began to embroider clothes before the solemn day.

From January 2, a large-scale preparation and cleaning of the house began. All rooms were thoroughly cleaned and washed, and spruce pews were attached to the walls and windows.

Children participated in this process. Instead of a Christmas tree, a sheaf of wheat was placed in the center of the room.

By the morning of January 4, all products have already been prepared. On the morning of January 6, the hostess would go to the hole in the water in order to get clean water and cook kutyu and boil fruit.

A special love enjoyed a drink of apples and pears.

The last day of Lent is not as strict as the others. On this day, the evening service is connected with the liturgy and lasts until the morning.

A strict fast lasts until a candle is placed in the center of the temple, near which the troparion reads to the Great Nativity of Christ.

On Christmas Eve, it is customary to remember the chapter from the Gospel, which tells how the wise men worshiped the God-child and brought him gifts from the East. They included myrrh, gold, and incense.

After Christmas, Christmas time starts, which lasts 12 days.

What are the national signs and traditions before Christmas on January 6

The name of the holiday day comes from sweet porridge from various cereals, cooked on honey, which was called “sochivo”. That it is the first dish, which is placed on the table and tasted by all family members.

This porridge has a special meaning: the grain symbolizes the birth of a new life, and honey — the sweetness.

The main dish is kutya made from wheat, honey and nuts. Folk traditions also require that on the table were pies with various fillings.

They should be exactly the same as the family members sitting behind him. According to custom, a coin is put in one of them; whoever gets it will be happy all year.

Mandatory meals at the ceremonial table are:

  • soup;
  • fish and meat dishes;
  • dumplings and pampushki;
  • pies and pies;
  • mushrooms and cabbage rolls with rice and carrots.

Wash down food only with a punch of fruits and berries.

The table is covered with a white tablecloth, preference is given to dishes of the same shade. This tradition is explained by the end of the fast and symbolizes the purity of the soul and body.

On Christmas Eve there should be a burning candle on the table, which symbolizes a living fire.

Previously, straw was placed on the table before the meal instead of a tablecloth, as a reminder of the manger in which Christ was born.

What are the national signs and traditions before Christmas on January 6

Today, the real symbol of Christmas is spruce or pine, at the top of which is a star. The house is decorated with wreaths, flowers and cards.

The whole family gathers at the table. And do not forget about the dead.

For them, you should put the devices on the table.

In the evening of Christmas Eve is required to bypass all relatives with kutya. In return, they give various gifts. The holiday is celebrated with funny songs, walking along the streets with carols.

The remnants of porridge after a meal are left for the night, so that the spirits that came to the house try it and give the owners joy and well-being.

All dishes must be tried, otherwise the year will be hungry.

Starting from Christmas Eve, work categorically prohibited, you need to relax and enjoy life. Also, according to beliefs, you need to adhere to the following rules:

  1. one. On this day it is prohibited to use piercing and sharp objects, even forthe table. Ate before only with spoons. The men did not beat the cattle and did not go hunting, and the women put off embroidery, knitting and other kinds of needlework for all the days of Christmas.
  2. 2 Water throughout the evening is prohibited to drink. Otherwise, the whole year will torment thirst.
  3. 3 On the night before Christmas, it is not customary to sleep, so as not to oversleep your happiness. Everyone is having fun, wondering, and the men go caroling.

The wealth rituals are also very popular on Christmas night:

  1. 1. For happiness and wealth need to be sprinkled on this day with grain or rice. After all, it is not for nothing that all kolyadayuschih, entering the house, sprinkle the owners of these grains.
  2. 2. In order for the house not to leave luck and prosperity, you should put a separate plate for the brownie.
  3. 3. On Christmas Eve it is necessary to arrange bowls of grain for wealth around the house.

On Christmas night, it was necessary to look at the sky and make a wish. If at this time the star falls, then it will surely come true.

It was forbidden to greet the holiday in dark clothes — this could attract misfortune and misfortune. Therefore, all people dressed in bright outfits and had fun all night.

It helped to gain health, luck and ward off evil forces for the whole year.

What are the national signs and traditions before Christmas on January 6

It is believed that it is on the morning of January 7 that the sky opens and the prayers offered to God at this time will be heard.

The old men track all the changes in nature at Christmas and in the following days, because it is by them that we can determine the weather, the events of the coming year. There are signs of January 6th that help people understand how their lives will be and what to expect from nature:

  1. 1. If a strong snowstorm is observed on Christmas night, then the year will be fertile and fruitful.
  2. 2. On the night of the feast, the sky remains clear and starry — all year long there will be a lot of mushrooms and berries, and the cattle will have good litter.
  3. 3. A clear day foreshadows a productive summer and autumn.
  4. 4. If the weather is very warm and there is no snow, then it is worth waiting for a cold spring.
  5. 5. If the snow began to melt on this day, there will be no harvest.
  6. 6. Snowstorm and snowfall at Christmas show that a lot of honey will come from bees.
  7. 7. Large flakes falling on the ground foreshadow the harvest of bread.
  8. 8. If the day is cold, then the summer will be hot.

There are beliefs that are associated with the Christmas table:

  1. 1. The more caroling people visit the house that day, the fewer diseases the family will pursue all year.
  2. 2. For a rich and healthy life should make kutyu more nourishing.
  3. 3. The more luxuriant and plentiful the table for Christmas, the better the year will be.

According to popular superstition, lonely people on this day to sit on the corner of the table is not worth it. They may remain so all year and not find their partner.

All dreams that a person will see on Christmas night and beyond will be prophetic. Therefore, you need to try to remember them.

Most often, such dreams carry information about the next year and events that may occur with the dreamer.

Divination on this day belongs to taboo topics, because they come from pagan beliefs. Nevertheless, it is at Christmas that girls guess at their betrothed and perform ceremonies to attract happiness to their personal lives.

On Christmas night, a desperate woman who dreamed of having a child could use the following method. She needed to stand on the threshold of the house with her right knee and drink a glass of water. But before that it was necessary to utter a conspiracy:

"Mother the Most Holy Theotokos!

Itself to me fly off, but no,

So, messengers went,

I pray you help me.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,

Now, ever, forever and ever.

One of the most common are fortune-telling and plots on love, the future husband and the birth of a child. The girls try to find out the name of their betrothed and the fate of their marriage. There are several ways of divination in Sucheti:

  1. 1. Take a glass of water. It engages a wedding ring or a ring without a stone. That girl who wants to see the face of her betrothed, should look into it without stopping. After some time, the image of the future husband will appear in the ring.
  2. 2. On the table two mirrors are placed opposite each other, and a candle is lit on either side of them. The girl should look into the corridor of the mirrors. On it will pass the one who becomes her husband. As soon as she sees the face of her future spouse, the candles need to be blown out and say “Chur me! «So that evil forces do not enter the house.
  3. 3. A piece of bread is thrown into a bowl of water. If he drowns, then the girl will not marry this year, if he stays afloat, she can safely prepare for the wedding.
  4. 4. Under the pillow for the night, put a few sheets of paper with the names of men. In the morning one of them goes. The name on the sheet will belong to the future husband.

All divinations are associated with certain rules that must be strictly followed. If the candles go out during the ritual, the spirits do not want to answer, and you should not insist.

It is impossible to tell anyone that it was shown in a ring or a mirror — you can call trouble.

You can guess at the bird. For this she is given grain and water. If she starts with grain, the year will be rich and the disease will bypass the family side.

If the water — the whole year of the disease will haunt the house.

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