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What a flower of the teschin language — what signs and superstitions are associated with it and what benefits does it bring

Teschin language or pike tail — signs, superstitions and rules of care

Indoor flower teshchin language omens called a real absorber of evil, negative, envy. The worse the situation around, the more nervousness is spread in the atmosphere — the more magnificent, longer and more powerful the plant grows.

In fairness, it is worth noting that this plant has a power limit.

The informal name «Teschin language» flower received because of the long and sharp dense leaves. In families where it is customary to treat parents with respect, the plant is called “pike tail”.

If you want romance, you can remember the old names — the language of the devil, the Indian sword, snake skin. The official name of the flower is Sansevieria.

While housewives and interior designers are arguing whether it is possible to keep it at home, consider the signs, superstitions, observations of flower growers and the rules for caring for a plant.

What a flower of the teschin language - what signs and superstitions are associated with it and what benefits does it bring

Why Teschin language is ideal for home

  1. The decorative properties of the pike tail are excellent. Dark green with stripes, straight and tall leaves, very beautiful. The interior gets a touch of home comfort, without losing rigor. Ideal for the currently popular loft style. The plant densely fills any offered volume.
  2. The plant can decorate not only window sills, but also liven up the dark corner of the kitchen, hallway, corridor. It is necessary to leave the light on, but with modern LED lamps, additional lighting does not require large expenditures.
  3. If someone is very angry with you, he will have to leave. Perhaps this does not always contribute to family happiness, but it certainly helps to arrange personal happiness. People who willingly stay in a room with a pike tail — most likely, they do not wish you harm and are even located towards you.
  4. The plant perfectly cleans the air in the house. Fat, dust, smells of burning disappear as if by magic, leaving no trace. Pike tail will not eliminate the need for cleaning completely, but will significantly reduce the need to mess around with cleaning.
  5. There are no midges in a flower pot.
  6. Flower pike language brings happiness. Not everyone knows that the plant can bloom, look at the photo. A small white inflorescence appears rarely, hiding among the stems. The appearance of a flower means that your cherished desire is close to fulfillment. You can secretly admire the hidden flower — very few people see it, but with those who see this miracle on their own, you can lift the veil of secrecy.

What a flower of the teschin language - what signs and superstitions are associated with it and what benefits does it bring

Signs associated with pike tail

  • Bucktail actively grows, gives new shoots, but does not grow high. The average leaf height is 30-40 cm. This means that there is a very favorable atmosphere around. Despite the fact that there are enough reasons for negativity, people are distinguished by benevolence and great patience.
  • High leaves, without side shoots — strong passions, sharp emotions boil.
  • The higher the leaves, the stronger the degree of negativity. In public places, where people annoy each other by the very fact of their existence, the height of the leaves may be more than a meter. Fleeting negative — the best feeding for the plant.
  • The flower withers, languishes — the negative rolls off so much that the plant cannot assimilate it. To bring the pike tail to such a state, someone must continuously be in hysterics or deep depression. Replant the plant in a larger pot and provide watering. Teschin language is almost insensitive to light and grows well even on the north side away from the window, in the recreational halls of hospitals and in the corridors without windows with artificial lighting. Increase the amount of bad energy absorbers.
  • If the plant fades away in the family, it is quite possible that some member of the family should be treated with medication for depression. If in the office, you work in a microfinance company or in another stressful place. Change jobs.
  • Leaves dried up from above — influence of someone’s strong envy.
  • The leaves are breaking open — you are looking for support in an unreliable place or counting on an unreliable person.
  • To get rid of obsessive thoughts, carefully cut off the sheet of the mother-in-law tongue, rinse, wipe off with a towel or napkin and give to the one that is suffering from anxiety. The sheet must be put under the pillow so that it protects the dreams.
  • Teschin language in the bedroom will help to some extent protect against ill-considered actions and not the most suitable partners.

Plant Care

Surprisingly, the plant requires almost no care. Sufficiently large and deep containers with earth and occasional abundant watering. Excess water will accumulate in the drainage layer and feed the plant.

The deeper the layer of the earth — the higher and stronger the leaves will rise. On average, the plant requires watering about once a week.

Fleshy leaves store water, thick skin prevents evaporation. The flower will survive a month without watering, albeit with difficulty.

No spraying is required, insects in the pot will not start. Top dressing 2 times a year standard for indoor plants.

During the year, you can feed the flower sleeping tea. The soil is slightly acidic, sandy, you can use peat soil, any neutral or slightly acid ready soil.

If the plant is installed in a room without windows — will require additional lighting. Scattered artificial light will suffice.

Remove dried leaves, perform weeding once a year.

Bucktail is the perfect plant for the office. In an ordinary Ikea bin with a drainage layer of 10 cm from shards, sand and tea bags, it is possible to grow a plant 1.5 meters high with a dense forest of leaves and shoots.

It looks very beautiful and especially adorns the accounting, executive offices, meeting rooms.


Teschin language — a plant with character. If you like stamina, directness, irreconcilability of a pike tail to lies, envy, and negativity — by all means get yourself a sprout and grow a beautiful and proud plant. But if compromises are closer to you, you yourself are not against slyness, manipulation, soft power and careful backstage control — the flower does not suit you.

Choose another plant for the house, absorbing the negative, but softer. It may be worthwhile to start a geranium, tradescantia, violet room.

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