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Wedding traditions in Russia, the most ancient customs

Wedding customs in our time: the exchange of wedding rings

Modern wedding traditions in Russia are for the most part borrowed from the wedding ceremonies of Ancient Russia. But time does not stand still, and wedding traditions change from year to year.

Each young couple who has decided to tie the knot, chooses which customs to observe and which to miss. Some couples, honoring the traditions of their people, try to organize a festive celebration in the primordially Russian spirit, while others, on the contrary, borrow wedding ceremonies from other nations.

In the organization of modern Russian weddings there are no frames and restrictions, everything is determined by the fantasy and capabilities of the groom, the bride and their parents.

Wedding traditions in Russia, the most ancient customs

In the morning of the wedding day, future spouses, having received the blessing of their parents, dress up and preen themselves. The groom dresses in a suit, and the bride in a wedding dress.

By the way, the wedding dress of the bride was not always snow white. Old Russian girls went down the aisle in a scarlet dress.

And the tradition to marry in a dress of the color of purity and purity was introduced by Empress Catherine II.

The groom should also take care of the flower bouquet for his darling, who will give her after the ransom. The groom’s friends and guests are engaged at this time in decorating cars in which the young and those invited to the marriage ceremony will ride.

Bridesmaids also do not sit idle and prepare tricky questions and tasks for the groom, who will have to redeem his beloved.

Bride price

A traditional wedding in Russia begins with a bride price. Here the groom has to show all his ingenuity and resourcefulness to prove that he is worthy to marry her.

Bride foreclosure rites in ancient times. If now these are comic tasks and contests for the guests ’fun, and the“ ransom ”received goes to the budget of the newly-minted family, then in Ancient Rus the bridegroom did buy his betrothed from her parents.

Having gone through all the stages of the ransom, the groom finally gets into the room where the bride has been waiting for him all this time, and hands her the bridal bouquet. After that, a small buffet can be held in a narrow circle of guests, instructing young people before a visit to the registry office.

Coming out of the bride’s parental home, the future spouses sit in a wedding car decorated with ribbons and rings and go to the registry office. Along the way, drivers of cars of the wedding procession signal that there is strength. It turns out that this tradition is also not new.

In ancient times, loud bells of bells decorating wedding horses wanted to scare away evil spirits.

Wedding rings exchange

Entering the wedding march into the wedding hall and expressing their consent to marry, the young people affix the union with signatures, exchange rings and give each other a first conjugal kiss. By the way, the tradition of the exchange of wedding rings, originating in ancient Egypt, has successfully taken root in almost all nations and is considered almost the main wedding ceremony.

Putting a ring on each other’s finger, lovers in this way take an oath of love and loyalty to their chosen ones. Leaving the walls of the registry office, already lawful spouses fall under the rain of rice, flower petals or coins, which are showered on newlyweds by their relatives and friends, wishing them to live in love and prosperity.

In former times, when there were no registry offices, the sacrament of marriage was performed in temples. Nowadays, after the marriage ceremony, some couples get married, pronouncing vows of love and loyalty, not only to people, but also to God.

At the end of the official part, the guests, headed by the newlyweds, sit down in their cars and go for a walk around the sights of their native city, accompanied by photo shoots and drinking champagne.

After that, the wedding procession goes to the banquet venue .. As a rule, weddings are celebrated in a restaurant these days.

Wedding loaf

Among the traditions of the Russian wedding should be separately distinguished wedding loaf. Nowadays, rarely they bake their own loaves, usually they are made to order, often this is assumed by the restaurant where the celebration will take place.

In ancient Russia, only women living in a strong, happy marriage and raising a bunch of children were allowed to make loaves. It was believed that through bread, a happy husband and mother would transfer a part of their well-being to a young family.

With the help of the loaf you can find out who will be in the main house. The bride and groom take a bite from him bit by bit, whose more — that will be the main one.

The custom is comic, but it is great fun for the guests, and the young ones themselves.

At a wedding in Russia can not do without a toastmaster. It depends on his skill how the celebration will take place. Russian wedding is not only an abundant table, but also fun.

Toasts, greetings, contests — all these are led by the host of the holiday. Newlyweds are starting to receive congratulations and gifts from their parents, after from close relatives, friends and other guests.

The first dance of young spouses is another favorite ritual at the Russian wedding. To show the guests their choreographic skills, the bride and groom spend long hours of training before the wedding.

Nowadays, the dance does not have to be classical, like a waltz or tango, more and more often young dance potpourri to the melody.

Wedding traditions in Russia, the most ancient customs

Throwing the bouquet and the garter of the bride

This tradition came to Russia from the West. Young bridesmaids are looking forward to the moment when she will throw the bouquet.

It is believed that the one who was lucky enough to catch a bouquet, will soon go to the altar.

After the bouquet thrown by the bride, it is the turn of her garter, which the groom must carefully remove from her feet, without presenting anything extra to the guests. Then the unmarried guys line up behind the groom, who blindly throws the garter.

By tradition, it is believed that the guy who caught the garter will soon part with bachelor life.

Second wedding day

Now not everyone is celebrating the second day of the wedding. Instead, the newlyweds prefer to go on a trip.

And in the old days, the continuation of the festivities was obligatory. On the second day, the newly-made family met and treated the guests.

The young mistress had to show all her best qualities. On the second day of the celebration, it is customary to dress up in funny costumes and walk along the street, treating passersby.

Wedding in Russia is a bright and fun event. Russian people love and know how to walk on a grand scale.

And the centuries-old wedding traditions of the Russian people can make this holiday special and memorable.

Wedding traditions in Russia, the most ancient customs

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