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Wedding omens and superstitions in modern Russia

Superstitions and omens related to the wedding

Wedding signs are very durable, have their own history. Do not underestimate their impact on your life, because they have been tested in centuries-old practice.

Any signs and superstitions unambiguously influence your life, try to make it better and warn against all dangers associated with your life.

You can not be too superstitious, because the constant fears on the basis of various predictions certainly will not lead you to success, but rather provide squeeze. A successful person will have no need to depend on ordinary signs, he will simply make his way further.

Likewise, you should abstract away from too malicious and implausible will take and go to success.

But, in any case, the signs give us the same source of information about the universe, which is beyond our comprehension. You need to understand that any action is reflected in our universe, and she understands it and processes it. And so that we, the servants of God, would not go against the system already established in heaven, it sends us special signs, which we must bring to our own consciousness and command it to do what is necessary.

As regards superstition, the rules will be somewhat different.

Signs just need to be respected. In this case, they are not so much a warning as they teach you about life, wisdom, and understanding.

They help you make your life better.

Wedding omens and superstitions in modern Russia

What signs and superstitions must be observed

For a happy marriage, of course, you must comply with many things. Along with those that should already be observed, such as choosing the right wedding date.

It is also not necessary to give names to your own superstitions, such as the “scarlet day of the wedding,” such a disregard for already established terminology may have the opposite effect from the interpretation of omens.

To perform a wedding ritual according to all religious rules, you need to try hard. But in order to perform this very ritual and not to anger the universe, so that anger will accept and superstitions not fall on the heads of the newlyweds, many factors must be observed. Such as:

  • Newlyweds should not give anyone their wedding rings, as people who are already overshadowed by negative energy can completely infect our newlyweds with it. The only exceptions are small children who have not known the sadness in their own age and can be successful «keepers of the rings.» This is a fairly common practice, by the way.
  • Rings should be equally beautiful and good, it is better that they be the same at all. They should be smooth and ideally sit on the finger, then the newly made married couple will not swear and will live in perfect harmony.
  • In addition to witnesses, no one should touch the pad on which the wedding rings lie. You risk completely redrawing the course of events of your marriage, if you entrust the pad to the hands of even your closest relatives.
  • In the hands of the newlyweds should not be any jewelry. such a neglect of wedding history, traditions and the process of the ritual itself can not help but leave the effect in your daily life together when you swear about and without can remember your jewelry
  • Single. unmarried witnesses at the time of the marriage one of those signs that everyone knows. Also, if the witnesses after your wedding all go wrong in their own relationship, then this is one of the strongest signs. which says that if your marriage pushed other languishing hearts into reunion, it will never fall apart;
  • The husband should not see the bride before the marriage. It has long been a hackneyed rule, but still effective. Never husband should not intrude into the bed of the bride and contemplate her in a wedding dress. The princess should present to her elect only after the conclusion of all the formalities, after ordering all the wedding dishes and inviting guests, everyone should see her for the first time.

«You do not need to pronounce the oath of allegiance, it is enough to choose the correct number,» — says the registrar of our agency. Indeed, in order to conclude a magnificent marriage, it is necessary to comply with many requirements related to the venue and time of the marriage itself. An important role is played by the selection process:

  • You can not choose a marriage on the 13th
  • It is undesirable to enter into a marriage in a leap year, as usually the most serious events in history fell on leap years. An example of the blockade in Leningrad and the collapse of the Roman Empire occurred precisely at this time;
  • Ceremony necessary before lunch

Wedding omens and superstitions in modern Russia

Attributes of the wedding, clothing and special decorations

“It doesn’t matter what to marry. The main thing is that they love each other, which means they will be happy. ”

This is so, at all times, love played a concluding role in the preparation of documents for the marriage. After all, a dry marriage, devoid of mutual understanding and passion, has already been dissolved in heaven, so you can soon reach a divorce on our earthly plane.

The gods will laugh, and you will remain miserable.

That is why you should choose a soul mate in spirit. However, if you still want to observe all the rituals associated with the outfits of our beautiful daughter-in-law, the former little wife, then turn your gaze down, then you will definitely need it in the near future, depending on your preferences:

  • dress (it is desirable that the dress was sewn by a familiar seamstress, who has everything pretty fine and well on her personal front. She should also believe in superstition and do her work with soul, since the universe may not allow you to accept such a gift without consequences.)
  • veil (a symbol of purity, innocence);
  • a handkerchief (it is tied on the head of a girl instead of a veil, to show that now she is not a bride, but a wife); something old (family heirloom, which is passed down from generation to generation. It is desirable that this was an ornament);
  • something borrowed (a thing is taken only from a happy couple. So they sort of share the joys of family life with you. Lending a thing to a couple is highly undesirable, otherwise you risk enticing all this enormous negative energy to you, this is clearly not yours the level of the conclusion of marriage contracts, is not it?);
  • something blue (symbolizes positive energy)

Wedding is a wonderful process, showing the purity of the intentions of mankind and two hearts, who decided on this brave act — to connect two hearts with a single thread.

Wedding omens and superstitions in modern Russia

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