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Wedding omens and superstitions for the newlyweds and their parents

Signs for a wedding for the newlyweds and their parents

Wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life after birth and baptism. It is also an exciting event, since it is not known what fate awaits the newlyweds.

Earlier in Russia, the bride mourned, as if burying her free girl’s life.

Today I want to tell you about the wedding signs that played a fatal role in the life of my best friend. She was always an atheist and made fun of any folk beliefs and omens. But fate decreed that the wedding signs came true, despite the ignoring of my girlfriend.

What did she do wrong? She didn’t take off her glove when the groom put a wedding ring on her finger.

Their marriage almost fell apart immediately after the birth of the child. In the article I will tell you about the signs, and you yourself decide whether to believe in them or not.

Wedding omens and superstitions for the newlyweds and their parents

General signs about the wedding

What matters is the date of the wedding. Orthodox should adhere to the church calendar, and atheists are not recommended to appoint a wedding celebration on the 13th of any month.

The best time to register a marriage is in the afternoon. Church weddings are always held at lunch.

Unfavorable omen revered wedding in a leap year.

A bad omen is to announce your intention to get married at the end of one season of the year and to appoint a wedding party at the beginning of the next season. For example, to announce the wedding in the late days of November, and the celebration held in early December.

A bad omen is to hold a wedding ceremony in the month of May. People say that spouses will suffer all their lives.

Wedding bouquet the bride should not let go. In extreme cases, it is given to hold the mother or the groom.

According to Russian traditions, a bouquet is not thrown over her shoulder to her friends, but is taken to the bedroom with her. During the wedding feast, the bouquet should be in front of the young in a vase.

Bad weather on the day of registration or wedding promises happiness to the young.

During a banquet, young people cannot sit on different chairs, but on one bench. This should be taken care of in advance.

To the family was wealth, newlyweds showered with millet, grain, money. In the glasses of young people put coins that need to be hidden under the tablecloth on the family table.

Do not allow anyone to stand up between the newlyweds at the wedding, so that they spend all their lives together.

Witnesses should not be family or divorced. We must not allow the spouses to be witnesses: they will soon disperse.

To the newlyweds lived richly, on a bench where they sit at the table, put the fur coat with the fur outside.

You can not dance with young guests — only with each other. They are allowed to dance with their parents, but after the dance they must bring the newlyweds to each other.

Important! The number of guests invited to the wedding ceremony should be odd.

At the banquet, young people should drink wine in a glass to the drop so that the family share is happy.

Knives and forks, presented to the young, promise to quarrels and scandals. It is better to get rid of this gift.

Signs about the rings

The ring symbolizes eternity, infinity and a vicious circle. The wedding ring should always be worn: it protects the marital union from rupture.

Losing a wedding ring is a bad omen, and selling it or pawning it is a misfortune in a marital relationship.

You can not allow to try on wedding rings or on the eve of the marriage ceremony, or after it.

To marry life was smooth, rings buy only the classical form — without patterns, pebbles and notches.

As soon as the young ones exchanged rings, it’s absolutely impossible to pick up an empty box from under them or a tray on which they lay. You can instruct to remove the box idle friend or unmarried girlfriend.

To drop the wedding ring before putting it on the finger of the betrothed is a bad omen. Witnesses should immediately thread a thread through the ring to ward off evil from the spouses. The thread is prepared in advance.

After marrying this thread burns the one who dropped the little ring.

During the wedding celebration the right hand of the bride should be without rings and bracelets — only a wedding ring.

It is forbidden to wear a wedding ring during the wedding on the glove: the glove is removed from the hand.

Wedding omens and superstitions for the newlyweds and their parents

Bride’s dress

This is a separate topic, which is associated with many different omens and superstitions: from color to style.

According to tradition, only virgins are married in a white dress. Young women wear dresses of any other shades of color.

However, young underwear should always be snow white.

If the bridegroom show the dress of the bride before the wedding, it promises unhappiness in the matrimonial life. A different interpretation of the signs: the wedding celebration may not take place.

It’s impossible to admire your reflection in a wedding dress. You need to remove any part: stockings, veil or accessory.

Otherwise, the wedding celebration may not take place.

Important! No one should try on the bride’s dress — this promises unhappiness.

The wedding dress should be single-cut, that is, not divided into a skirt and bodice. If you ignore this sign, you will live separately with your spouse.

Mothers of the newlyweds should also be in dresses, not suits.

Wedding attire is not advisable to choose buttons. But if there are buttons, then their number should correspond to an even number.

Among the jewels should not be present pearls: tears will not be gathered. Instead of jewels, the young decorate themselves with beautiful costume jewelry.

To buy a wedding wardrobe should be separate: on Wednesday, a dress with a veil, on Friday — shoes.

You can not wear a dress through the legs — only through the head. This sign is also relevant for married women: they wear skirts and dresses over their heads so that the husband does not cheat.

Note! Dress should be as closed as possible.

This protects the envious from the evil eye. No need for cool necklines and cuts to the hips.

On the feet of a young puts on shoes, not sandals. Shoes need to choose a classic style — the boat.

Any laces, strings and ribbons will bring misfortune into marriage.

It is believed that wearing wedding shoes old shoes — to good luck! In order for this sign to come true, shoes are bought on the eve of the celebration and are worn all day (you can go to them at home)

An elegant bride can not be transferred across the road, so when leaving the entrance you need to immediately get into the car.

To protect against the evil eye, you need to sew a few stitches on the hem of the dress. The same is done immediately after registration so that the married life is successful.

Protect from the evil eye and damage to young pinned down the head pin. She is pinned in an inconspicuous place.

A small small icon serves as a talisman (for the bride with the Virgin Mary, for the bridegroom with Christ or the Miracle-maker), small personalized icons also have protective features.

Important! On the wedding day, none of the invitees should touch the clothes of the young.

This must be carefully monitored.

Wedding dress is forbidden to rent or sell after the celebration — marital life will disintegrate. The same applies to the bride’s veils. Dress and veil treat newborn babies if they get sick.

Veil — reliable protection of the baby from the evil eye, it is placed above the crib.

The veil is designed not so much for the image of the bride, as for protection from damage and the evil eye. Therefore, it is not recommended to lift the veil before the wedding.

Signs on the wedding warn: a broken heel on a young shoe symbolizes trouble in living together.

If the bride is married to a pregnant woman, the belly should be tied up with a wide red cloth — under the dress. This will protect the baby from the evil eye and negativity.

Wedding omens and superstitions for the newlyweds and their parents

Pre-wedding signs

Young people should spend the night before registration separately, even if they had previously lived together.

The young should take the bride from the room where he did not sleep that night. Taking the narrowed in the registry office, you can not look back.

A bad sign is revered joint photography before the wedding and separate — after the wedding. This inevitably leads to divorce or to separate the spouses in another way.

It is believed that the young tears before the wedding promise a happy life together. The bride may cry, but do not cry out loud.

Before the Civil Registry Office, young people can secretly eat a small chocolate bar (one for two), so that life together can be sweet and tasty.

Do not allow friends to block the mirror in front of you if you look into it. This sign to the point: a husband can be led away.

The same applies to the young (should not each block the mirror in front of the groom).

It is considered a bad omen, if during the trip to the registry office someone passes the road to the newlyweds.

On the eve of the wedding can not use a needle, so as not to accidentally stab your finger. This omen promises misfortune in joint life.

Signs after the wedding or wedding

After the wedding ceremony, the couple should look in one mirror — it will attract well-being and good luck in their family life.

After the wedding, the young man gives out alms from the church in order to get rid of troubles in living together.

A glass of champagne, which newlyweds are given to drink after registration, must be broken. In ancient times, the fragments of the firstborn were determined by splinters: large ones for a boy, small ones for a girl.

If a husband brings his wife to a new home in his arms, then he will wear “in his arms” all his life. But this omen refers only to a new house, in which the newlyweds had not lived together before.

After the parental blessing, the young spouses must stand on one towel: this sign will attract prosperity and peace in family life and with relatives too.

At the wedding banquet you need to tie two bottles of champagne with one ribbon and leave: this sign ensures that young people will not divorce in the coming year.

To live together for a long time, the young spouse must move his wife across the bridge in his arms.

Wedding tablecloth should be protected, as well as wedding dress. She covered the table on anniversaries of life together.

If the banquet was held in a restaurant, then you need to put on a table in front of a young small tablecloth.

Wedding signs in the Russian style are different from European or other traditions. Do not mix all the traditions in one pile, so as not to cause trouble.

If the wedding is held with a wedding in the church, you need to follow the Orthodox church customs and rules.

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