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Violets in the house and what signs conceals modest flower

Important signs and superstitions about home and garden violets

Violet in the house is an invariable attribute of comfort and special creative mood, it is a mystical flower, sharpening perception. Omens and superstitions associated with violets are controversial due to the special properties of the plant. With a strong spirit, the flower helps to become stronger, reveals secrets, enhances sensuality and sexuality, gives the attractiveness and irresistible feminine charms.

For the weak and desperate, impermanent people who are in anger and despair, the flower can be dangerous.

Violet absorbs negative energy and enhances joy, but if there is nothing but sadness, anger and anger, the flower absorbs everything that is. To avoid vampirism from the flower, put it in the sun for a few hours.

The plant likes scattered sunlight or soft penumbra. In darkness or with too much light the flower will wither.

Violets in the house and what signs conceals modest flower

Basic signs and superstitions associated with violets in the house

  • Innocent-looking flowers bring harmony, passion, mutual understanding, flashes of sensuality to family life in the house. In the house where violets live, it is impossible to get tired of each other, get tired of the gray days.
  • The beneficial effect of the flower extends to finances. You will not go hungry or needy.
  • The flower has a great effect on the health and intellectual abilities of children and is highly indicated for people in mature and old age. Young men and girls from violets better stay away.
  • White and beige flowers can alleviate suffering, pain, help with insomnia, bring back to life.
  • Blue violets — the color of creative passion, sexuality, intelligence.
  • Red and maroon flowers excite the blood, raise the pressure, help the elderly.
  • A small bouquet of violets means readiness for a serious relationship. At the ball, such a bouquet is equivalent to the “active search” icon.
  • A violet flower in her hair is an agreement to a bold proposal. If you have not made a bold or obscene proposal, just plan — stay away. Your goal is a lady with a bouquet in her hands or on a purse.
  • Give a bouquet of violets — you recognize the delightful charm of the ladies and express a strong intention to storm the impregnable bastions. So you firmly make it clear. What you are interested in is flirting, and not conversations on abstract topics, although you are ready to conduct them as part of flirting. A bouquet sent back means the offer is rejected. If the bouquet is accepted — this is not a reason to march to the bedroom in a marching way, while dropping spurs and wardrobe details as you go — your offer is only accepted.

What you need to know if you decide to start violet in the house

  • A single person who grows these plants is likely to retain their status. But for couples flower will strengthen the union.
  • Violets breed by cuttings rooted in leaves. Often, flowers are kept in hospitals and hospices, as they alleviate the suffering of the sick. You can not take the layouts of their hospitals, unhappy or sick people. But from the school plant you can safely pinch the sheet.
  • If you plan to give a flower in a pot — hold it a couple of days in the dark.
  • This is a good gift for the wedding, the birth of a baby.

Properties and signs of garden violets

In the garden, violet is not the most innocent flower. If you are interested in something harmless — there are wild species. They all delight the eye and give joy.

Garden plants help in intellectual pursuits, contribute to guessing and solving secrets. Be sure to arrange flowerbeds with wild violets or lawn borders in places where children play — this contributes to the development of mental vitality in children, curiosity.

For beds, choose a slightly shaded places.

Garden violets awaken passions, contribute to the manifestation of unbridled sexuality, spontaneous decisions. Do not plant violets near water, artificial ponds, streams, if you do not want to create a place of pilgrimage for couples in love.

Violets growing near the water, attract lovers like a magnet and contribute to the ardor of feelings.

Breaking a flower bed under a window or balcony of a young girl is also not a good idea. Not conducive to prudence.

It can be argued that beautiful garden violets were growing under the balcony of Juliet.

For older people, these flowers are a source of vitality and vigor, vitality and excellent health. Garden violet in flower beds helps fight insomnia. Flowers grow well in the climate of Italy, Spain, in the south of France.

In Russia, the plants will have to clean up for the winter.


Violet in the house keeps the emotional background, contributes to violent passions, interesting and exciting life, adventure. In the old days, leaves and flowers were used to make up sleeping and love potions. Do not eat flowers and violet leaves, do not put in tea as a perfume — they are poisonous and bitter in taste.

For example, violet juice is toxic to ants. Flowers can be put on shelves with linen, and it will not soak up the smell of dust for a long time.

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