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Unhappy signs: 10 events that warn of failures

Unhappy signs: 10 events that warn of failures

The wisdom of our ancestors helps to avoid trouble in everyday life. So that failures do not touch you, it is important to know about the signs foreshadowing negative events.

Superstitions and accept there is a great many. They often help to choose the right path to a prosperous and happy life. Beliefs are divided into bad and good, and each of them helps to determine the right direction. People pay special attention to unfortunate signs, because they warn of possible danger.

There are 10 common signs that can tell a person about future troubles. They do not lose their relevance in the modern world, and those who believe in omens and superstitions can use them to avoid problems.

1. Broken mirror

Superstitious people are wary of mirrors. In the world of esotericism, these objects are considered magical, capable of drawing certain entities from the parallel world. A lot of different troubles are hidden in the looking glass, so a broken mirror will be a cause for concern. Some believe that after such an incident in the house for seven years, one can not wait for happiness.

Others believe that a mirror, accidentally dropped and shattered into fragments, is capable of causing trouble and leaving young girls without family happiness. The mirror, broken by you, can attract not only troubles, but also diseases. To avoid a negative, it is necessary to carefully collect the fragments, not looking at them, and wrap in an opaque bag or fabric. It is necessary to take the fragments out of the house as far as possible, and to return backwards.

Our ancestors believed that thanks to such actions, trouble would bypass the smashed mirror.

2. Knife on the table

The reckless hostess, who has forgotten a knife on the table, brings trouble to the whole family. This item can attract negative energy, quarrels and scandals to the house. Also, the knife may cause a robbery or other property-related troubles. If you accidentally left a knife on the table for the whole night, then in the morning, be sure to tap the corner of the table with a pen.

In this case, it is worth saying the famous words: «Chur me, chur.» So you can avoid trouble.

3. Forgotten things or return

In a hurry, we can forget important things at home, for example, keys to an apartment or documents. If you left the house and remembered that you had left something important, do not rush to return right there. If you can avoid returning, try to continue the path, but be very careful. On the road, you can expect various troubles: undesirable meetings, breakdown or delay of transport, injuries.

If you still need to go back, look in the mirror before leaving. Show the cookie or tongue to your reflection to prevent negative events.

4. Stopped hours

The clock, suddenly frozen on your hand, says that time is lost. A negative sign warns that you are late in making a decision, in a responsible step or in treating a disease. Also, a stopped watch may indicate that your financial situation is at risk.

Better not to take large sums with you, refuse to transfer money in debt and loans. The clock stopped in the house, warns about the imminent illness of someone from the household. Our ancestors never neglected such a warning and began the prevention of all kinds of diseases. Negative belief can reflect the beginning of difficult times, when even the simplest things will be given to you with difficulty.

To get rid of a possible negative, the clock for a few hours, you need to turn the dial to the wall and start them in that position.

5. Sharp objects presented to you

A set of knives or forks, presented to you, can cause disagreements and scandals both in the family and with the donor. Our ancestors believed that you can not even give nails. If you are still presented with such a gift, wrap it with a soft linen or cotton cloth. Put sharp knives or forks in the closet and leave there for a few days.

Sprinkle salt on sharp parts before first use. She will take in the negative. Salt must be carefully placed in a bag and taken away from the house.

6. Smashed wheel

In the old days, if the cart broke the wheel, they preferred to cancel the trip altogether. Broken wheels portend trouble on the road. This may be a delay in the way, an accident, trouble associated with work or family.

If your vehicle has something wrong with the wheels, if possible give up the ride. If it cannot be avoided, then read the prayer to the Higher Forces, so that they will look after you while you are on the road.

7. Thrown bread

Bread treasured at all times. Our ancestors with great difficulty went to the preparation of bread, growing grain and threshing it after harvest. In the modern world, this product does not attach much importance and is often thrown into the trash. However, those who carelessly deal with bread, it is worth remembering that throwing it out entails a number of troubles: loss of money, difficulties with money to buy food, quarrels in the family.

Bread that is not useful to you, you can use as feed for birds or stray animals, make breadcrumbs out of it. Do not throw away the bread, so that trouble has no place in your life.

8. Howling dog near the house

Animals have feelings that are inaccessible to man. They are the main harbingers of change. If your or your neighbour’s dog has suddenly started to howl, this is not good.

Dogs start to howl if they feel negative. This may be a near-term illness of family members, fires or other disasters. Our ancestors believed that in the presence of a seriously ill person in the house, the dog howls before his death, as if mourning.

9. Butterfly flies into the house

An insect flying into an open window promises an early illness to one of the family members. To prevent trouble, the butterfly should not be killed. It should be caught as carefully as possible and moved away from home.

Ideally, it should be planted on a flower. If an uninvited guest has flown to you, listen carefully to your body. Do not tighten and start preventive measures to avoid diseases.

10. Early birthday greetings

It is believed that the birthday can not be congratulated on the eve, otherwise he risks not live up to the day of his birth. The sign that foreshadows misfortune is largely connected with the legends of previous years. Our ancestors believed that the birthday on the birthday was strongly protected by the guardian angel.

If you congratulate him in advance, the evil force can begin its negative impact, and the heavenly patron will not have time to cope with all evil manifestations. In any case, avoid congratulating the birthday man for the birth to exclude unpleasant events in his life.

Negative signs, as well as positive beliefs, help people avoid trouble and warn of future changes. Use this knowledge wisely to always have only positive events in your life. We wish you good luck and prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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