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Turquoise wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Turquoise wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Eighteen years in marriage — a serious anniversary and a kind of majority of the couple. This date, though not round, is no less important in the union of two loving hearts.

Turquoise wedding is named after the material symbolizing eternal love. Spouses, whose long union has stepped over this line, can cool off somewhat towards each other. And this anniversary should help the couple renew their warm relationship.

Signs and traditions of a turquoise wedding

On the night before the wedding anniversary, the spouses should go to bed on turquoise linen to strengthen the relationship.

On this anniversary, the spouses must exchange rings with turquoise. It is a unique material that can protect a couple from unhappiness.

For the harmony in the family, the spouses wear turquoise-colored clothes or accessories made of turquoise, decorate the room with objects of this shade.

It is customary to celebrate the turquoise anniversary with the family, inviting all relatives to reunite the large family, see those who rarely visit the spouses, restore good relations with the children and feel themselves newlyweds again.

Turquoise wedding gifts

Guests can present spouses with turquoise jewelry, figurines and other items made from this material. They will be a wonderful interior decoration and will keep love in the house.

As a gift, you can present bed linen, blankets, towels, turquoise bathrobes.

Flowers of blue shades, caskets with natural stones, paintings, vases, and dishes are appropriate on this day.

Relatives can give a spouse a joint trip to a restaurant, a movie or a trip.

Rites for family happiness

Spouses should be on the day of the anniversary to hold a ceremony, strengthening love feelings, trust and mutual respect. To do this, the couple writes claims to each other on sheets of paper, reads them out loud, and then burns together a blue or turquoise candle on the flame. This rite will help start a new life and leave behind the omissions and mutual grievances.

To keep warm relations, the spouse sews a bag in the night before the anniversary, in which she puts symbols of her love for her husband. This may be your favorite flowers, compliments from a spouse, recorded on paper. The bag is put under a pillow for the night.

This ritual helps to remember the warmest moments of married life and to take a fresh look at relationships, adding to them even more love and respect. A man can also make such a bag.

Eighteen years spent together is another wire to enjoy strong family relationships. The joy of years together, congratulations and gifts from loved ones will give an unforgettable feeling of joy and happiness, which will be remembered for many years. We wish you love, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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