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True «yawn» by time and day of the week

«Chaser» by time and day of the week

Yawning is a natural process that is most often observed at a time when a person feels tired, just woke up or is engaged in monotonous work. Also, the reason for this may be a lack of oxygen or even a serious illness.

But sometimes a person yawns for no reason, and in such cases, experts in the field of magic and esotericism recommend using a special interpreter under the name of «chaser» to find out the prediction for the near future. In this article I will talk about what it is, and how to use it.


Interpretation by days of the week

To find out your future it is not necessary to go to fortunetellers or clairvoyants. Every person receives tips from the Universe every day; you just need to learn to pay attention to them and interpret them correctly. According to the guru of magic, unreasonable yawning is also a kind of sign indicating that an important event is about to happen in a person’s life.

For more convenient decryption, there is a “overlooker” by the time of day, days of the week and hours.

  1. Monday — someone from the environment will cause trouble.
  2. Tuesday — a small loss, because of which you should not worry, because she will turn out luck.
  3. Wednesday — have fun in the company of a nice person.
  4. Thursday — do not let jealousy overshadow the mind.
  5. Friday — an invitation to visit.
  6. Saturday — a secret admirer soon confesses his feelings.
  7. Sunday — monetary gain or successful resolution of financial issues.

Interpretation by time of day

Some sources claim that yawning at night is a completely natural process, in which there is no mystical background. They recommend to contact the interpreter in the period from 6:00 to 24:00 hours.

Despite the fact that this opinion is quite reasonable, one can argue with it. Quite a large number of people often work on the night shift, but for some it is a habitual mode.

Consequently, the “yawn” true will be if a person is yawning for no apparent reason, i.e. when he is alert and does not feel tired, while the time of day can be anything.

  • Morning — one of the familiar guys can’t stop thinking about you.
  • Day — soon friends will assist in an important matter.
  • The evening — your feelings are mutual, but the beloved is embarrassed to admit them, so take the initiative in your hands.
  • Night — do not give up meeting with friends, because she promises something interesting.


Interpretation by the hour

It is believed that a “yawn” in time and days of the week gives the most accurate prediction if the yawn occurred in the middle of the hour. If the hour has just begun or is nearing completion, then the chances that the prophecy specified in the interpreter will come true, become minimal.


  • 00-01 — a person who you like, feels the same feelings, but is afraid to admit them.
  • 01-02 — be more restrained and more modest.
  • 02-03 — acquaintance with a secret fan that you really like.
  • 03-04 — a close friend will need your help, do not refuse it.
  • 04-05 — risk to “catch” a cold.
  • 05-06 — people around you are crazy about your beauty and enchantment.
  • 06-07 — to guests from afar.
  • 07-08 — no need to doubt, everything will work out.
  • 08-09 — do not trust the fair-haired guy, he wants to deceive you.
  • 09-10 — to passionate kisses and hugs.
  • 10-11 — do not be afraid to take the first step, the feelings are mutual.
  • 11-12 — conflict with an older person who will be difficult to settle.
  • 12-13 — a long-awaited meeting with a close friend or girlfriend.
  • 13-14 — someone wants to meet you.
  • 14-15 — you have to make a choice between two fans.
  • 15-16 — make friends with someone you have long liked.
  • 16-17 — a perspective acquaintance with a respectable person.
  • 17-18 — stop sitting at home, go for a walk with your loved one or friends.
  • 18-19 — a neighbor or neighbor has sympathy for you.
  • 19-20 — the beloved is indifferent to you.
  • 20-21 — the struggle for your heart will lead to a conflict between the fans.
  • 21-22 — to tears, but it is possible that they will be caused by joyful events.
  • 22-23 — the beloved will come in a dream.
  • 23-24 — it’s time to take a break from business.


  • 00-01 — wait for a marriage proposal.
  • 01-02 — stop hiding your abilities and talents, it’s time to show them to the world.
  • 02-03 — today you need to have a good sleep, otherwise the feeling of fatigue will follow the whole day.
  • 03-04 — to the fulfillment of desire.
  • 04-05 — all hopes will be in vain.
  • 05-06 — will start a dizzying love relationship.
  • 06-07 — do not tell anyone your secrets and secrets.
  • 07-08 — soon learn that your feelings are mutual.
  • 08-09 — beloved will call to the altar.
  • 09-10 — no need to doubt your abilities, act.
  • 10-11 — watch what you say, otherwise you risk offending the interlocutor or accidentally telling him your secrets.
  • 11-12 — hopes and expectations will come true.
  • 12-13 — Someone loves you to madness.
  • 13-14 — wait for the recognition of sympathy from someone you have long liked.
  • 14-15 — Relationships with someone of your friends will be spoiled due to a slight misunderstanding.
  • 15-16 — finally spend time alone with your loved one.
  • 16-17 — he will lose his appetite because of the new liking.
  • 17-18 — keep emotions under control, otherwise conflict is inevitable.
  • 18-19 — a pleasant young man sympathizes with you.
  • 19-20 — fall in love with a person who is much older or lives in another country.
  • 20-21 — a break in relationships, which instead of pain will bring relief.
  • 21-22 — no need to «climb out of the skin,» that he likes, you are not on the way.
  • 22-23 — time spent and time will be in vain.
  • 23-24 — a person lives very close to him, and thoughts about you prevent him from falling asleep.


  • 00-01 — no need to put school or career above personal life.
  • 01-02 — Someone is trying to manipulate you.
  • 02-03 — cheerfulness and good mood will accompany you all day.
  • 03-04 — provide support to parents.
  • 04-05 — someone unintentionally hurt you.
  • 05-06 — the realization of a secret desire will give a feeling of happiness.
  • 06-07 — chasing two hares, you will be left with nothing.
  • 07-08 — true love is very close, the main thing is not to be afraid of your feelings.
  • 08-09 — a close person will try to destroy your relationship.
  • 09-10 — you often dream about someone you love.
  • 10-11 — make a wish come true exactly in a week.
  • 11-12 — there will come a streak of luck and luck in life.
  • 12-13 — to the good news.
  • 13-14 — violent conflict with a loved one.
  • 14-15 — a meeting and a frank conversation will help to establish personal or business relationships.
  • 15-16 — to trouble.
  • 16-17 — a promising and influential acquaintance has serious plans for you, give him a chance.
  • 17-18 — you can count on the help and support of friends.
  • 18-19 — pleasant events will occur one after another over the next few days.
  • 19-20 — the evening will pass in a tense atmosphere, and will leave an unpleasant residue on the soul.
  • 20-21 — to bitter tears.
  • 21-22 — you will find yourself in the same company with a person to whom you are not indifferent.
  • 22-23 — parting with his beloved on his initiative.
  • 23-24 — the events of the next day will have a favorable outcome.


  • 00-01 — no need to hide your figure, it is gorgeous.
  • 01-02 — the beloved will not be able to resist your charms.
  • 02-03 — morning sleep events will come true.
  • 03-04 — get rid of bright makeup, it gives the vulgarity.
  • 04-05 — you need to save money, otherwise you will have to go into debt.
  • 05-06 — for kisses.
  • 06-07 — today there will be some pleasant events.
  • 07-08 — to an unexpected event, the outcome of which depends on you.
  • 08-09 — need to spend time with friends.
  • 09-10 — in the thoughts of a loved one only you.
  • 10-11 — chagrin from the awareness of the irresponsibility of the beloved.
  • 11-12 — a pleasant pastime in a friendly company.
  • 12-13 — love at first sight.
  • 13-14 — something or someone will make you happy.
  • 14-15 — you will visit the fun party, after which there will be many pleasant memories.
  • 15-16 — the weekend will go well if you keep emotions under tight control.
  • 16-17 — betrayal by the beloved.
  • 17-18 — do not hesitate to ask for advice from an older and wise person.
  • 18-19 — feelings are mutual.
  • 19-20 — all plans come true.
  • 20-21 — do not build illusions, because the one whom you love with all your heart, feeds you exclusively friendly feelings.
  • 21-22 — do not underestimate yourself, you have many reasons to be proud of yourself.
  • 22-23 — the object of upheaval is about to part with its passion, and you will have a chance to win his heart.
  • 23-24 — a pleasant acquaintance with an interesting person.


  • 00-01 — your finest hour has arrived.
  • 01-02 — do not leave unfinished business for later.
  • 02-03 — Receive a date invitation, from which you should not refuse.
  • 03-04 — do not trust new friends, they are deceitful and vile.
  • 04-05 — Someone will try to ruin your reputation, but they will fail.
  • 05-06 — a long separation from her beloved came to an end.
  • 06-07 — treat others as you would like them to treat you.
  • 07-08 — some features of your appearance or character do not like the second half, but he is afraid to admit it, because may offend you.
  • 08-09 — a chance meeting with an object of praise can be the beginning of a close relationship, if you behave correctly.
  • 09-10 — he likes you too.
  • 10-11 — conflict with relatives.
  • 11-12 — friends hide something from you.
  • 12-13 — an unpleasant acquaintance.
  • 13-14 — the weekend will be successful.
  • 14-15 — get a small gift.
  • 15-16 — tomorrow will be an unusually successful and enjoyable.
  • 16-17 — darling wants to transfer relations to a new level.
  • 17-18 — to caress and kisses.
  • 18-19 — good news.
  • 19-20 — listen to your intuition, she is trying to warn you from something.
  • 20-21 — an unexpected meeting during the evening walk.
  • 21-22 — someone wants to be with you next.
  • 22-23 — passion for new friends.
  • 23-24 — marriage proposal coming soon.


  • 00-01 — your obstinacy destroys relationships, you need to learn to give in.
  • 01-02 — choose partners more carefully and meticulously.
  • 02-03 — in the life of a distant friend an important event happened that he wants to share.
  • 03-04 — sincere conversation with relatives will help to give a start and believe in yourself.
  • 04-05 — optimistic, festive mood will accompany you all day.
  • 05-06 — the current state of affairs will remain unchanged for a long time.
  • 06-07 — energetic and positive attitude will help today to solve the problems that previously seemed insurmountable.
  • 07-08 — there is a risk of getting injured or having an accident, so you should be very careful on the street
  • 08-09 — dedicate a day to rest and favorite activities.
  • 09-10 — it’s time to find a hobby.
  • 10-11 — Your self-esteem is too low, for no apparent reason.
  • 11-12 — a secret admirer is trying to make inquiries about you.
  • 12-13 — a positive attitude will help to cope with problems.
  • 13-14 — the beloved has a good opinion about you.
  • 14-15 — a beautiful stranger living thoughts about you.
  • 15-16 — a loved one is proud of you.
  • 16-17 — your chosen one is planning to make an offer.
  • 17-18 — become a victim of deception.
  • 18-19 — do not worry, everything will turn out as it was intended.
  • 19-20 — happiness is near.
  • 20-21 — tell your partner that his critics and quibbles offend you.
  • 21-22 — be on the alert, a certain insidious person is trying to lead your chosen one.
  • 22-23 — enough to build illusions, it’s time to think about real things.
  • 23-24 — find yourself in a love triangle, and not on your own will.


  • 00-01 — you need a good sleep, tomorrow will be a busy day.
  • 01-02 — thoughtless actions will lead to unpleasant consequences.
  • 02-03 — your secret admirer lives in the neighborhood.
  • 03-04 — do not be afraid to confess your feelings, they are mutual.
  • 04-05 — Care and caution will help avoid danger.
  • 05-06 — fate will bring you to a romantic and kind person.
  • 06-07 — do not doubt the feelings of the second half, they are very strong and sincere.
  • 07-08 — to a lucky coincidence.
  • 08-09 — to a chance meeting with a longtime friend.
  • 09-10 — an unexpected acquaintance in a public place.
  • 10-11 — to causeless sadness and sadness, which will be forgotten quickly.
  • 11-12 — a bad deed done by friends will cause disappointment and disappointment.
  • 12-13 — to buy a new beautiful outfit.
  • 13-14 — fall in love at first sight.
  • 14-15 — doubts about the infidelity of the second half will disappear.
  • 15-16 — attract the attention of your beloved through social networks.
  • 16-17 — meeting with friends or a date with your loved one.
  • 17-18 — you dream too much, instead of performing real actions.
  • 18-19 — soon you will personally know that he also likes.
  • 19-20 — believe in the best and tune in a positive way.
  • 20-21 — the planned business will not develop according to the intended scenario, but the end result will be much better than expected.
  • 21-22 — mutual love.
  • 22-23 — learn that the heart of the beloved is already taken.
  • 23-24 — casual acquaintance can grow into something more.

Of particular interest to the «yawn» in time is in girls, especially in adolescence. But each person should understand that the gratuitous yawning can indicate not only important events that will happen soon, but also the presence of serious diseases.

Therefore, experts recommend not to ignore the frequent yawning, and seek medical attention for examination.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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