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True chichalka in time — the value for different periods

True chihalka on time and on days of the week: folk signs

Chikhalka in time — this is one of the interpretations of folk omens. A person sneezes at a certain hour and day of the week is not accidental — it is a sign, knowing the decoding of which, you can predict the future.

True chihalka by time of day

As soon as you sneeze, immediately look at the clock and remember the time. If it is not possible to immediately know the meaning of omens, write down on a piece of paper, and then refer to our interpretation.

True chichalka in time - the value for different periods

So, what can you sneeze at different times of day:

  • 5:00 — you will soon get sick, take care of health, to avoid illness
  • 6:00 — in the near future, a romantic date with a man who you really like
  • 7:00 — a man from your environment suddenly confesses his feelings, which will surprise you a lot
  • 8:00 — white stripe in love affairs, use the moment: meet new men or try to improve relationships if they already exist
  • 9:00 — you are cute blond man, he is looking for a meeting with you to invite for a date
  • 10:00 — a pleasant intellectual conversation will take place, during which you will have a good time
  • 11:00 — to date with an attractive man who will leave you disappointed
  • 12:00 — a long-time fan confesses to you, you should look at him, this is a worthy man
  • 13:00 — an adverse event in his personal life, a quarrel or conflict with the second half
  • 14:00 — two people will start caring for you at once and you will have to make a choice that it will be very difficult for you
  • 15:00 — betrayal by a loved one, which will cause a lot of negative emotions
  • 16:00 — a difficult period in a marriage or relationship with a partner, be prudent and make decisions without emotions
  • 17:00 — a series of small, but very annoying problems that require an immediate solution.
  • 18:00 — you will find in your beloved man a very serious flaw that can not be corrected
  • 19:00 — a third party will interfere in your relationship, perhaps the opponent has an eye on her lover
  • 20:00 — you will communicate with an attractive person, spend time with him for a pleasant conversation
  • 21:00 — you really like your old friend, although he does not betray his feelings, afraid to lose contact with you
  • 22:00 — you will be unhappy in your personal life, you will have to be alone for a while
  • 23:00 — cardinal changes in life, transition to a new stage

But sneezing at night — most often to the disease. Take preventive measures to feel good and do not consider it a sign.

By the day of the week

Vladimir Dal compiled a chihalka-interpretation by days of the week. Be sure to compare these predictions with previous ones, in time, to supplement the forecast.

True chichalka in time - the value for different periods

What happens if you sneeze:

  1. On Monday. For an unexpected and expensive gift or a pleasant surprise. Also, all week you will have colossal luck, take advantage of this chance of fate
  2. On Tuesday. Have to take guests from afar or business partners at home. If you sneeze in the morning, in all cases during the day will carry. If in the evening — sign means nothing
  3. On Wednesday. To the good news of old friends. Also likely to meet, which will give you a lot of positive emotions and charge positive until the end of the week. This day will be favorable for important conversations and interviews.
  4. On Thursday. Today is ideal for large shopping. If you have long been thinking about buying home appliances or other expensive things, feel free to go to the store. Great chance to get a good discount and save
  5. On Friday. The day will be tedious, many things to be done. But you will forget about all your worries in the evening, because you will spend time rich, interesting and in pleasant company.
  6. On Saturday. Once sneezed, immediately make a wish, and it will certainly be fulfilled. Especially if you sincerely believe in magical power omens
  7. Sunday. Wait for the guests. You will be visited by friends in the company of a man unfamiliar to you earlier, with whom a romantic relationship will start.

Night chikhalka for girls

If a man sneezes at night, it means nothing. But for women there is a whole list of signs, because it is at night that there is a special connection between the feminine and the lunar energy.

True chichalka in time - the value for different periods

  • 00:00 — you are tired, it takes time to rest. Try to work at least a week, if possible — take a vacation and indulge yourself
  • 01:00 — to the empty news. What you learn will surprise you first, but will soon be quickly forgotten.
  • 02:00 — on the way to work, a random stranger will cheer up with an unexpected compliment
  • 03:00 — the whole next week you will just be bursting with a huge amount of energy, you will have time to redo a lot of important things. But do not forget about the rest, otherwise the fuse will quickly pass
  • 04:00 — you need to get rid of indecision and learn to refuse people, otherwise you will get many problems
  • 04:00 — you are too selfish, because of this, all the problems. Learn to share and help other people, then you will be happy
  • 03:00 — a black stripe in life, activated your secret enemies and detractors. You need to be extremely careful not to become a victim of their tricks.
  • 02:00 — Some of your recent acquaintances are actively interested in your life. This is a man with black hair. His intentions are not yet clear, be careful
  • 01:00 — an unfavorable period in life. Chance to fall into depression. Feelings of sadness and despondency will haunt you in everything
  • 00:00 — the next day will be calm and filled with pleasant, joyful emotions. You will meet interesting people.
  • 04:00 — you are too fixated on solving problems, try to relax, and all bad things will easily leave your life. Relax and indulge yourself, let go of disturbing thoughts
  • 03:00 — a loved one does not trust you. We’ll have to try to regain lost confidence, watch out for words and deeds.
  • 02:00 — what you thought before bedtime will come true. If it’s something bad, try switching your thoughts to a more positive wave.
  • 01:00 — cardinal changes are coming. But they will be bad or good, is still unknown. It is in your power to make the situation profitable for you.
  • 00:00 — try to sleep and have a good rest, there is a difficult and busy day ahead
  • 04:00 — Some person will appear in the circle of communication, which will cause you sympathy. But he can not be trusted, be vigilant and careful, ignore the emotions and follow the voice of reason
  • 03:00 — Receive important news that you need to listen to in order not to get problems in the future.
  • 02:00 — you will think that the problem can not be fixed, but it is not. Keep moving forward, ignoring the difficulties
  • 01:00 — you will need friendly support and help. The day promises to be very difficult and emotionally difficult.
  • 00:00 — in the morning you will meet an old acquaintance, with whom an important conversation will take place. Listen to his words — he will talk about something very important to you in the future.
  • 04:00 — try to take time for active rest, spend the day rich and interesting, you really need new emotions and impressions
  • 03:00 is a very auspicious day for solving personal problems. The right time to meet with the opposite sex, as well as for important conversations with a loved one
  • 02:00 — recently you have offended a loved one. It’s time to apologize and make amends if you want to keep a good relationship.
  • 01:00 — in the middle of the day there will be some very good event that will greatly please you
  • 00:00 — you need a change of scenery, otherwise depression is inevitable
  • 04:00 — a great time to be alone with yourself. Understand the thoughts, feelings that disturb you. Suitable day for setting new goals and choosing methods to achieve them.
  • 03:00 — financially prosperous day. You may unexpectedly return the old debt, give something valuable. Also likely to win the lottery
  • 02:00 — what you have hidden for a long time will be revealed and you will have to bear responsibility for the offense committed in the past
  • 01:00 — if you have long been preparing to make a step towards change, decide on it right now, and everything will turn out very well
  • 00:00 — in the morning something unexpected will happen, and not necessarily pleasant. Be prepared for surprises
  • 04:00 — a secret foe wound up in your surroundings. This man is jealous of you and desires evil, be careful
  • 03:00 — the coming day will give a lot of fun and positive emotions
  • 02:00 — relatives and friends need your attention. Give them your time, spend the day together
  • 01:00 — to leave or a long, but not tedious business trip
  • 00:00 — should be very attentive to the beloved man, his nerves are now at the limit

Watch the video about the signs of sneezing:

Folk omens

There are a lot of signs in people that are associated with sneezing. Here are some of them:

  1. If a pregnant girl sneezed in your presence, you will become pregnant too soon. You can specifically ask her to sneeze if you dream of a child.
  2. A very auspicious sign — sneeze the bride before the wedding ceremony. The sign says: marriage will be extremely happy and successful. And if a cat sneezes next to the bride and groom, material well-being will always reign in the family
  3. If you sneeze in the bath, expect large profits
  4. If you sneeze twice, leaving the house, the day will be successful, if three times — wait for trouble
  5. If you wanted to sneeze, but could not, then you have a secret admirer who hesitates to confess his feelings
  6. Sneezed over dinner? You will enjoy a pleasant acquaintance with a nice and interesting person with whom in the future will develop close and trusting relationships
  7. If two people sneeze at the same time, they will be happy

Were these signs in your life? Share in the comments.

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