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Tripping on the time and days of the week: what does it mean

Tripping on the time and day of the week is a true interpretation of the signs

Tipping is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to learn about your near future. In order to correctly interpret a sign, it is important to focus on the time of day when a person has stumbled. In addition, day and time play a big role.

It is especially important to correctly decipher the mark in the case when it was possible to stumble several times in a row or if it occurs during the whole day. Special importance is attached to superstition if a person stumbles on the threshold of his house, as it warns that his plans are not destined to be realized.

True stumble will help to know the future in the event that a person paid attention to the day of the week and the time when he stumbled.

Tripping on the time and days of the week: what does it mean

If it happened on Monday, the prediction will be as follows:


Right leg

Left leg

Find something valuable

To misunderstanding because of a trifle

To the invitation to the celebration

The girl deserves the best chosen one

To the scandal and clarify the relationship

To chagrin and tears

To an interesting conversation

To the pleasant tidings

To receive a love letter

For an unforgettable kiss

Romantic adventure with a loved one

Thoughts of the girl are busy with her beloved

For fun shopping

To receive a small profit

For night festivities

Happy shopping with a friend

To the tiffs with my second half

The girl will not be able to fulfill his promise

Soon the girl will learn about someone else’s secret

To talk with a colleague

Someone wants to get to know each other.

Superstition does not advise to go out of the house on this day.

To vain expectations

No need to believe a tall man

To the betrayal of a loved one

Meet old friends

To unexpected guests

Do not doubt the feelings of a loved one

For a romantic acquaintance

Ahead will be a solid routine.

Will soon be bored

It is important to rely only on yourself.

Someone thinks the girl is beautiful

You need to call loved ones

To night call

Girl want to cheat

To deception and betrayal

Tripping on the time and days of the week: what does it mean

If a girl faltered on Tuesday, she should wait for the following events:


Right leg

Left leg

To an unpleasant conversation with the authorities

To the fateful acquaintance with a guy

To a new romantic hobby

A young man will make a romantic surprise

To the fulfillment of the cherished dream

For a romantic date

Girl like a lot

You can’t believe a blond

To commit a series of mistakes

Communication with a stranger will cause negative emotions

Meeting with a friend will leave an unpleasant residue on the soul

The omen promises the machinations of ill-wishers

Should learn to be yourself

By meeting with her friend at her home

To the bright holiday

Girl needs a rest

It is necessary to avoid an unsafe meeting with a young man.

Get an invitation to a romantic rendezvous

The girl sees in dreams a cheerful guy

The girl likes the neighbor guy

Do not meet anyone now

To pleasant communication by phone

Get an offer to attend a fun party

Unexpected bell will lead to confusion

To scuffle because of a trifle

Soon to go to the disco

The girl expect an unforgettable adventure

Don’t tell anyone about your personal life

The fair-haired boy is not worthy of a girl

Favorite give sweet kisses

To the invitation to the wedding ceremony

Omen promises a long road

To unpleasant conversations

The date will be unusual

A friend does not need to know about the plans of the girl

Tripping on the time and days of the week: what does it mean

Interpretation of omens, if you happened to stumble on Wednesday:


Right leg

Left leg

To receive unexpected news

A young man with whom she broke up thinks about a girl

The young man should not stay alone for long

To sadness and sorrow

Adopt the secret fan’s courtship

To informative communication

To chat with friends

A friend will cause trouble

To deceive a loved one

To reconciliation with a friend after a quarrel

Talking on the phone will be pleasant

To deception and betrayal

To the appearance of an insidious rival

For an unexpected meeting with childhood friends

To communicate with unpleasant persons

You should not be alone with an unfamiliar man

Unexpected news for a long time knocked out

To the invitation to the evening rendezvous

By the fateful meeting with his second half

Envious want to embroil a girl with her boyfriend

Secret fan will invite to the evening rendezvous

You have to be ready to meet blindly.

Should finally break off relations with ex-boyfriend

Should support close people

Loved one will gently hug and kiss

To receive flattering words to your address

Secret admirer confesses feelings

To adverse changes in life

To insignificant losses and chagrin

Have a nice date with your beloved

Communication with a stranger will leave only pleasant memories.

We’ll have to part with your beloved for a while

To clarify the relationship

To intrigues and gossip behind the back of a girl

Hear rumors about your beloved man

If the girl faltered on Thursday, then the decoding of the signs will be as follows:


Right leg

Left leg

To award

Unforeseen expenses

To the good news

The guy is waiting for an invitation to the cinema.

Necessary to do urgent matters

The date will be unusual and will be remembered for a long time.

To exacerbation of chronic illness

Should take care of your beloved

To receive interesting news

It is necessary to meet an old friend by chance

To be late for an important business meeting

Someone is not indifferent to the girl

To the appearance of envious

Omen promises unrequited love

Persistent work will help to achieve success

Close people need attention and support.

Stealing handbags

To the appearance of a rival

Soon will have to meet guests from afar

At night, prophetic dream

To meet a charming young manThe girl is embroiled in an adventure

To vain expectations

To meet a worthy young man

To misunderstandings at work or school

Cherished desire will soon be fulfilled

By the arrival of unexpected guests from afar

To achieve the planned event

The girl will have success in love

To a pleasant stay in the company of good friends.

The girl will be invited to attend the solemn event

Parents need help and support.

You must avoid the dark haired guy.

The girl expect trouble in his personal life and at work

The table shows the likely events in the near future, if you happen to stumble on Friday:


Right leg

Left leg

Someone is experiencing a girl

Former boyfriend still loves girl

The girl will be worried about her friend

To a quarrel with a close friend

To business meeting

To the invitation to a romantic meeting

To achieve this goal, you need to be more confident

No need to doubt the feelings of a loved one

Get important documents

Beloved girls like another

The envy of detractors will cause many troubles.

To meet a dark-haired guy

Vanity and trouble will be in vain

Unforeseen expenses

To clarify the relationship with a colleague

The mood will be ruined because of minor troubles.

To unrequited love

To respect and honor

In the inner circle of the girl there are envious and gossip

Get good news from afar

To unexpected news from afar

Offense will not be able to solve the problem

In a difficult moment, friends will come to the rescue.

To the improvement of social status and honor

To meet an extraordinary person

To receive flattering words to your address

To an unexpected rendezvous with a young man

Friends need help

Should help relatives

Do not start a romantic relationship with a blond

By the arrival of loved ones

No need to pour out the soul girlfriends

It is necessary to look at the world more optimistically.

Meeting friends will be fun

To the invitation to the holiday

Interpretation of omens, if you had a chance to stumble on Saturday:


Right leg

Left leg

To a happy meeting

To receive a letter

To news from afar

Get an invitation to a noisy holidayGet an offer for a walk from a secret admirer

To the invitation to a romantic rendezvous

Secret admirer wants to meet

Learn about the love of the neighbor guy

To the declaration of love

Should be vigilant

Parents need care and support

A secret admirer wants to kiss a girl

For an offer that cannot be refused

Soon the girl will hear a lot of compliments.

Get an unexpected gift

To career advancement

To receive important news

To communicate in a romantic setting

For an interesting trip

To misunderstanding with the best friend

Girl expect gentle kisses of a loved one

Soon will have to part with the guy

News from afar will cause joy

Learn the good news

Someone will give a love poem

To achieve this goal, you need to move forward without exchanging small things.

You should change your attitude to your favorite guy.

To inappropriate courtship men aged

To vain unrest

Soon the girl is waiting for small squabbles

To unexpected losses

Signs on Sunday are presented in the table:


Right leg

Left leg

To a major scandal

Make a large purchase

Hear a fascinating story

To an exciting journey

Do not make expensive purchases to not get into debt

To waste money

To fascinating conversation

To career advancement

Have to make a difficult choice

To the invitation to the holiday

Get a gift from a loved one

To receive a new post

Quarrel is inevitable, but it will help find a compromise solution.

Favorite guy betrayFavorite will make a romantic surprise

To an interesting pastime

For a fun meeting

You need to show your best qualities at work.

To a pleasant surprise

To an unpleasant telephone conversation

Friends will ask for help.

Reconcile with the enemy

To love unrest

Former young man confesses in love

For a romantic meeting in a pleasant atmosphere

Do not listen to the recommendations of friends

To meet a nice guy

Learn unexpected news

To an unusual confession in warm feelings

Learn about the love of a guy with whom the relationship is already broken.

To minor troubles

To deception and betrayal

Sign says that parents need help

To drastic changes

To the return of love

The meaning of superstition depends on which foot a person stumbles on:

  • On the left, then on the right — to failure.
  • First on the right, then on the left — to trouble.
  • Twice on the left foot — should return and not leave the house.
  • Two times on the right foot — good luck in all your endeavors.

Superstition has some more interesting interpretations:

  • If it was possible to stumble and fall, this omen may have different meanings. It all depends on which side a person fell on: the left one means good luck, and the right one — minor troubles.
  • To stop up on the threshold or to tuck the leg when leaving the house is an unfavorable sign. He warns that everything goes wrong, as the person wants. If an important meeting is to be held, it is better to cancel it or move it to another date.
  • Hitting the graveyard is a bad omen. To avoid trouble, you need to cross over three times when leaving the cemetery and read “Our Father”.
  • If a person often stumbles, this is a sign that cardinal changes will soon occur in his life.
  • Stumble all day — a warning about a possible deception or betrayal. Do not sign important documents. If a person has a long trip, then you should postpone it for some time.

It is important to pay attention to the time of day when a person has stopped. If this happened in the morning, then throughout the day will come important news from afar.

To stumble in the afternoon — to a pleasant meeting with a close person, in the evening — to a surprise from a loved one, at night — to gossip and intrigue.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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