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Traditions and signs on the Apple Savior

Every year on August 19, Orthodox Christians celebrate the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ. Through his transfiguration, the Savior revealed the greatness of man, demonstrating vividly that the meaning of human existence is to be filled with the Divine light and live by following the commandments.

The people for this holiday invented a lot of names: the festival of First Fruits, First Autumn, Savior on Mount, Great Savior, Apple Savior, etc. On this day, it is customary to pray and thank the Lord for a rich harvest. Solemn ceremonies and divine services are held in the churches on the Apple Savior, where the Orthodox Christians can be imbued with the light of the Most High and offer prayers for their loved ones.

Our ancestors believed that keeping the precepts of past generations would protect them from adversity and bring happiness and harmony to the house.

The first festive apple, lit in the temple, you need to slightly bite and mentally imagine your dream. If a person’s thoughts are pure and sincere, his wish will come true.

  • Before the holiday for the lighting in the church need to collect a basket of fruit. There are fruits only after the end of church service.
  • At the solemn divine service in the temple, you should wear light-colored clothing, especially the white color — a symbol of holiness and spirituality in Christianity.
  • After the service, the whole family gathers at the laid festive table. Among the traditional dishes are lean pastries with apples, as well as vegetable and fish dishes. According to folk customs, the hostess should also bake apple pies. The presence of alcoholic beverages on the table is undesirable.
  • It is considered that berries and fruits on August 19 are endowed with special properties, so on this day it is recommended to cook compotes, jams and jams for the winter.
  • To attract good luck, on the day of the Transfiguration of the Lord, it is customary to give apples to children, neighbors, friends and the needy. It is a belief that together with the words of gratitude, harmony will come from the gifts to a person’s life.

Traditions and signs on the Apple Savior

A special place among the Slavs is occupied by superstitions and signs on the Apple Savior, associated with the weather, as the yield of agricultural crops depended on the weather conditions, which served as one of the main sources of nutrition. If it rained on August 19th, January will be snowy.

Clear sunny weather on a festive day promises a dry autumn, a cloudless sky is a harbinger of a frosty winter.

If a Mosquito or a fly on the Apple Savior twice sat on the hand of a person, it means that a streak of luck will begin in his life. Luck will accompany him in all walks of life.

In order for the family not to be disturbed by material problems, you need to treat a beggar to apples.

With the advent of Apple Spas, it is recommended to start preparing for the cold season — sowing winter cereals, making home-made preparations for the winter, buying warm shoes and clothes. People who are slow to make preparations will have to face minor troubles and troubles.

Traditions and signs on the Apple Savior

Restrictions during the Apple Savior are due to the fact that the feast falls on the Assumption Lent, established in honor of the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Prohibitions and restrictions:

  • It is recommended to refrain from conflicts with loved ones, do not wish evil to anyone, otherwise everything that has been said will return to a man a hundredfold.
  • Fruits on the day of the feast cannot be eaten until they are consecrated in the church.
  • Doing physical work is undesirable. Exceptions are cooking and harvesting.
  • You can not have fun, drink alcohol, eat meat, eggs and fatty foods.
  • You can not drive and kill insects. The only exceptions are harmful parasites, the killing of which is not a sin. These are bedbugs, lice, fleas, mosquitoes, etc.

Traditions and signs on the Apple Savior

In the culture of many nations of the world, an apple is a mystical fruit endowed with a special energy. In the Slavs, it was used in magic as a love talisman.

A round ripe apple symbolizes health, prosperity and family well-being.

  • Wash a ripe apple and use a sharp knife to peel it off with a thin ribbon. If she never breaks, the girl will soon get married.
  • On fruits, write the names of familiar men and spread the fruits on the street. At nightfall, the apples are harvested and carefully looked at them. If some fruit was bitten by a bird, then the young man, whose name was indicated on the peel, is not credible and is not suitable as a husband. This divination is suitable for unmarried women who hesitate for a long time when choosing a life partner.
  • If a girl doubts the sincerity of the feelings of her lover, she should write his name on the apple and leave the fruit for the night on the street. His disappearance is a harbinger of separation. If the birds spoil it, the likelihood of a rival appears.

To strengthen the feelings of the beloved, you can hold an uncomplicated magical rite. It will require a ripe apple, threads of natural silk or wool, a small piece of paper.

The rite is held in complete silence.

  1. 1. Cut the fruit into two equal parts and carefully cut the hearts from them.
  2. 2. On a piece of paper, write the name of a loved one and attach a note in the recess of one of the halves of the fruit.
  3. 3. Tie the halves with threads and say the magic words: “My apple will eventually dry-dry, and so the servant of God (the name of the person being conspired) will dry on me, the servant of God (own name)”.
  4. 4. Put the fruit in a ventilated place to prevent rotting. The apple should dry.

The plot will only work if the girl truly believes in his power.

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